LPL 2022 Spring Split Picks Predictions, Betting Tips January 10

  • OMG start as massive favorites against TT Gaming
  • Royal Never Give Up start as tournament favorites
  • FunPlus Phoenix will have to deal with a void in Doinb’s absence

OMG vs TT Gaming

LPL 2022 Spring Split Picks

OMG vs TT Gaming Predictions

OMG performed better than expected in the summer season of the 2021 split in the LPL, winning 9 of 16 matches, with a map record of 19-18. The team has made slow but steady progress over the last few years, which has helped them to this position.

OMG will fancy their chances against a Thunder Talk Gaming team that is not at the same level, in terms of offensive proficiency. They could even win this matchup without losing a map but to lower your risk appetite, you could always simply back OMG to win.

TT Gaming finished the summer split last year in the penultimate position in the LPL standings. They managed to win just 2 of 16 matches with a map record of 8-28 at a win percentage of 22.

OMG Retain Core Roster

OMG have done well in the offseason to keep the core roster of 2021, including Cold, Aki and Crème. Their most impressive offensive player Able will continue to be a key figure considering his vital role in the bottom lane of Summoner’s Rift.

Able led the team in kills in summer of 2021 with 4.14 kills per map along with 4.68 assists at a KDA of 3.54. He even had a team-leading creep score of 284, which translated into a CSPM of over 9.

Crème led the team in efficiency, producing a KDA only marginally better than Able. Crème had a kill rate of 3.35 per map with 2.49 deaths and an assist rate of 5.97, which helped produce a KDA of 3.75. Aki will likely keep his spot as jungler but the team will be looking for additional firepower while flanking into team fights.

Several Personnel Changes for TT Gaming

TT Gaming have undergone a major change to their roster from the last split. That was understandable considering how poorly they performed through the entirety of summer.

TT Gaming will now have Puff in the bottom lane after his acquisition from Invictus Gaming. Puff played only four maps for Invictus last split but that volume of work will increase significantly in 2022 for an under-performing TT Gaming unit.

Captain, who played just two maps for TT Gaming in the summer of 2021, will pick up a vital position as mid laner. These are crucial factors considering how important these two positions are. A relatively inexperienced pair as mid and bot laner could spell trouble for TT Gaming in the first few games of the new season.

FunPlus Phoenix vs Royal Never Give Up Pick

FunPlus Phoenix vs Royal Never Give Up Predictions

One of the best games of the day on Monday, across esports, is a new-look FunPlus Phoenix team without their star mid laner against a team that will be desperate to perform to their lofty expectations this season.

FunPlus Phoenix finished the regular season of the summer split at the top of the standings with 13 wins in 16 matches. They won 28 of 39 maps at a win percentage of 72, highest in the summer season in the LPL.

Royal Never Give Up finished fourth in the LPL standings last season in summer with a 10-6 record. While that was not bad, they failed to perform to standard in a split they were widely expected to dominate.

FunPlus Without Doinb

While Lwx will continue to hone the bottom lane, FunPlus Phoenix will be without one of the best mid laners in the LPL after his move to LNG Esports. In his stead, Korean national Kori will handle the role of mid laner for FunPlus Phoenix this season.

That will certainly impact the total production for the team considering Doinb led FunPlus Phoenix in kills in summer with 4.79 per map. He had a kill participation rate of over 10 and a KDA of 6.39. Kori is a steady player but won’t be in the same league as that level of production from Doinb.

FunPlus Phoenix have other changes across their roster as well, including Clid in the jungle and Hang as support to Lwx. It will be interesting to see how the reigning runners-up of the LPL handle the spring split with a new-look roster.

Royal Never Give Up Start as Tournament Favorites

RNG were consistent through the course of 2021, across both the spring and summer splits, but they were unable to replicate those solid performances into a title-winning run. They were beaten 3-1 by LNG Esports in the third round of the playoffs in summer after finishing the regular season at a respectable fourth spot.

RNG will have a change in the top lane after Bin made the move from Suning. Bin averaged 3.67 kills and 4.19 assists as top laner for Suning in the summer of 2021. That kill production is relatively high for top laners, which is why RNG’s offensive core will be one to watch.

The rest of the core stays as it was in 2021, including Gala in the bottom lane and Xiaohu as mid laner. Gala averaged 4.15 kills and 5.28 assists while Xiaohu chipped in with 4.1 kills per map in summer last year.

These are numbers that confirm that RNG will be hard to beat in team fights. They even have the ability to flank into team fights, which will make them incredibly difficult to dislodge in the mid-game when both teams are desperate for neutral objectives, including the dragon and baron. Watch out for the efficiency of this RNG team in the mid and late game as this spring split progresses.

How to Watch LPL 2022 Spring Split

OMG vs TT Gaming, FunPlus Phoenix vs Royal Never Give Up Information
Teams OMG vs TT Gaming, FunPlus Phoenix vs Royal Never Give Up
Location Offline event, conducted in China
Time Monday, January 10 at 4.00 AM EST onwards
How to watch LPL official Twitch channel


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