LPL 2022 Spring Split Picks, Predictions, Odds For January 25

  • Ultra Prime will start their match against Invictus Gaming as favorites
  • TT Gaming are massive underdogs after losing all of their first five matches
  • Betty will be the bot laner that Anyone’s Legend look up to for lane kills

Ultra Prime vs Invictus Gaming Pick

Invictus Gaming to win a map (+180)

LPL Spring Split

Ultra Prime vs Invictus Gaming Predictions

Both of these teams have started the season with one win and three defeats. Ultra Prime have started with four map wins out of 11 while Invictus Gaming have begun with two map wins out of eight. Ultra Prime are now 12th in the standings while Invictus are just behind, presently at 13th in the LPL standings for spring.

Ultra Prime are going to have to work a lot to make any progress towards spots for the postseason. They do have a reliable roster but they have already struggled to close out tight games this season as evidenced from their map record.

Invictus Gaming have lost plenty of spirit in the last few splits. They, at one stage, were one of the best teams in the LPL around 2020 but the departure of several key players have completely turned that dynamic around. Still, Invictus Gaming have enough depth in their roster to at least win one map here, and take this match into a decisive third map.

Elk In Devastating Offensive Form

Elk has been Ultra Prime’s most proficient offensive player, and by a distance. He has produced returns of 5.73 kills with 2.73 deaths and 4.09 assists at a KDA of 3.6 and a creep score of 301.73. These are reliable metrics for one of the best bot laners in the LPL.

He has had some help from some others as well, including Cryin in the middle lane. He has generated 2.91 kills, 2.45 deaths and 5.45 assists per map at a KDA of 3.41 and a creep score of 265.55. Cryin’s continued excellence will go a long way for Ultra Prime.

Over in the top lane, Zs has been in steady form, at least from a kill participation standpoint. He has over two kills per map, which will hold him in good stead going forward. He has also chipped in with over four assists per map, which takes his KDA close to 2.5. That is not bad at all for a top laner of his standard.

Lack Of Firepower For Invictus Gaming

Jungler Xun has the second most kills for Invictus Gaming this season. That is as bright an indicator as any that Invictus are struggling for some offensive depth. The lanes are bare, the champions are not ganking quickly enough and that usually results in some one-sided team fights prior to the spawning of neutral objectives.

Xun has averaged 2.13 kills, 3 deaths and 3 assists per map at a KDA of 1.71. Top laner Neny has the best KDA, which also means he has the highest efficiency for his team, with returns of 1.25 kills, 2.13 deaths and 3.88 assists per map at a KDA of 2.41.

Over in the bottom lane, Xiaoyueji has returns of 2.33 kills, 2.83 deaths and 2.67 assists per map at a KDA of 1.76. He has the most kills but these are not exactly inspiring numbers, especially considering this is a bot laner. That position requires more kills than most others in a League of Legends roster.

Where Will The Match Be Won?

It is unsurprising that Ultra Prime are considered heavy favorite for this match. They have a deeper roster and more firepower in the lanes, which means that there are several mismatches in this game. If that continues, you can bet your bottom dollar that Invictus will struggle to keep up in team fights, which will result in some lopsided contests.

For Invictus to stand any chance in this game, it is imperative they find a way to win a few team fights. That is the only way they are able to pick up a few elemental dragons that could take them towards soul point. If they don’t, and they allow Ultra Prime to move in for dragon or baron kills, this match is done quicker than many would expect.

Ultra Prime will likely own the kill matchup but Invictus could potentially catch them short if they are too aggressive. A baron steal in League of Legends changes many games but they need to be able to put themselves in a position to be able to achieve that.

TT Gaming vs Anyone’s Legend Pick

Anyone’s Legend (-300)

TT Gaming vs Anyone’s Legend Predictions

TT Gaming are not going to enjoy the rest of this split. Far from it. That is usually the outcome when a team loses five in five to start a new season. TT Gaming are currently languishing at the bottom of the table, bereft of any confidence of momentum that is usually a requisite in pro League of Legends.

Anyone’s Legend started the season with a win but have lost four straight matches thereafter to move down the table, presently to 14th on the LPL standings. There is plenty of work still to be done but this team can certainly beat their next opponents.

The odds for a win for Anyone’s Legend are not too bad, which makes them a strong contender for this match on Tuesday. TT Gaming have won just 1 of 11 maps so far in spring. And even though they could potentially win another, it seems unlikely, which leaves Anyone’s Legend as the team to back in this one.

Puff Needs Help Quickly

Puff has been steady in the bottom lane but he has not received the help he needs to change solid returns into something usable. So far, he has generated 2.73 kills, 3.09 deaths and 2.73 assists per map at a KDA of 1.76 and a decent creep score of 295.64.

These are not efficient numbers but his performance is not down to just him. He needs plenty of help from his peers, and support in the bottom lane in order to create better chances to manufacture a kill or two in the bottom lane.

In the middle lane, Captain has averaged returns of 2 kills, 2.27 deaths and 2.73 assists per map at a KDA of 2.08 along with a creep score of 237.18. These are also decent numbers but these returns are unlikely to create much of a dent in the LPL, especially in a league as quick as this. TT Gaming need a lot more, and quickly in order to stand a chance.

Betty In Prolific Form

Betty has been in stellar offensive form in the bottom lane, producing returns of 4.08 kills, 2.08 deaths and 4.83 assists per map at a KDA of 4.28 and a creep score of 290.58. These are excellent numbers but these would mean even more depth if Betty had help in the middle and top lane, which is currently missing.

Xiaohao has done well as the jungler, flanking into team fights well, and has generated 2.25 kills with 3.42 deaths and 5.33 assists per map at a KDA of 2.22 along with a creep score of 172.42. As a jungler, you will take these kill participation numbers.

The top lane has also generated solid returns for Anyone’s Legend, particularly with Zdz, who has managed 2.42 kills, 3.08 deaths and 3.83 assists per map at a KDA of 2.03 along with a creep score of 261.58. Not too bad for a top laner but these are also indicative that Anyone’s Legend should be doing a lot better overall in the lanes.

Where Will The Match Be Won?

This will be a battle between Puff and Betty. The battle of the bottom lane. The battle of which bot laner can provide more kills or even better kill participation, could eventually decide how this match pans out.

Anyone’s Legend seems to have a bit more spirit and strength across the other lanes, which is another avenue where this game could be decided. If the middle lane is protected well by Anyone’s Legend, it is hard to see TT Gaming have any chance at all.

Their only real chance is if Puff uses his previous experience to dominate team fights, which will then help his team pick up a few neutral objectives, which will be imperative in their defense and the ultimate taking out of the enemy nexus. Don’t hold your breath though.

How to Watch LPL 2022 Spring Split

LPL Spring Split Information
Teams Ultra Prime vs Invictus Gaming, TT Gaming vs Anyone’s Legend
Location Offline event, conducted in China (LPL)
Time Tuesday, January 25 at 4.00 AM EST onwards
How to watch LPL official Twitch channel


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