LPL And LCK Spring Split Picks, Predictions, Odds March 17

  • T1 will be looking for their 17th straight win in the LCK
  • DRX will face DWG Kia in a hot matchup considering DRX are third
  • JD Gaming should be a decent pick, from a value standpoint, against Rare Atom

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LPL And LCK Spring Split Picks March 17

Rare Atom vs JD Gaming Pick

Pick: JD Gaming (moneyline)

Rare Atom vs JD Gaming Predictions

Sporting success isn’t built on freakish performances. It is built over periods of consistency and perseverance. Ask JD Gaming, who until two weeks ago were sinking faster than they could’ve imagined.

Ten games into the LPL 2022 Spring Split, they were searching for answers, struggling to cobble up a winning combination and riddled with self-doubts. Sure, they had five wins of varying degrees of comfort, but the five losses threatened to derail their campaign to the extent that a playoff berth seemed nearly impossible, even if they were mathematically not out of it.

JD Gaming Exceed Own Expectations

On logic, you wouldn’t have bet against JD making it that far. Yet, here they are, among the frontrunners to seal a top-six berth two weeks later.

They are on an unbeaten four-match streak that currently has them on a favorable 9-5 record at joint fifth. It’s still not a done deal, but their good deeds lately have lifted their morale and confidence to go for the jugular.

Rare Atom’s Comeback From The Dead

Rare Atom are three spots down at eighth, with an 8-6 record. On paper, it’s just one win fewer than JD, and that there is a logjam in the mid-table helps their cause. They’re very much in contention for the top six, but need winning momentum and that needs to start right about now.

On the face of it, this is a contest between two sides up for a good arm wrestle, looking to force their way in after an up-and-down season. The team that holds its nerve and has clear plans and capability to counter the unexpected twists this game can throw up will come out trumps. On form, you’d think JD are better placed out of the two sides.

Rare Atom started the season with a 1-5 record. But even with this poor start, they found a second wave of confidence and team play. They’ve put together a string of wins to get to where they are. They’ve ridden on iBoy’s offensive proficiency. The bot laner lands 3.18 kills, 2.44 deaths and 4.65 assists, along with a KDA of 3.2 and creep score of 307.12. Based on how they’ve performed so far, it’s safe to say no team can take them lightly.

Team WE vs TT Pick

Pick: Team WE (moneyline)

Team WE vs TT Gaming Predictions

What can Team WE possibly be telling themselves? Are they looking back at a season of missed opportunities or are they looking at their two back-to-back wins that has given them some hope going forward?

Either way, being 16th in a 17-team pool means you’ve had a shocking season. It’s up to the team to channel the disappointment positively as they build towards the rest of the year.

TT Gaming’s Record To Forget

TT Gaming is even further down. Currently with the wooden spoon, TT are on a four-game losing streak that they would want to reverse.

With three games left, all ones that don’t hold out hopes of upsets, they will see this game as their best chance to record their third win of the Spring Split.

All said, the odds are against TT Gaming, but given where these two sides are, you wouldn’t be able to bravely decide a winner here.

WE boosted by win over RNG

Nothing boosts confidence as much as a well-oiled win against a top team.

WE certainly got that against RNG, when they won by a comfortable 2-0 margin. The first game was a fight for supremacy early on with both teams battling it out for an early gold lead, but as it went on, WE seized the initiative and eventually finished with 54.2k gold to RNG’ 45.

They also landed 16 kills to RNG’s 4 to completely dominate proceedings. Xiye led the way with 9 kills, 0 deaths and 4 assists while Xing landed 5 kills and 6 assists. Yet for all their effectiveness, the performance of the game was from Kedaya, who landed 13 assists to round off a comfortable win in game-1.

A similar tempo played out in game two with Xing and Kedaya dominating once again. Can they sustain this dominance going forward?

When TT set Twitter Abuzz

TT Gaming need to look as far back as two weeks ago for inspiration. Their win over FunPlus Phoenix was so out of the blue that it had LPL twitter abuzz.

For ThunderTalk, who sat at a 1-9 record at that point, they had just pride to play off to avoid being last. FPX were in a must-win to keep playoff aspirations alive. TT are last as it turns out presently, but the win in itself isn’t to be scoffed at.

DRX vs DWG Kia Pick

Pick: DWG Kia (moneyline)

DRX vs DWG KIA Predictions

A clash of the top half of the table, this one pits No. 3 vs No. 4. DRX has a slightly superior 11-5 win-loss record that could’ve been far worse.

Two weeks ago, they had more questions than answers, but in winning four on the bounce, they’ve separated themselves from mid-table clutter and are virtually through to the playoffs.

DWG KIA are one position lower at fourth, having won 10 and lost six. They are also through. So both sides have a great opportunity to play with freedom, without thoughts of playoffs hampering them. When a milestone is around the corner, teams tend to border on the conservative.

Now that one of the goals has been ticked off, it is a chance for both sides to exhibit their aggressive styles. The odds are against DRX even though they are a spot higher only because DWG KIA have shown over the course of the last eight weeks that they can be giant killers on their day.

That said this is as close a battle as it can get.

DRX Don’t Want To Chance Fate Against T1

DRX entered week eight having won two on the bounce. At the end of it, they’ve managed to double that winning score line and are on a streak that could potentially turn out to be dangerous for teams above them.

DRX have channelled their loss to Gen G by going back to the style of play that suits them and have come out trumps against KFD and Nongshim RedForce, who they beat 2-0. DRX have a great opportunity to seal their playoff berth here. They wouldn’t want to leave it to the very last game of the season against toppers T1, who are on a bull run of 16 straight wins.

DWG KIA The Giant Killers

Not long ago, they stopped Kwangdong Freecs in their tracks. They ended their four-game run with some sensational offensive play that caught the opponent off guard. Yes, midway through the result may haven’t been much of a surprise given Freecs were placed last for a long time.

But Freecs have taken the tournament by storm. Which makes DWG KIA’s result all the more outstanding. Deokdam has been their key showman. The Koran bot laner averages 4.26 kills, 1.55 deaths and 4.05 assists along with a KDA of 5.36 and creep score of 339.37. The key to finding a way out against some terrific bot lane proficiency is to get past him.

Kwangdong Freecs vs Hanwha Life Esports Pick

Pick: Kwangdong Freecs (moneyline)

Kwangdong Freecs vs Hanwha Life Esports Predictions

An inconsistent season threatens to end in massive disappointment for Kwangdong Freecs despite their spurts of brilliance.

They’re positioned seventh and it does no justice to the kind of team they are. The points table says they have six wins and 10 losses but the reality is they are a much better team than that.

This is what they will want to prove against Hanwha Life Esports, who have had issues of their own and are languishing at the bottom of the pile with 3 wins and 13 losses. They are on a six-match losing streak to boot, and it’s going to be a gap too big for them to bridge.

So expect Kwangdong Freecs to break their three-match losing streak right here. The playoffs may or may not happen, but they can most certainly build towards the summer split by ending well here.

T1 vs Liiv SANDBOX Pick

Pick: T1 (moneyline)

T1 vs Liiv SANDBOX Predictions

Few teams have shown the kind of domination like T1 have this spring split. It’s not like they have had a smooth ride. They have even challenged, there have been pockets where they have struggled. This is where the better teams find a way out, and T1 certainly has. One more win and they will go through an entire split undefeated.

In a closely competitive format, where one lost game could quickly turn the tide against you, T1 have defied everything that has been thrown at them. They are the unstoppable force going up against a team that has the capability of being intimidated by T1’s very sight.

Liiv SANDBOX are ninth and are in serious danger of finishing with the wooden spoon with two games left. They couldn’t have asked for a tougher draw going into the final week. A 4-12 record shows exposed their struggle. There is every possibility their losing streak could stretch to six games here.

How to Watch LPL and LCK 2022 Spring Split

LPL And LCK 2022 Spring Split Information
Teams LPL: Team WE vs TT, Rare Atom vs JD Gaming
LCK: T1 vs Liiv Sandbox, DRX vs DWG Kia
Location Offline event, conducted in China (LPL) and Korea (LCK)
Time Thursday, March 17 at 2.00 AM EST onwards
How to watch LPL official Twitch channel
LCK official Twitch channel

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