LFL 2022 Spring Split Picks, Predictions, Odds February 17

  • Another round of the LFL comes our way this Thursday with five fixtures
  • Rekkles, Karmine Corp looking to keep up their recent momentum
  • Vitality Bee will fancy their chances of beating Team Oplon

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LFL 2022

Mirage Elyandra vs Misfits Premier Pick

Misfits Premier (moneyline)

Mirage Elyandra vs Misfits Premier Predictions

Mirage Elyandra has their backs to the wall. They have lost three games on the bounce to currently languish joint eighth with a 4-6 record. They’re presently outside the top six, and therefore out of playoffs reckoning. Misfits Premier are two spots above at joint sixth, with a 5-5 record. With eight games still remaining, both teams still have a shot at the playoffs. But that will need them to get on a roll.

Misfits only need to look as far back as the 2021 Spring Split for inspiration. They finished second with a 13-5 record, and managed to finish where they did because of a five-match winning streak right at the end to close out their season. It’s their past history and current form that pegs them as favourites in this match.

Both Teams Blown Away In Previous Clash

Misfits will be going into the contest on the back of a loss to Karmine Corp, currently placed third. More than the result, the manner of loss would be concerning. They finished with 8.6k gold fewer than Carmen; landed 9 kills to Karmine’s 22; captured six towers less than their opponents.

And in a clear sign that they failed to gain significant advantage over the enemy, they managed just 1 dragon to Karmine’s 44. Mirage Elyandra are also coming off a similar loss against LDLC. They managed nearly 15k gold fewer, six kills to LDLC’s 19, three towers to LDLC’s 9. Once again, at no stage did they exercise any degree of control over their opponents.

Woolite’s Offensive Proficiency

Misfits will rely on Woolite’s Bankability factor. Presently, he possesses the best kill rate among all Misfits players. He lands 4.1 kills, but a rather high death rate of 3.1 hints at missteps in the defence. He also has an impressive assist rate of 5.6 along with a KDA of 3.13 and creep score of 318. Czajek and Irrelevant also have good kill rates of 3.8, but their high kill rates cancel out any kind of advantage their offensive proficiency could give them. It is this inconsistency they will want to iron out if they are to entertain thoughts of a playoff berth.

Mirage are stung with the same problem. While they have more than competent kill rates, their death rates expose their weakness to the extent that sifting through maps seamlessly seems an afterthought. How can they hope to stay in the contest for longer? How can they react better to a series of kills from the opponents? Do they have different plans for different players? There are plenty of questions, few answers at present. Quicker they find them, the better it will be for the team.

Team Oplon vs Vitality Bee Pick

Vitality Bee (moneyline)

Team Oplon vs Vitality Bee Predictions

Team Oplon currently don’t know how they can open their account this spring split. Each of their matches so far have been one-way traffic . Their inability to arrest a slide will be foremost on their mind as they chart a turnaround. As such, competing for a top six berth, and thereby the playoffs, seems out of question. Even if they were to miraculously get on a roll and win each of their remaining games, it may not be enough. It tells you how far they are from the rest of the pack.

They run into toppers Vitality Bee, who are sitting pretty with a 7-3 record. They have won their last two games after a mini-slump, thereby brushing aside any confidence or form issues opponents may have looked to target. So this contest promises to be a one-sided fare. Forget about winning, Team Oplon would do well to push their opponents to the edge. Such a possibility seems very slim, though. For Vitality, where they are placed on the table is a massive step up from last year, where they finished joint-fourth with a 11-7 record. Can they sustain the momentum built so far?

Oplon – Bullied And Razed Down

In Oplon’s loss to BDS Academy, Crowshot alone landed more kills than all the Oplon players combined. It tells you everything you need to know about their performance. They huffed and puffed to capture one tower to BDS’ 17, landed 7 kills to their opponents 17. Oplon will be concerned by how easily opponents have been able to run roughshod over them. Mid laner Peng has the highest kills on an average per map, but having more deaths than kills is the problem, something that is sort of a recurring theme with all their players. They could get away with this against teams of their inexperience, but in a highly competitive field such as the LFL, this is non-negotiable.

The Jeskla & Szygenda Union

Bot laner Jeskla, formerly with Astralis, holds the aces for Vitality Bee. He lands 3.8 kills, 1.9 deaths and 5.7 assists, along with a KDA of 5 and creep score of 304.6. In Szygenda, who mans the top lane, he has a partner with a decent record to boot. He lands 3.6 kills, 2.7 deaths and 4.4 assists, along with a KDA of 3.37 and creep score of 300.9. The comparison between the numbers of both sides couldn’t be more stark.

Gamers Origin vs LDLC OL Pick

LDLC OL (moneyline)

Gamersorigin vs LDLC OL Prediction

In a clash of teams at two opposite ends of the spectrum, first-placed LDLC OL take on Gamersorigin. LDLC have a 7-3 record this far very much in contention to top the pool. A second-place finish will do, too, given the top two will be seeded into the winners’ final, while those finishing 3rd to 6th are seeded into the losers’ round-1. On current form, both teams will fancy their chances of securing entry to the EU Masters Spring.

Gamersorigin Scraping The Bottom

It has been some turnaround for the current toppers who were languishing at the bottom of LFL 2021 spring split. It has taken some consistency, minor tweaks to strategy and standout performances from key personnel to change things around. Meanwhile, Gamnersorigin are currently placed eighth and will want to jump up above their seventh place 7-11 finish from last year. Gamersorigin can look to take a leaf out of their opponent’s book. In terms of who the odds favour, it is LDLC OL best suited to give you good returns for your money.

SMILEY’s Chance To Turn Things Around

SMILEY will have to do all the running. The bot laner has proved himself as one of the very best AD Carry of the LFL. Having previously performed in the Spanish, Nordic and English leagues, he comes with a reputation. While his large champion pool allows him to adapt to various meta and to always be a threat for the opponents, his performances have been slightly underwhelming so far. Can he stand up and be counted upon? His overall numbers are outstanding. He has a kill rate of 4.9, death rate of 2.1 and 5.4 assists, along with a KDA of 4.9 and creep score of 358.8. It points to plenty of promise and a good overall track record, even if he may have gone off the boil presently.

Eika’s intimidating presence in the mid lane gives LDLC OL a sizeable advantage. He has committed to remain with the team for another year that will see him through the end of 2022. His record speaks for itself, and much of his recent success has helped the team’s revival. He lands 5 kills, 2.2 deaths and 5.1 assists along with a KDA of 4.59 and creep score of 330.7. While he will shoulder much of the responsibility, he will hope for some support from bot laner Exakick, who also has an improving record of 4.1 kills. 2.2 deaths, 5.7 assists along with a KDA off 4.45 and creep score of 382.4, the best among all players in the match.

Solary vs Game Ward Pick

Gameward (moneyline)

Solary vs Game Ward Predictions

Two mid-table teams looking to strengthen their playoff position clash in what promises to be an intriguing battle. Solary are just within the periphery of the playoffs, with a 5-5 record. GameWard are joint third with six wins in 10 games. So in terms of where they are placed, GameWard have a slight advantage. And it is this factor that separates the two sides on the bookmaker’s table. GameWard are the favourites, but by a hair’s breadth if not more.

But it wasn’t so rosy for them until a week ago, where they were jostling for space in a crowded mid-table. Winning three games on the bounce has given them some much needed relief, to the extent that they are now breathing down the necks of Vitality Bee and LDLC OL.

Solary In One-Way Traffic

Solary were sucker punched by Vitality Bee in their most recent outing on February 11. Vitality comfortably outscored them in every single parameter: Golds by 15.9k, kills by 14, towers by 10, barons and inhibitors by 1 apiece. Also, consider this: two of Vitality’s least proficient players combined to land more kills than the entire Solary squad put together. It speaks of the one-sided nature of the contest and how low they could be on confidence presently.

The Key For Solary

It is not like they don’t the personnel. Bot laner Asza has a more-than-decent record. His kill rate of 4.9 is their best. Combining this with a death rate of 2.1 and assists of 5.6 to go with a KDA of 5 and creep score of 304.7 indicates plenty of potential to combine with his mates in the mid-lane to sift through the map. Scarlet also has an excellent kill rate of 4.6 to go with an assist rate of 6 and a KDA of 4.42.

If these two can find a way through the map early in the game and catch the opponents off guard, it will probably be a step in the right direction. In any case, best of one games have most probable chances of an upset, because you need fewer factors going your way. If these two can trigger a run up early, Solary will have taken steps in claiming key points.

Mid laner Czekolad has a powerful presence for GameWard. The Polish international has plenty of experience and a very proficient record. He lands 4.3 kills, 3 deaths and 5 assists, to go with a KDA of 3.1 and a creep score of 305.1. These are by far the best numbers for the team, and much of their success so far has come because of Czekolad’s offensive play. They will hope for more of the same going forward.

BDS Academy vs Karmine Corp Pick

Karmine Corp (moneyline)

BDS Academy vs Karmine Corp Predictions

BDS Academy have won more than they have lost, and are currently joint third with two other sides. They have six wins and four losses, one of which came in their previous clash. Karmine Corp are one of those who they are level with, and have a similar 6-4 win rate. The only difference is Karmine have drawn level after winning four consecutive games on the bounce.

This is a massive improvement from their disastrous start in January and it puts them well within touching distance of a top two finish and definitely in playoff contention. BDS will want to better their third-place finish from 2021 Spring Split which they finished with a 12-6 record. Karmine finished right at the top with 13 wins, so for them it is a matter of trying to sustain their excellence over long periods. As such, Karmine are the favourites, but it may not take a lot for BDS to pull things together on current form.

Rekkles Key In The Offence For Karmine

Formerly with G2, Rekkles has made an impact already in such short time for his new team. The bot laner has a 60% win ration in the 10 games so far this season. He possesses the best kill rate among all the Karmine players. Presently, he has a kill rate of 5.4, deaths of 1.2 and 5 assists, along with a KDA of 8.67 and creep score of 342.4. He is clearly miles ahead of the second-best in this contest when it comes to offensive proficiency.

Crownshot holds the aces for BDS when it comes to offensive proficiency. He lands 4.1 kills, 1.8 deaths and 6.2 assists along with a KDA of 5.72 and creep score of 331/3. This is the highest among all the players competing in the match. He will hope for some contributions from Xico and Agresivoo in the mid lane.

How to Watch LFL 2022 Spring Split

LFL 2022 Spring Split Information
Teams Karmine Corp, Gameward, Solary, Gamersorigin, LDLC, Team Oplon,
Vitality Bee, Misfits Premier, BDS Academy, Mirage Elyandra
Location Conducted in France
Time Thursday, February 17 at 12.00 PM EST onwards
How to watch LFL official Twitch channel

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