LFL Picks, Predictions, Odds June 15

  • LDLC OL and Karmine Corp will be overwhelming favorites in their respective games
  • vitality Bee and GameWard have been among the better performing teams so far
  • BDS Academy need a quick revival to their season

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LFL June 15

Team GO vs LDLC OL Picks


Team GO vs LDLC OL Predictions

Team GO, formerly known as Gamers Origin, ended the last season in 6th place in the league with 8 wins and 10 losses. It was enough to get them a playoff spot but they only lasted one round, losing 3-1 BDS Academy. They’ll be hoping to make it a bit further in the playoffs this time and have made a promising start towards that so far in this new season. They’ve won three of their four games but what comes ahead is going to be their toughest test of the season.

This is an entirely new roster, so it’s hard to know how ready they are for opposition like LDLC OL. In their short time as Team GO, the Jungler, Karim kt, has impressed. He has averaged 3.5 kills, 1.75 deaths, 6.5 assists with a KD of 5.71 in the four games so far. It looks like this is a side that won’t depend too heavily on any one member and will need the whole team to pull through.

LDLC OL Will Be Expected to Win This Match and the Season

Last season’s champions have started this season on fire as well. They had a 13-5 win-loss record in the league last year before winning it all in the playoffs by seeing off BDS Academy in a tight match that ended 3-2. They have a 100% record so far this year, with four wins out of four. They are the clear favorites heading into this tie and have had an unchanged roster.

They’ll need Eika, their mid laner, to be on fire. He has averaged 4.64 kills, 1.8 deaths, 6.07 assists with a KDA of 5.94 this season. He’s not the only one with great stats in this team and that’s what teams that are aiming to win it all need. LDLC OL will be heading into this season as the favorites as well and winning games like this are going to be key to that. They’re a fairly safe bet heading into this match.

Solary vs Misfits Premier Pick


Solary vs Misfits Premier Predictions

Solary would’ve been heading into this new season with renewed optimism after missing out on the playoffs last year. Like Team GO, they got 8 wins and 10 losses last season but did not make the playoffs and would’ve been aiming to make it this season but they’ve had an awful start with no wins from their four matches so far this season.

Solary Have Made a Poor Start

They’ll maybe regret that they haven’t made many changes to the roster now but they’ll have to make do with this team now. They’ll need their bot laner, asza, to come good in this match. He has averaged 3.64 kills, 2.41 deaths, 4.5 assists with a KDA of 3.38 per round this year. It’ll need more than him. This has to be a real team effort because Solary are in crisis at the moment.

Misfits Premier Have Underwhelmed So Far

Misfit Premiers were quite good last season with a 4th place finish, winning 11 and losing 7 games. They would’ve been disappointed with how it all ended for them though, losing 3-0 in the very first round to vitality Bee. That poor end to the season seems to have carried forward to this season.

They have only won one of their four games so far this season. It’s hard to point to what’s gone wrong this season with only one real change to the roster. If they want to get back into the form of last season, they’ll need Czajek, the mid laner, to show his best form. He hasn’t been great this year, averaging 3.17 kills, 2.25 deaths, 5.38 assists and a KDA of 3.8.

This is a match between two teams who are desperate for a win. Both have seen better days but Misfits Premier have the higher ceiling and for that reason, we think they’ll have enough to win this game and potentially get their season back on track again.

Vitality Bee vs Gameward Pick

Vitality Bee

Vitality Bee vs Gameward Predictions

Vitality Bee were 5th on the Spring standings, before getting knocked out 3-2 in Round 2 of the playoffs against finalists, Team BDS Academy. They had a record of 11 wins and seven losses, which gave them a win rate of 61% during the spring season. They were probably hoping that another playoff run would be enough for this season but they’ve started it on fire with four wins out of four.

Vitality Bee Have Been One of the Most Improved Teams

Key to any run going forward is Jactroll. The support player has averaged a ridiculous 10.56 assists, while also getting 0.96 kills, 2.83 deaths and a KDA of 4.07 this year. If vitality Bee can continue this run, anything is possible.

Gameward Have Been Quite Consistent This Season

Gameward have started this season quite well with three wins from their four games. They would’ve been quite disappointed with how last season turned out, not even making it to the playoffs. They got seven wins from their 18 games. They only need five more wins for the rest of the league campaign to improve upon their performances from last season.

They’ll need their bot laner, Innaxe to be on form. He has averaged 4.27 kills, 1.64 deaths, 5.82 assists and 6.17 KDA this year. Vitality have the greater momentum heading into this tie and should come out on top.

Karmine Corp vs Mirage Olyandra Picks

Karmine Corp

Karmine Corp vs Mirage Olyandra Predictions

Karmine Corp go into this match as the favorites. The two sides were on the opposite end of the LFL 2022 spring season standings, with Karmine Corp coming second and Mirage Olyandra finishing second last in the standings. Karmine Corp fell short in the playoffs against Team BDS Academy in spring season semifinals, losing 3-1 but should have enough to beat their upcoming opponents.

Karmine Corp Should Have This One Wrapped Up

Karmine Corp head into this in good form, they’ve won three of their four games in the league so far.

This year, Rekkles (bot laner) has been their most impressive member with 4.75 kills per match, 1.46 deaths and KDA of 7.26. He also collected 14.9k in gold.

Mirage Elyandra Are Still Struggling

Mirage Elyandra were hoping to change things this season after hiring Kirei as their new coach and BliZard as their new team manager but things haven’t been much better after only winning one of their four games so far.

Mirage Elyandra ended in 9th place in the Spring season league standings. They won six of their 18 games and ended with a win rate of 33%.

Key to their chances will be both laner, Cody Sun. He has averaged 1.77 per match, 2.67 kills per match, 4.44 assists and a KDA of 4 this year. He’ll desperately need the help of his teammates, who didn’t impress the last time around to stand a chance against a team like Karmine Corp. This match looks quite easy to call. Karmine Corp are an easy bet for this one.

Team Oplon vs Team BDS Academy Picks

BDS Academy

Team Oplon vs Team BDS Academy Predictions

Unfortunately for Team Oplon, things haven’t gotten much better in the summer season. They’re yet to register a win, having played four matches so far.

Team Oplon only recorded two victories in the spring season. One against GameWard and one against Mirage Elyandra, ending with a win rate of 11.11 %. Those they got wins against didn’t make the playoffs either. They had the lowest win rate during the spring season. This isn’t great reading.

They’ve got a new roster now with Brunnes, Tiger and Absolute no longer there but it’s not really materialized into anything better. They’ve added Shernfire, Twiizt and Migab. Their task going forward is just to be highly competitive.

BDS Academy Should Could Start Their Season in This Match

Last season’s runner-up have made a poor start to this season with only one win out of four matches. It seems like some of the new members of the roster are still finding their feet at the moment.

They’ll need Crownie to be in his best form in this match. He has averaged 4.09 kills, 2.33 deaths, 5.02 assists and a 3.92 KDA this year. The team clearly don’t look as strong as they did just sometime back but they should still have enough to get the better of the hapless Team Oplon.

BDS Academy should be a safe bet and it’s time they imposed their authority on a team.

How to Watch LFL 2022

LFL 2022 Information
Teams Team GO vs LDLC OL, Solary vs Misfits Premier, vitality Bee vs GameWard, Mirage Elyandra vs Karmine Corp, Team Oplon vs BDS Academy
Location Offline/online event
Time Wednesday, June 15 at 10am EST onwards
How to watch Official Twitch channel

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