LPL 2022 Spring Split: Outright Winner Predictions, Betting Tips

  • Edward Gaming are the reigning champions of the LPL summer split
  • Royal Never Give Up are the most favored team to win
  • Edward Gaming are the value choice in the outright market to win the spring split

LPL 2022 Spring Split Overview

This will be the first split of the 10th year of professional League of Legends from the LPL (League of Legends Pro League) from China. Edward Gaming won the summer split of the 2021 edition, beating FunPlus Phoenix 3-1 in the final of last year’s event.

The two new entrants this year are Anyone’s Legend and Weibo Gaming, who will be looking to make a quick mark on one of the best local League of Legends tournaments in the world.

Let’s break down some teams that are considered favorites and some others that could make for value plays in the odds board for the winner of the spring split from the LPL.

LPL 2022 Spring Split Outright Winner

Royal Never Give Up

Royal Never Give Up will start as favorites to win the spring split. That is understandable considering they are coming into spring on the back of a solid performance in summer. They finished the regular season of summer with a 10-6 record. In terms of maps, they had a win percentage of 64 having won 25 of 39 maps in summer. That’s not bad by any means.

However, the team will be disappointed with their performance in the playoffs. In round 3 of the postseason, Royal Never Give Up were beaten 3-1 by LNG Esports, which signaled the end of their season.

From a personnel standpoint, Royal Never Give Up have retained the majority of the core of their roster for spring. That includes Gala, who led the team in kills in summer with 4.15 per game during the regular season. He also led the team in other metrics, like KDA (4.6) and creep score (300).

Other key players for Royal Never Give Up will be Xiaohu, who averaged 4.1 kills per game along with a creep score of 280. Wei was excellent in the jungle in summer, producing 3.69 kills and 6.9 assists at a terrific kill participation rate of over 10.5 per game. RNG will be one of the most consistent teams in the split.

LNG Esports

LNG have made significant progress up the pecking order in the LPL after a terrific showing in the playoffs of summer last year. LNG first beat Suning 3-2 in round 1 of the postseason before beating Top Esports (3-1) in the second round and Royal Never Give Up (3-1) in round 3. LNG were eventually beaten 3-0 by FunPlus Phoenix in the next round.

One of the reasons LNG Esports have climbed up the odds board is because of their acquisition of Doinb from FunPlus Phoenix, who will add so much experience and firepower in the middle lane. LvMao has also made the move to LNG from JD Gaming, another player that will bring incredible experience to LNG’s play in support of the bot lane.

Ale and Tarzan will likely hold their spots. Quite stunningly, Ale was LNG’s highest kill producer in the summer edition for LNG, averaging 3.72 kills per map. That is atypical because a top laner is not expected to produce a high volume of kills inside Summoner’s Rift.

Tarzan is also important to the team as he maintains a high-efficiency rate, measured in KDA in League of Legends. His KDA in the regular season of summer was 4.55 (2.52 kills, 2.09 deaths and 6.89 assists per map).

Edward Gaming

Edward Gaming are the reigning champions of the world after a stunning display of offensive strength in last year’s World Championship. The team beat favorites Damwon Gaming in a thrilling fifth map. Edward Gaming also beat Gen.G in the fifth map in the semi-final, which was preceded by another five-map thriller in the quarters against LPL team Royal Never Give Up.

Like other teams in the LPL, Edward Gaming have done well to retain the core roster, a set of players that have proved to be incredibly successful at simply dominating the aggressive style ahead of team fights in their aim to hunt down the neutral objectives, either dragons or barons.

This year, Edward Gaming will likely have Flandre in the top lane, Jiejie in the jungle, Scout in the mid lane, Viper in the bot lane and Meiko as the support player. That will be how Edward Gaming stack up their squad.

As you would expect, Viper led Edward Gaming in kills in the regular season of the summer split in the LPL last year. He produced 4.2 kills, 1.6 deaths and 5.66 assists per game to generate a KDA of 6.16. It was their jungler Jiejie that produced the most value and efficiency for the team, with a KDA of 6.44 (3.52 kills, 1.79 deaths and 8 assists).

Top Esports

Top are one of the most aggressive teams in the world, moving through the phases and lanes inside Summoner’s Rift at unparalleled speed. By their usual lofty standards, Top Esports had an under-performing summer split. They were beaten 3-1 by LNG Esports in just the second round of the playoffs.

They finished the regular season of summer with a 10-6 record that saw Top finished fifth in the LPL standings. Considering how well the team plays in the lanes, especially mid and bot, they will be expecting a lot more in the spring of 2022.

Top Esports have retained the services of one of the best mid-bot layer pairs in the world in Knight and JackeyLove. These two will be responsible for the majority of kills inside Summoner’s Rift right through the season.

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