LFL 2022 Spring Split Picks, Predictions, Odds March 9

  • Another round of the LFL is scheduled for this midweek from France
  • LDLC OL lose some momentum but still in terrific split form
  • Karmine Corp against Vitality Bee expected to be a blockbuster encounter

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LFL 2022 Spring Split Picks March 9

Team Oplon vs GameWard Pick

Pick: Gameward (moneyline)

Team Oplon vs GameWard Predictions

Yay. Great news for Team Oplon. For the longest time this Spring Split it looked like they’d be in danger of finishing without a win. That danger has now been averted. They are finally off the mark after 15 straight losses.

This is reason enough to celebrate in the present, even if they are guaranteed a last-place finish. In terms of the bigger picture, GameWard have had a very disappointing run.

They are currently in a two-way race for the seventh spot, with a 7-9 record. However, they aren’t entirely out of a playoff position. That said, they will need some divine intervention to make it there. The very fact that they can’t control their own fate tells you of the up-and-down season they have had.

That said, GameWard are the favorites by a long way for this match. Past history, current form and everything else factored in, they are the more pedigreed team. Back them to deliver returns for you in this game.

Oplon Get It Right Finally

Team Oplon’s win came against their nearest competitors, Mirage Elyandra. The ninth-placed outfit went into the game with a five-win advantage, and came out with four. Oplon emerged comprehensive winners, steering clear of any pressure Elyandra may have tried to cobble up. Oplon’s dominance was studded across every single parameter that there is. They finished with 11.5k gold more for starters.

They landed 16 kills, which is 13 more than Elyandra managed, and captured seven more towers than their nearest rivals. They could also take heart from being able to keep Cody Sun, Elyandra’s most prolific player and star bot laner, quiet right through the map. They can also be extremely pleased with how their own bot laner, Xicor – their newest signing – rose to the occasion to land 8 kills, 0 deaths and 5 assists, along with a creep score of 290.

The Tunisian International, who is the first player from the Middle East and north Africa region to play in the LFL, found a perfect ally in Brusness, who played a terrific support cast, managing as many as 10 assists along with his two kills. These two players have risen to the occasion after threatening to do so for a while, and this augurs well for the rest of the year, even if it may not translate to much team success in the present.

GameWard Ready To Be Mid Table Contenders

GameWard snapped a four-match losing streak last week. That the win was against a team placed higher in the table, a side that has significantly more wins than losses, must do their confidence a world of good.

In seeing off Vitality Bee, GameWard showed they’re ready to move from being a nearly team to serious mid-table contenders.

And while the rise to the top is still some way off, there have been sparks of brilliance time and again. The win was a lot closer than they would’ve liked, but that they staved off a challenge bodes well for an up-and-coming team.

Innaxe bettered his average numbers by playing a key role in the win. The bot laner, who averages 3.69 kills across 16 maps, landed 7 kills apart from playing a key role in kill participation with three assists, that combined to deliver a creep score of 316. Scygenda’s 4 kills were the highest for Vitality. What has worked for GameWard is patches of brilliance like Innaxe’s from time to time. They will want to replicate these kinds of performance on a more regular basis.

Misfits Premier vs BDS Academy Pick

Pick: Misfits Premier (moneyline)

Misfits Premier vs BDS Academy Predictions

BDS Academy continue their quest to remain in the top three. Last week, they notched up two wins, but stifling competition follows them as they’re in a three-way race for third with their opponents Misfits Premier and Vitality Bee.

On paper, Misfits v BDS presents a tantalizing prospect. The odds for both teams continue to remain the same, which tells you simply how close the two teams are to each other.

Yes, there will be minute differences, like map approaches, kill participation, lane movements, and experience of personnel, but so far, both sides have shown there’s little to choose from and it promises to be no different going forward. This is going to be a tough one to predict. Good luck.

Misfits – Heavy On Star Power

Misfits Academy are coming off three emphatic wins that stands them in good stead. In their most recent outing, they sent GamersOrigin on a hiding to nothing, with Czajek leading the way. His offensive proficiency came to the fore as he landed 11 kills, 1 death and 4 assists, to combine for a creep score of 274.

The support role was superbly played by TynX, who finished with 14 assists. When a team has one player of Czajek’s calibre, it can often give them an air of intimidation. Misfit have one other cracking bot laner in Woolite, who landed 6 kills, 1 death and 8 assists, to combine a creep score of 319. It’s as if Misfits have a succession of star power. If Czajek won’t get you, Vander will. If not, TynX. Much of this is down to role clarity and proper execution of plans.

BDS Grooming Young Champs

BDS are coming off a win against Mirage Elyandra. They’re on a two-match streak that puts them in excellent shape for the playoffs. They’ll want to carry forward this winning momentum. Much of the focus in recent times has been on bot lander CrownShot, but BDS have a secret weapon in Agresivoo.

The top laner has a kill rate of 3.38, 3 deaths and 4.88 assists, along with a KDA of 2.75 and creep score of 273.56. On the face of it, these numbers may not seem the most intimidating, but in an experienced line-up, players looking to make a mark can be given some leeway. Sometimes, X-factor players can’t purely be judged on numbers. If they’re backed, a performance may not be far of.

Solary vs LDLC OL Pick

Pick: LDLC OL (moneyline)

Solary v LDLC OL Predictions

In the past week, LDLC OL have won one, lost one and are sitting pretty with a 11-5 record to be joint toppers with Karime Corp. Given the way the points table is, a playoff spot has been sealed. But of course they will want to win their next two games to get a hold of the bragging rights for being the league toppers. Solary have slipped since we last assessed their performances in the week gone by. From having recovered from a slump to be up 8-6, they are on shaky grounds.

Two losses on the bounce have put them in the periphery of the playoffs, with an 8-8 record at sixth. This means they have to win the next two or could be upstaged after having worked hard to try and finish within the top six. Solary have the odds stacked against them, and need a massive step up to just compete, let alone win.

LDLC Overcome Heart-Stopper

LDLC OL are coming off a narrow win over BDS. In a game that yo-yo’ed from one side to another, where pressure changed hands every now and then, they pipped BDS by a mere 500 gold at the end of a pulsating contest.

LDLC managed 21 kills, just putting BDS’s 18. Their presence across the map was so emphatic that capturing a tower lesser than BDS’s 8 wasn’t enough to stop them from eventually clinching the match.

LDLC were helped by wholesome contributions from their entire crew.

Eika led the way with the most kills (6), while Ranger and Exakick managed five apiece. Yike had a high assist percentage, finishing with game with 11 assists. While he was shaded by BDS’s Erdote, who landed 12 assists, the combined effect LDLC had helped them get over the line eventually. Few things galvanize a team more than coming out the manner LDLC did from a tough spot. They’ll carry forward this momentum into the next two games.

Solary Need More Proficiency In The Mid Lane

Solary’s chances of staying in the playoffs will hinge on Asza and his role as a bot laner. As fierce a competitor as they come, he has a 50% success rate.

He lands 4.25 kills, 2.31 deaths and 5.69 assists, along with a KDA of 4.3 and creep score of 298.25. Asza’s numbers, especially the kill rate, is shaded slightly by Scarlet, another key player. He lands 4.75 kills, 2,31 deaths and 5.5 assists, to go with a KDA of 4.43 and creep score of 308.69. Solary need proficiency in the mid lane and their junglers need to rise to the occasion under pressure to keep them alive.

Karmine Corp vs Vitality Bee

Pick: Karmine Corp (moneyline)

Karmine Corp vs Vitality Bee Predictions

Karmine Corp are joint-toppers currently. A 11-5 record has them soaring, a three-match winning streak has their confidence sky high.

Vitality Bee have one win fewer and one loss more, with a 10-6 record. However, they’ve lost two games on the bounce to be joint third currently and have the betting odds stacked against them by a long way for this one.

Karmine’s Domination Like No Other

Karmine Corp wrapped up a dominating win over Solary four night ago. It was a win that studded their dominance from start to finish. Saken played a key role in building his way to eventually help land the big kills.

His 10 assists were the highest in the match. Rekkles and Hantera were prolific in the bot lane, landing 9 kills between them. Overall, Karmine picked up 70.4k gold, nearly 17k more than Solary’s.

They also landed 17 kills to Solary’s 10. Their real dominance can be exhibited through their towers capture: 11 to Solary’s grand sum of zero. This was the kind of domination like no other.

Scydenda’s Form Crucial For Vitality

Vitality Bee must be wondering just how things slipped out of their grasp the way it has. Until not long ago, they were merrily singing their way up top of the standings. But the pile of losses coupled with the up surge of the mid-table has given them a reality check.

While a playoff berth may not be in danger, they’re running into rough weather with every passing game. This is something they will have to quickly overcome.

In their previous game, GameWard wrestled them into the dirt. In what was a dogfight for ascendancy, they eventually conceded the match despite having the advantage at one stage. Their bot laner Scygenda was kept quiet and this was reflective in his overall standings. He landed just 4 kills, and much of this was down to him being marked off as a major threat. Vitality need to counter plans of the opponents better and do so quickly.

Mirage Elyandra vs GamersOrigin Pick

Pick: GamersOrigin (moneyline)

Mirage Elyandra vs GamersOrigin Predictions

Mirage Elyandra are scraping the bottom, but the only consolation for them is, however, their last two games go, they won’t be finishing last.

They’ve done much better than their ninth-placed finish may show. A 5-11 record has them ninth, and three losses on the bounce possibly means they will be rooted to that position.

If they can win the next two, it’ll be some way to end the season before heading to the Summer Split with some confidence. GamersOrigin have a 7-9 record. They will want to at least end on level terms. The odds are understandably against Mirage Elyandra. Are you ready to make a bold prediction favoring them to earn you a windfall?

Elyandra – Scraping The Bottom

Mirage Elyandra’s loss to Oplon have opened a can of worms. Their loss against a team placed lower than them would hurt.

If that doesn’t elicit course correction, a few things would. Elyandra managed to finish with 11k gold fewer. They also managed just 3 kills to Oplon’s 16 and 1 tower to Oplon’s 8.

That they aren’t even looking like being a threatening force is something that will worry the coaching staff. Now is a time to reboot. Underwhelming performances fro CodySun and RangJun haven’t helped. In general, there’s a sense of despondency around the group.

Ronaldo, SMILEY And Encouraging Signs for GamersOrigin

Ronaldo and SMILEY’s encouraging recent returns this Spring Split auger well for GamersOrigin.

Both of them have kill rates on 4.13 and 4.63 on an average. What will concern them is their death rate that is nearly half their kill rate. This is potentially a sign go being unable to seize on any little advantage they may have in the map. The pair have however been key to much of their success so far this season, and in their performances are something for the team to take away.

How to Watch LFL 2022 Spring Split

LFL 2022 Spring Split Information
Teams Karmine Corp, Gameward, Solary, Gamersorigin, LDLC, Team Oplon,
Vitality Bee, Misfits Premier, BDS Academy, Mirage Elyandra
Location Conducted in France
Time Wednesday, March 9 at 12.00 PM EST onwards
How to watch LFL official Twitch channel

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