LFL 2022 Picks, Betting Predictions June 1

  • LDLC OL look to start their title defence against BDS Academy in blockbuster
  • Karmine Corp are another team that can be backed considering their reliable history
  • GameWard expected to get better soon and improve on their middling record

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LFL 2022

Team BDS Academy vs LDLC OL Pick


Team BDS Academy vs LDLC OL Predictions

A Repeat of the Spring Final

When we last saw the LFL take place, it was in March when BDS Academy took on LDLC OL in an absolute thriller of a final – depending on which team you favor more, of course. The overwhelming feeling after LDLC’s 3-2 win was that it was perseverance, more than dominance, that had brought them the Spring title.

BDS Academy were arguably having the better day technically for the most part and could have won both game 2 and the deciding game 5 on another day; the 3-2 defeat will have grated on them after the kind of overall performance they put in to come back from 2-0 down. It will, no doubt, play on their minds as the two teams open up the LFL Summer season.

BDSA Not in the Best Form

Following the LFL final, BDS had a bit of a disaster in the Euro Masters Spring season. Drawn alongside Bifrost, Fnatic TQ, Team ESCA Gaming in Group C, they managed only two wins. Those came against ESCA, the team that finished last in the group but managed to upset FNTQ during their only win of the tournament.

Considering that neither Bifrost nor FNTQ made it past the first round of knockout matches, and with their own LFL final performance a couple of weeks prior, BDSA will have put that down as perhaps their worst showing in recent history. Bot laner Crownshot’s KDA of 3.62 was BDSA’s best individual showing in the tournament, although it only put him at No. 27 in the rankings.

Between then and now, they’ve had roster changes. Long-term Portuguese midfielder Xico has left for KOI, where he has been given a contract until November 2023. BSDA’s new mid laner starting from the LFL Summer will be Reeker, who has moved over from MAD Lions.

LDLC OL Look Settled and Ready for Another Playoffs Run

After their backs-to-the-wall performance during the LFL Spring final win, LDLC OL went on another rampage in the Euro Masters Spring edition, making it to the final again where they were felled by Karmine Corp.

The performance itself was characteristically solid from the LFL Spring champions, and if anything, it was Karmine’s decidedly aggressive playing style on the day that tipped the scales; some crucial teamfight sequences and an Elder Dragon steal is what brought Karmine back into the game and, eventually, into the lead. But there weren’t any alarm bells to speak of from that loss in the final. LDLC look settled, have had no roster issues, and will be our favorites in this game and to make it to the playoffs once again.

Team Go vs Solary Pick

Team GO

Team Go vs Solary Predictions

Team GO Hope for Change in Fortunes After Change of Name

A week after a middling performance in the Spring season, where they finished 6th after making the playoffs, GamersOrigin made a theatrical announcement on Twitter that everything about them was about to change. For starters, they have now been rebranded as Team GO, with a new logo and color scheme and the works.

On the roster front, the players who were transferred into the rebranded outfit are largely the same core, but there have been changes in their top laner and support spots. Hungarian top laner Vizicsacsi has been replaced by 19-year-old Turkish top laner NuQ, for whom it is a first move out of the Turkish region in a nascent career.

On the support front, ​​Enjawve has left Team GO and is now a free agent, replaced in the roster by Veignorem, who had spent a little under eight months with GamersOrigin in 2020 and has spent time with Sprout and BKG ROG Esports before this homecoming. GamersOrigin hadn’t finished above 6th place in their last three tournaments and will be hoping this new approach yields new results.

Solary’s First Major Tournament Since Spring, New Coach on Board

Solary finished 7th in the Spring season, just outside the playoffs spot, after losing out to GamersOrigin on H2H basis. It has been a quiet period for them since then, with no participation in any major tournaments and no changes in roster either.

So the onus will once again be on support player Steelback, both laner Asza and mid liner Scarlet, who carried them through the Spring season. Top laner Kio returned disappointing numbers during that season, with a K/D ratio of 0.81 that contributed to him being one of the bottom 15 players based on KDA in the season. The addition of positional coach Stasko could go some way in changing that up.

GameWard vs Misfits Premier Pick

Misfits Premier

GameWard vs Misfits Premier Predictions

GameWard Continue to Seek Upward Mobility

Since making it to the playoffs in last year’s Spring competition, GameWard have managed to win only 14 games out of 36. In the Spring season earlier this year, their biggest battle was with Mirage Elyandra to see which of them weren’t the second-worst team of the competition.

The Spring season also happened to be their last major competition that they took part in, and we think it’s going to be another season of hard battles for them to push upwards and make the playoffs. There has been no change on the roster front for them, neither with players, nor with any of their coaching staff. It’s hard to see them do too much better than they managed in March.

Misfits Premier Looking Good for a Playoffs Repeat

Misfits Premier have been at the forefront of the LFL for a couple of seasons now and we see them keeping that run going to challenge for the playoffs once again – and, to a slightly lesser extent, for the LFL finals to defend their crown.

For that to happen, though, things will have to go a little better than they did for them in the Spring season. While they did end up making the playoffs, they fell to a first round defeat at the hands of vitality Bee and, as a result, managed only 60 points from the Spring season. To keep their chances of making the LFL final alive, they need a season of the kind LDLC OL had during Spring – flawless, to be clear.

LDLC picked up 180 points during Spring, and BDSA picked up 135. Those two teams, alongside Karmine Corp, are the current frontrunners to challenge for finals spots so there is little room for loss during the summer for Misfits.

As far as playoff spots are concerned, though, we see no issues arising. On paper, they are among the top five teams in the tournament and we see no reason that won’t be the case again. Since the Spring season, they’ve had one change to the roster. Jungler TynX has left for MAD Lions Madrid, and has been replaced by experienced Russian jungler Zanzarah.

Karmine Corp vs Team Oplon Pick

Karmine Corp

Karmine Corp vs Team Oplon Predictions

Karmine Corp Are Overwhelming Favorites

Karmine Corp won the EU masters earlier in the month by defeating LDLC OL in the finals. They head into this match against Team Oplon as overwhelming favorites.

The two sides were on the opposite end of the LFL 2022 Spring season standings, with Karmine Corp coming second, whereas Team Oplon finished last in the standings. Ultimately, Karmine Corp fell short against Team BDS Academy in the Spring season in the semifinals, losing 3-1 but should have enough to beat Team Oplon.

Karmine Corp head into this in good form, having won six of their last seven matches. They won 12 of their 18 games in the Spring season, giving them a win rate of 66.67%. They won both their matches against Team Oplon.

Team Oplon Have Nothing to Lose

Team Oplon only recorded two victories in the Spring season. One against GameWard and one against Mirage Elyandra, ending with a win rate of 11.11 %. Those they got wins against didn’t make the playoffs either. They had the lowest win rate during the Spring season and aren’t expected to get anything out of this match against Karmine Corp.

They’ve got a new roster now with Brunnes, Tiger and Absolute no longer there. They’ve added Shernfire, Twiizt and Migab. They’ll just want to stay competitive, experiment a bit and get better.

vitality Bee vs Mirage Elyandra Pick

vitality Bee

vitality Bee vs Mirage Elyandra Predictions

Vitality Bee Will Want to Improve on Their Spring Standings

vitality Bee were 5th on the Spring standings, before getting knocked out 3-2 in Round 2 of the playoffs against finalists, Team BDS Academy. They had a record of 11 wins and seven losses, which gave them a win rate of 61% during the Spring season.

Key to that run was Jactroll, the support player who averaged the highest assists in that time with 10.5 per match. His other stats read 0.61 kills, 3.33 deaths and a KDA of 3.33. He also collected 7.9k in gold. Skeanz, their jungler, was probably the most important player with 3.44 kills per match, 1.61 deaths, 7.06 assists and a KDA of 6.52.

Mirage Elyandra Have Hired a New Coach and Team Manager

Mirage Elyandra are hoping to change their fortunes after appointing Kirei as their new coach and BliZard as their new team manager last week. They retain everyone else in the roster.

Mirage Elyandra ended in 9th place in the Spring standings. They won six of their 18 games and ended with a win rate of 33%, which included one win against their upcoming opponents. They’ll take some encouragement from that and hope to cause an upset in this tie.

Key to their chances will be their bot laner, Cody Sun, whose death stats read quite nicely. He averaged 1.78 per match during the Spring season, which was the 4th highest overall. He also tops some of their other stats like kills per match with 2.67 per game.

He registered 4.44 assists and has a KDA of 4. He also collected the 6th highest amount of gold with 14.8k. He’ll desperately need the help of his teammates, who didn’t impress the last time around to stand a chance against vitality Bee.

How to Watch the LFL Summer Season 2022

LFL League 2022 Information
Teams Team BDS Academy vs LDLC OL, Team GO vs Solary, Gameward v Misfits Premier, Karmine Corp vs Team Oplon, vitality Bee vs Mirage Elyandra
Location Offline/online event
Time June 1 at 12.00 PM ET
How to watch Official Twitch channel

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