LPL And LCK 2022 Spring Split Picks, Predictions, Odds January 22

  • Team WE will face a hard task in keeping LNG Esports out of their base
  • FunPlus Phoenix should continue their impressive start against JD Gaming
  • Reigning champions Edward Gaming expected to cruise through in LPL

Team WE vs LNG Esports Pick

LNG Esports (moneyline)

LPL And LCK 2022 January 22

Team WE vs LNG Esports Predictions

It is a contest of contrasts. LNG Esports are on an all win record in their first three matches; Team WE are yet to notch up a win in three outings. Therefore, when they clash on Saturday, one of their streaks will be broken. With each side playing the other 16 in the field, these are still early days in the competition. But it is all the more important for Team WE to get on a roll and do so quickly, for another deflating loss could potentially leave them with an uphill climb.

What Happened In Their Recent Outing

Team WE lost comprehensively to Top Esports by a 2-1 margin. WE managed six kills to their opponent’s 13, while also surrounding just three towers even as their opponents captured 10 towers. Top Esports also managed to collect nearly 9000 more gold units as compared to WE. Shanks was their best player on show with three kills and as many assists, along with a creep score of 232. They will need the others to fire in unison if they are to challenge for victory.

LNG are coming off a comprehensive win over laggards Invictus, who have flattered to deceive. Prior to that, they beat Vici and eStar by margins of 2-1 and 2-0 respectively. Of pertinence, though, is how they fared in their most recent outing. LNG managed to double the kills of their opponents Invictus, while capturing eight towers to Invictus’ six.

Light played the aggressor, effecting as many as seven kills along with four assists, while LvMao played support cast to perfection, effecting as many as nine assists, the joint-highest in the match.

Shanks Holds the Key for WE

In League of Legends, the bottom lane is where one can effect maximum kills, and for WE, Shanks will be key if they’re to bounce back. His overall record, apart from recent form, is also quite impressive. So far he has returned 2.75 kills, 1.13 deaths and 5.25 assists with a KDA of 7.11 and a creep score of 287.88. Over in the middle lane, View has found his bearings, producing 2.5 kills on an average, but worryingly has also conceded the same number of deaths.

His assists rate of 4.75 points to the ability to also seamlessly switch into the role of a support cast if required. Both these players will be imperative to Team WE’s success and in their quest to make winning a habit going forward. If they can continue to remain aggressive, it could help WE get onto a bit of a roll.

The Doinb Factor

All said, in Doinb, favorites LNG have a trump card. His kill rate of 3.57 is the best among the current lot. This along with his death rate of 1.71 and assists of 6.71 makes him a key player in the bottom lane. His creep score of 303.43 is second-best to Light, whose value stands at an impressive 322.14.

Light also is their best offensive player, with a kill rate of 5 and an assist of 7. These are mind boggling numbers. It is very likely WE would spend much of their time in the build-up formulating strategies to stop this marauding duo.

JD Gaming vs FunPlus Phoenix Pick

FunPlus Phoenix (moneyline)

JD Gaming vs FunPlus Phoenix Predictions

FunPlus Phoenix are flying high, having made a roaring start. They have notched up three dominating wins and carry with them the promise of more. JD Gaming are coming off one win and two losses, which currently puts them in the 11th spot out of 17th. But another win can easily vault them into the top eight. In any case, it is too early to be worried about the points table.

Phoenix’s Quest To Go One Better

Phoenix have the strength and a line-up to be able to challenge the rest of the pack, as long as they can maintain their level of quality and form presently. What JD will take heart from is the fact that they have gone down fighting in their losses, and not been blown away. But yes, you can’t by any means call them the favourites. Overall, if they plan and execute like they are known to, Phoenix can be punted on to extend their winning run after this clash. They could be a tad too strong for JD, despite their potential.

JD will be encouraged by their win over LGD, though, where they were pushed to a corner but found strength to comeback from the dead. In terms of golds, both sides were neck and neck. They were even stevens on kills too at one stage before aJD nicked it 18:13. They also managed to capture eight towers, two more than their opponents.

On the other side, FunPlus Phoenix, who finished second in LPL Spring and Summer Split in 2021, endured a poor Worlds campaign, where they were ousted in the group stages despite being favourites. What FunPlus Phoenix have done well is they have a rich history of promoting talent from the academy to the main squad. Now having started well, it is for them to prove they can sustain this momentum and go one better than last year.

Yagao And Hope JD’s Best Bet

Yagao has a win percentage of 42.9 across seven maps. He effects 2.86 kills, 2.17 deaths along with 5.29 assists. His creep score of 283.57 is impressive, even if not the best. In Hope, they have a younger player with an experience of just two maps, but early in his career, he has already given glimpses of how aggressive he can be.

He averages 8.5 kills along with 0.5 deaths and 10 assists. These are mind boggling stats for a player. His creep score of 433.5, albeit after just two games, is the best in the field. Having laid down an early marker, can he continue his glorious run of form to turn around his team’s fortunes?

The Phoenix Trump Cards

FunPlus Phoenix will hinge their bets on Gori and Lwx. In the bottom lane, gori has been steady, leading the offensive production for his team with steady kill rate of 3.14, along with 2.14 deaths and 5.71 assists. His creep score stands at 282.86.

Next in line, in terms of offensive production, is mid laner xiaolaohu, who has been one of the most effective players for the side. He has returned 4.57 kills, 1.86 deaths and 3.86 assists with a KDA of 4.54 and a creep score of 318.86. These two have been responsible for the side’s offensive play this season. Their fans would want to long continue.

Oh My God vs Edward Gaming Pick

Edward Gaming (moneyline)

Oh My God vs Edward Gaming Predictions

OMG would have been perched at the top of the table by now, if not for a minor blip against Bilibili Gaming. That said, they are still pretty well placed after four matches. Edward Gaming, their opponents, instead top the table right now but having played one game fewer.

This is a clash right out of the top drawer, as a fan or as a prediction expert, these are the games that will leave you at the edge of your seats, making you chew your fingernails and chip away at them rigorously, depending on how much is at stake on the money front. OMG are obviously the side that will give you big returns if you are willing to take a bit of risk. If you’re the steady kinds who likes to pocket little more than you place, Edward Gaming is your safe bet. This is a contest for all – the adventurous, the conservative – you name it.

JieJie’s Golden Form

Jiejie has been in solid offensive form in this new split, averaging 4.14 kills, 1.71 deaths and 8.14 assists per map at a KDA of 7.17. His creep score of 163.29 is a tad low, and not entirely reflective of his proficiency across lanes. He will need to continue this level of dominance as the split progresses for Edward to continue leading the pack.

He has excellent support from Meiko, who is a smart operator. He has provided returns of just 0.71 kills, which ain’t to say he can’t be a match-winner. One look at his assists of 11.29 tells you why he’s vital to the set up. No other player at Edward has a higher assist rate than this. All these three players will need to sustain their form so far to help maintain their run at the top as bigger battles lie ahead.

Able and Creme Fight Fire With Fire

OMG have Able and Creme, who can fight fire with fire. Able has a kill rate of 4.78, while Creme does slightly better with 5.56. Able averages 2.67 deaths and 6.78 assists, while Creme averages 2 deaths and 6.22 assists. What OMG have been blessed with is versatile players capable of switching seamlessly across lanes, between aggression and defence.

They will need to watch out for Edward though, as they have been blessed with terrific production from several avenues across their last few maps. And all these point to why they hold the edge, even if on paper, this is a clash of equals.

DWG Kia vs Fredit Brion Pick

DWG Kia (moneyline)

DWG Kia vs Fredit Brion Predictions

On paper, this should be a pulsating contest – both sides have one win and two losses to lie at joint-seventh in the 10 team pool. However, Fredit BRION have quite a staggering number next to their odds, which means those who bet on them will stand to make a killing should they pull off a mighty upset. How do the numbers stack up against them? Let’s have a look if the numbers add up.

FREDIT have just one player with a kill rate of over 2. Lava’s 3.13 makes him one of their most proficient offensive players who plays in the bottom lane. And his numbers back why he should continue to marshall that lane. He has a death rate of 2, assist of 3.74 and a mighty fine creep score of 354.75. Over in the middle lane, they will be banking on Hena’s skills, even if his numbers may be a little underwhelming currently. He has a kill rate of 2, death rate of 2.25 and assist of 5, along with a KDA of 3.11 and creep score of 365.13.

It is testament to Hena’s ability that he has found impressive strength and has managed to retain his proficiency despite averaging more deaths than kills. These two players will be key for FREDIT if they are to challenge to remain in the top half of the table.

DWG KIA’s Show-Stopper

Deokdam. Remember the name. His kill rate off 5.25 is the best among all players competing in the match. His death rate, half that value, at 2.38 along with assist of 4.38 points to his efficiency and the ability to sift through lanes while maintaining his proficiency in both attack and defence.

These have also contributed to a mighty fine KDA of 4.05 and a creep score of 330.75. In ShowMaker, they have another blockbuster player with the ability to stand tall when challenged. His kill rate of 3.25 is second best for the side. He has a death rate of 1.38 along with an assist of 5.5. His creep score of 342.25 is the best for the team. When you have sets of two players on either side with formidable numbers, you have a recipe for a thrilling contest. Now for the contest to live up to its billing.

How to Watch LPL and LCK 2022 Spring Split

LPL And LCK 2022 Spring Split Information
Teams LPL: OMG vs Edward Gaming, JD vs FunPlus, Team WE v LNG Esports
LCK: DWG Kia vs Fredit Brion, Gen G vs Hanwha Life Esports
Location Offline event, conducted in China (LPL) and Korea (LCK)
Time Saturday, January 21 at 2.00 AM EST onwards
How to watch LPL official Twitch channel
LCK official Twitch channel


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