LPL And LCK 2022 Spring Split Picks, Predictions, Odds January 15

  • Edward Gaming, LNG Esports start as massive favorites in their LPL games
  • Nongshim Redforce still searching for their first win of the season
  • Kwangdong Freecs, KT Rolster involved in even money LCK matchup

TT Gaming vs Edward Gaming Pick

Edward Gaming to Win

LPL And LCK January 15

TT Gaming vs Edward Gaming Predictions

There is a massive mismatch in this contest with the reigning champions of the world Edward Gaming facing one of the worst teams in the LPL, in Thunder Talk Gaming. That mismatch should reflect in a comfortable win for Edward Gaming here.

TT Gaming have begun with two straight defeats in the spring split. They were beaten in straight maps in both of those matches as they failed to find any fluency or momentum right through this split. That lack of confidence will likely continue well into this season, at least for the foreseeable future.

Edward Gaming are going to be hard to beat as you would expect from the champions of the world. They are one of the best teams in the lanes, with sufficient offensive proficiency to stay consistent and successful ahead of team fights. As a result, backing them to win 2-0 makes a lot of sense.

TT Gaming Start With Two Defeats

It will come as no surprise to many that TT Gaming have started the new split with straight defeats. They simply do not have the strength and skill in order to be able to challenge the best teams in the LPL on a regular basis. And that is also the case for their upcoming game against Edward Gaming, one of the best in the world.

TT Gaming have relied on Frigid for some offensive propensity, but he has averaged just 2 kills per map. Still, he is leading the kills for TT Gaming with 2. That is how much the team has struggled in the lanes this season for any level of offensive depth.

Captain has the best KDA in his team, with 1.75 kills, 1.5 deaths and 2 assists per map, which has lifted his KDA to a respectable 2.5. He also has a creep score of 224. However, he will need plenty of help from other resources as well in order to stand a chance against this Edward Gaming, not to win a match but also to attempt to win a map.

Edward Gaming The Best In The LPL?

Edward Gaming started their new split in typical fashion, with a resounding win against JD Gaming. This is an important season for Edward Gaming to show the rest of the circuit that their excellent 2021 campaign can be sustained in the new year. If they can do that, they make a serious bid for the Worlds title again later this year.

Edward Gaming were simply stunning in the lanes in their previous match, particularly with four of their five players, apart from the support player. Flandre produced 5 kills, 1.5 deaths and 11 assists at a KDA of 10.67. Scout was simply stunning in that opening fixture. He managed 5 kills, 0.5 deaths and 13.5 assists at a sterling KDA of 37 with a creep score of 249.

If Edward Gaming can maintain this level of offensive proficiency, then there will be no team that can catch up with this skill in the lanes. I would be expecting Edward Gaming to be comfortably too strong for TT Gaming, who are short of confidence in this contest.

LNG Esports vs Rare Atom Pick

LNG Esports (moneyline)

LNG Esports vs Rare Atom Predictions

LNG Esports have built a roster that can seriously challenge the might of the other teams in this LPL split. At least based on the evidence from their opening match against Ultra Prime, LNG Esports will be hard to beat in this contest as well.

Rare Atom will be inspired with plenty of confidence and momentum after their opening win, against Top Esports, one of the better teams in the LPL. Rare Atom will have the chance to make it two upsets in two when they face LNG Esports on Saturday in the LPL.

Now, remember, most betting decisions in esports can only be made on the information presented to us. That data points to LNG Esports as overwhelming favorites in this contest, they have the skill, the depth, the ability and much more, which should help them rack up another dominant performance here against Rare Atom.

LNG Esports Begin With Aplomb

LNG Esports did not have much trouble in beating Ultra Prime in their split opener. They cruised to the win without dropping a map, which should set the tone for the rest of the season, especially with a much deeper, stronger roster.

Doinb started play for his new franchise in strong fashion, producing 2 kills, 2.5 deaths, 8 assists per game at a KDA of 4 and a creep score of 243. Two other players – Light and Tarzan – produced a stellar return for the team. If that can continue, then LNG Esports should make a serious bid for the title.

In their previous game, Light managed 6.5 kills, 2 deaths and 8 assists per game with a KDA of 7.25 and a creep score of 299. Tarzan was not too far behind either, with returns of 5 kills, 1.5 deaths and 11 assists with a KDA of 10.67. That kill participation rate will be hard to match for almost any other player in this split as evidenced from the opening game.

Rare Atom Upset Top In Opener

Beating Top Esports can be tricky because they are so aggressive. As a result, teams have to find a way past that aggression because in a battle between two fiery teams, then the offense of Top almost always wins out. That is why it was a stellar result for Rare Atom to beat Top, especially in straight maps in a 2-0 result.

In that match, Rare Atom found a way to beat Top with concerted, methodical offense without being too flashy. That passive manner can often be problematic but Rare Atom dominated that in their previous match, led by iBoy, who created returns of 4.5 kills, 1.5 deaths and 5 assists at a KDA of 6.33 along with a creep score of 328.5.

Rare Atom also got plentiful production from Strive, who had 4 kills, 2.5 deaths along with 5.5 assists per map and a KDA of 3.8. These are not sensational returns, not by any means, but its consistency and steady nature can often dominate the LPL.

Nongshim Redforce vs Liiv Sandbox Pick

Nongshim Redforce (moneyline)

Nongshim Redforce vs Liiv Sandbox Predictions

Nongshim Redforce were beaten in their 2022 spring split opener as they could not stay abreast with Hanwha Life Esports in a tense third map. That ensured that Nongshim Redforce, who were expected to make a major splash in the spring this year, have started the new year with a surprising defeat.

Liiv Sandbox are no pushovers. That they proved in their season opener with a quality 2-0 win against DRX, a team that can often be hard to break down in the lanes because of their preference for slow, methodical action in Summoner’s Rift.

Nongshim Redforce will be desperate to return to winning ways in this game as they aim to find newer heights after a change in their roster for the new split. They should have enough to win this match, maybe in the third map.

Bdd, Canna Start Slowly

There will be a lot expected by Nongshim this season as they make subtle improvements in order to attempt to improve on their recent record. Bdd and Canna will be a bit part of that, which is why they were drafted in to this line up.

Their start did not go as planned though. Bdd was killed an average of 3.67 times per map. From an offensive standpoint, he managed 2.33 kills along with 4.33 assists per map but he could only manage a KDA of 1.82. Canna was not much better in that opening match, producing returns of 3.33 kills per map with 3 deaths and 4 assists with a KDA of 2.44.

Ghost and Effort also had a KDA of slightly over two, which is not good enough. Overall, the team was only about five on ten in terms of marks for rising to the occasion. Expect them to find their feet rather quickly as this season progresses, though.

Clozer Closes For Liiv Sandbox

Clozer helped Liiv Sandbox find their feet quickly in this split as he led the team in kills, with 4.5 per map. He also chipped in with 4.5 assists to carry his KDA to 18 with a creep score of 338 and a CSPM of 9.51. Terrific returns for a solid player.

Sandbox were also aided by several other players performing as well, especially by Dove, who managed returns of 4 kills, 0.5 deaths and 6 assists per map with a KDA of 20, along with a creep score of 344.5 and a CSPM of 9.69.

If Liiv Sandbox’s players continue this impressive beginning in their next few games, they could be set for a much deeper run in the postseason. Although that is a long way to go, you never know in this season.

Kwangdong Freecs vs KT Rolster Pick

Kwangdong Freecs (moneyline)

Kwangdong Freecs vs KT Rolster Predictions

Kwangdong Freecs and KT Rolster were both beaten in their first match of the new split. Kwangdong Freecs were beaten by the superior T1, while KT Rolster were taken down by the best team in the LCK in Damwon Gaming. Both teams were beaten in straight maps.

Kwangdong Freecs have a slightly deeper roster in this split, which may just help them close out tight games, like this one. Both teams have several factors in their play, which lends itself to an even money matchup in the eyes of sportsbook traders. That is fair, but I would still back Kwangdong Freecs to win this match, maybe over the course of three maps.

You could also go the other way and simply back both teams to win at least one map. You will get high odds for this match to go to a decisive third map. If you are looking for an alternative to the match winner market, the total maps market is the one to choose.

No Offensive Bite For Kwangdong Freecs In Opener

Kwangdong Freecs simply lacked the depth in the lanes to make a difference by the end of the match. Not even one player managed a kill rate of over two per map, which will always be problematic in a league like this one.

Two players, Fate and Teddy, were the only members of the Kwangdong Freecs team to manage two kills, at least, per map. Both players averaged exactly two kills per map, which is simply not good enough at this stage of the season.

That is untenable in the LCK. That style may work in a league like the LPL because teams can be caught out on the counter attack, but in the LCK where teams prefer slow, methodical approaches to Summoner’s Rift, this will certainly be an issue.

KT Rolster Need Aiming To Step Up

Aiming averaged two kills per map in the opening match, which KT Rolster lost 2-0 to Damwon Gaming. It is not bad for the team to get that DWG contest out of their way because they can now focus on teams within their reach as the LCK gains traction. However, they will need their bot laner to help out with an increased kill production rate per map.

While Aiming’s kill rate was low, he had a high-efficiency rate. In fact, his KDA was 4.5 with a creep score of 322. None of his colleagues had much penetration in the lanes, which results in quicker and more frequent deaths. That is another persistent problem for KT Rolster.

How to Watch LPL and LCK 2022 Spring Split

LPL And LCK 2022 Spring Split Information
Teams LPL: TT Gaming vs Edward Gaming, LNG Esports vs Rare Atom

LCK: Nongshim RedForce vs Liiv Sandbox, Kwangdong vs KT Rolster

Location Offline event, conducted in China (LPL) and Korea (LCK)
Time Friday, January 15 at 3.00 AM EST onwards
How to watch LPL official Twitch channel
LCK official Twitch channel

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