LFL 2022 Spring Split Picks, Predictions, Odds March 2

  • Another round of the LFL is scheduled for this midweek from France
  • Misfits Premier and Gamersorigin expected to be a tight contest
  • Karmine Corp looking for improvement from current third spot

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LFL 2022 Spring Split Picks, Predictions, Odds March 2

Mirage Elyandra vs Team Oplon

Mirage Elyandra (moneyline)

Mirage Elyandra vs Team Oplon Picks

It is a contest between two teams with more to gain than lose. At rock bottom, the only way is up. With four games remaining, Team Oplon are in danger of going through the entire Spring Split of 2022 without a win.

Mirage Elyandra are ninth, a spot above, but with a five-win advantage over their opponents. One way or the other, it has now been set in stone that Team Oplon will finish with the wooden spoon. Mirage Elyandra, meanwhile, have an opportunity to win every single game from here to climb up one or two spots, although the playoffs that need them to finish in the top six seem a distant dream.

They can yet get there, with some luck, but it’s not something they can be talking of just yet. Given their track record and the inability to string up a win so far, it’s quite clear why Team Oplon have the odds heavily stacked against them.

Hope Flickers But Mirage Elyandra Have Work To Do

Mirage Elyandra will go into the match on the back of a loss to a top-half side, Solary. On the surface, it was a comprehensive defeat with Solary outdoing them across all parameters. Solary’s 63.2k gold was 12.5k more than Mirage Elyandra’s. The side also managed just four kills to Solary’s 15, apart from being unable to capture a single tower in the enemy lane.

Solary also blanked Mirage Elyandra when it came to collecting barons and inhibitors. In terms of dragon count, they managed two to Solary’s three. Scarlet alone landed the same number of kills as All of Mirage Elyandra’s players put together. Their best player Cody Sun had an off day, managing 0 kills, 3 deaths and 1 assist. They would, however, be encouraged by the performances of RangJun and Memento, who hold the hope for them going forward for the rest of the Spring Split.

Xico Holds Hope For Winless Oplon

Team Oplon need to find a quick fix, even if it means temporarily putting a halt to their long-term vision for short-term gains. And one of the foremost things on their minds would be how they can open their account this Spring Split. The slew of reversals forced them to make roster changes mid-tournament. They signed bot laner Fares “Xicor” Sedan in a bid to brighten their prospects.

The Tunisian became the first player in the league from the Middle East and North Africa. But once the initial novelty factor dissipates, performances will be the biggest currency. Before this signing, Team Oplon held tryouts with Xicor. He has replaced Alan “Tiger” Roger. In their previous outing, Xicor showed his class, even though Oplon couldn’t get over the line against GamersOrigin.

Xicor landed 9 kills, 2 deaths and 3 assists, along with a creep score of 401. Incidentally, those were the most kills by a single player in the match, even though it didn’t translate into a win. It was a case of being so near, but yet so far for Team Oplon. They will hope to finally get over the line come Wednesday, although that is easier said than done.

Misfits Premier vs Gamersorigin

Misfits Premier (moneyline)

Misfits Premier v Gamersorigin Picks

Two teams in contention for the playoffs will square off in the second of our games on Wednesday. Misfits Premier are joint fourth, having won eight games and lost six. Gamersorigin have the reverse – a 6-8 record – and are looking to make an upward move.

They have some winning momentum to carry, having racked up back to back wins. The odds may be stacked against them, but you will still need to be a tad brave to bet big against them. Tread this one carefully, let the points table not hoodwink you.

Woolite Lays Down Marker for Misfits Premier

Misfits come in on the back of a big win against GameWard. In what was a contest that was more or less decided past the halfway mark, Misfits collected 59.2k gold to GameWard’s 48.8k, landed 23 kills, 9 more than their opponents. They also captured 10 towers to GameWard’s three.

Woolite laid down a marker of sorts with his offensive proficiency, landing 11 kills, 1 death and 5 assists, along with a creep score of 283. He was well supported by mid laner Czajek, who played the support role to perfection, landing 4 kills, 1 death and 12 assists.

TynX as jungler and Irrelevant, their other bot lander played their roles to perfection. It was one of those rare performances where each player was in perfect sync with the other. GameWard struggled, and if not for Czekolad’s offensive kills, they would’ve probably surrender much earlier.

GamersOrigin will be slightly wary because as a team, you can slip into a false sense of confidence when you easily overcome a laggard team. They were always expected to beat Team Oplon, so the end result came as no real surprise. But it remains to be seen if the same strategy will work against a better team with a better track record.

Against Oplon, Vizicsacsi was the aggressor in chief, landing 8 kills, 2 deaths and 9 assists, to combine a magnificent creep score of 336. He was well complemented by SMILEY’s 6 kills, 3 deaths and 6 assists, that combined to give him a creep score of 364. In terms of personnel, GamersOrigin have a lot of attacking players in the pack. It’s about carry the same mindset forward.

Vitality Bee vs GameWard Pick

Vitality Bee (moneyline)

Vitality Bee vs GameWard Picks

Vitality Bee are merrily singing their way to the top of the standings. A 10-4 record all but guarantees a playoff berth, but they wouldn’t want to lose momentum towards the fag end of what has been an intensely fought Spring Split. With a number of mid-table teams waiting to pounce on any slip ups, they will know nothing but winning momentum will stand them in good stead.

That said, they are a classy unit that formulates different plans for different opponents and goes about executing them methodically. GameWard are on a four match losing streak, and their position suddenly looks shaky and far different to where they were just two weeks ago. Cruising high and happy, they have slipped and very badly at the first sign of turbulence.

As a result, they’re languishing towards the bottom with six wins and eight losses. It’s time to pull up their socks. There are no prizes for guessing who has the edge. It’s Vitality Bee with the advantage all the way and punters are going big on them to establish a small lead at the top of the standings.

The Men Manning Vitality

At times when you are looking to rediscover form, battling a mid-table or an opponent towards the bottom of the spectrum can come as a much-needed confidence boost. For Vitality Bee, this came in the form of an outing against GameWard, which they managed to win quite comprehensively.

Sample this: Golds collected: neatly 7k more than BDS., they landed 25 kills to their opponent’s five, captured 10 towers to their opponent’s three. Leads across inhibitors, barons and dragons. Life should be a bed of roses, you’d think. Such has been their dominance. In Skeanz and Szygenda, they had two players who landed kills after kills, sifted across lanes effortlessly and were involved across all stages of the game, thereby leaving their imprint over proceedings.

Skeanz was the best player of the match, landing 12 kills, 0 deaths and 6 assists, whereas Szygenda combined to produce 7 kills, 1 death and 4 assists. Special mention also to DipleX for landing 17 assists and playing a key role as a jungler.

GameWard’s Chance To Reverse Fortunes

GameWard are on a downward spiral. Which is why their loss to Misfits, themselves under a cloud, would’ve been particularly crushing. They will be looking for key contributions from all their players, Czekolad in particular as he has the best kill rate of 4.07, along with 3.5 deaths and 5.14 assists, along with. KDA of 2.63 and creep score of 294.5.

BDS Academy vs LDLC OL Pick

LDLC OL (moneyline)

BDS Academy vs LDLC OL Predictions

BDS Academy are firmly rooted to the mid-table and are seeking a break in to the top three. That is easier said than done at the best of times. And most certainly holds true when they clash against a table topper, LDLC OL, who are sitting pretty with a 10-4 record with four games left. A play-off spot has almost been sealed. Now to add the finishing touches to their journey so far.

Despite a slight difference in where they’re placed in the league standings, punters have pegged both of them with similar odds, which means you can happily place your bets on either and yet feel walk away knowing you ain’t going to lose much. While BDS have lived up to expectations mostly, carrying on from their third-place finish from the Spring Split of 2021, LDLC OL have had a remarkable surge, from the pits of a ninth-placed finish last year to the top now.

Crownshot Holds Aces for BDS

BDS Academy are heavily reliant on Crownshot for offensive proficiency. The bot laner possesses the best kill rate among all their players, at 4.07 to go with 2 deaths and 5.86 assists, along with a KDA of 4.96 and cree score of 320.86.

Crownshot, who makes frequent appearances on the LS’ stream, has a contract with the team until November 2022. Since his time with the team, he’s often left his imprint with telling performances. His consistency rate and ability to land kills from vulnerable positions make him a vital threat. BDS will hope he can get the support from the rest of the pack if they are to challenge for the top spot.

Eika, Single Biggest Match-winner for LDLC

Eika is the biggest threat for BDS in the middle lane. Having emerged in the LCS with Immortals in 2020 gave him a new wind of sorts in his career after he had played in the European National leagues for several years, mostly LDLC, with whom he has reunited again.

He lands 5.07 kills, the best among all players competing in the match, along with 2.21 deaths and 5.5 assists, along with a KDA of 4.77 and creep score of 324.86. Eika is the single biggest hindrance for the opponents, not because of just his offensive proficiency but also his influence across the map.

Karmine Corp vs Solary Pick

Karmine Corp (moneyline)

Karmine Corp vs Solary Predictions

And finally to round off the action lacked LFL week, we’ve got third-placed Karmine Corp up against fourth placed Solary. It’s a battle between two aggressive sides capable of edging each other out. In the past, they’ve often had fierce contests, and it promises to be no different this time around. Karmine have a 9-5 record this far; Solary have surged late by winning three on the bounce to currently possess an 8-6 record. With as many as three teams having an 8-6 record presently, Solary will want to win one to break away from the pack, even if just momentarily to ease the pressure on themselves.

Steelback’s Hand in Solary’s Rise

After a zig zag start to the season where they were riddled with inconsistency, Steeelback and his mates have rallied superbly for Solary. The toplaner of this Solary team, Kio, showed last week what he is capable of, and it’s a massive positive for the team two weeks from the end of the regular season and just before the playoffs.

Steelback’s influence as a support can’t be understated more. He’s as good as they come, having an assist rate of 9.93, which is among the best across the league. He also lends experience, tactical nous that comes with years of toil and success. He has a KDA of 4.14 along with a creep score of 36.07. If Steelback forms part of the support case, Scarlet lends offensive proficiency at the rate of 4.79 kills, 2.14 deaths and 5.71 assists, along with a KDA of 4.9 and creep score of 309.79.

Bot laner Rekkles holds an air of intimidation, the single biggest factor that Karmine Corps are banking on to make the playoffs. The bot lander has an incredible win percentage of 64.3, which is a manifestation of his strategies of sifting through lanes and always being on the prowl to land kills. He lands 5.14 kills on an average, along with 1.14 deaths and 5.29 assists, along with a KDA of 9.13 and creep score of 330.43.

If Steelback is the hand for Solary, Rekkles does that and much more for Karmine. Few teams are heavily reliant on individuals like Karime are on Rekkles, and that is because he has tirelessly performed at every given opportunity. Thew first player to reach 1000 kills in the EU LCS had a long way to go and promises to bring a lot more to the table. He is far from being done just yet.

How to Watch LFL 2022 Spring Split

LFL 2022 Spring Split Information
Teams Karmine Corp, Gameward, Solary, Gamersorigin, LDLC, Team Oplon,
Vitality Bee, Misfits Premier, BDS Academy, Mirage Elyandra
Location Conducted in France
Time Wednesday, March 2 at 12.00 PM EST onwards
How to watch LFL official Twitch channel

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