LPL Summer Split Picks, Predictions, Odds June 11-12

  • JD Gaming and Top Esports will be a blockbuster fixture between two strong units
  • LNG Esports will be looking to continue their impressive run of form
  • Rare Atom should be a reliable betting pick for this weekend

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LPL Summer 2022

Anyones Legend vs Rare Atom Picks

Rare Atom

Anyones Legend vs Rare Atom Predictions

Clash of Two Teams With Much to Prove

Day Two of the LPL 2022 Summer Split kicks off with a clash between Anyones Legend and Rare Atom. On the face of it, this is a match-up that pits two struggling teams up against each other. This isn’t that blockbuster Saturday clash that will probably make people leave everything else to tune in. That said, when two imperfect teams clash, you’re almost always guaranteed an exciting game. So expect the game to have its usuals share of twists and turns, with Rare Atom holding a slight edge by virtue of a better performance in the Spring Split.

Rare Atom finished ninth in the 17-team pool with eight wins and as many losses. Anyones Legend were slightly off the pace to begin with, and then they had a sensational fall in the middle before they managed to cobble up five wins in all out of 18.

This meant they ended the spring split in 13th place. As such, both teams have plenty of work to do if they are to finish within playoff contention, and Saturday will be a good test of how far they’ve come as a team over the past couple of months.

Harder Makes LPL Entry for Anyone’s Legend; Rare Atom Unchanged

Anyones Legend have one change in their roster, with Harder coming into the mid-lane in place of Forge. Harder comes in following consistent performances for the academy team during the spring season.

Rare Atom have resisted the temptation to make too many changes. We don’t know yet if that’s by accident or design. Junjia is back with Edward Gaming; Leyan remains the starting jungler for the team for now. Rest of the line-up is the same from the spring split.

JD Gaming vs Top Esports Pick

Top Esports

JD Gaming vs Top Esports Predictions

Too Close to Call

For the longest time, JD Gaming were in the running to take the top spot at the LPL 2022 Spring Split. They endured a slight bump towards the halfway mark, losing a bit of momentum to slip up into the mid-table. Then they gathered steam to go on a bull run of six consecutive wins to bounce back and finish third with a 11-5 record, just one win off second-placed RNG.

Top Esports traversed a similar path for much of the split, except their losses came towards the back end. Finally, two straight wins helped them finish fifth and remain within playoff contention along with Weibo Gaming. So in terms of recent results, there really isn’t much to choose between the two sides.

If any, it’s the experience of having players who have won titles and been part of winning setups that makes Top Esports the slight favourites in this match. That said, you’re really not going to be making an outlandish pick if you were to punt on JD Gaming as well.

Zoom’s Exit Unlikely to Affect Top Esports

JD Gaming aren’t making too many roster changes, and it’s understandable too. They want to build on their spring finish. It’s a good way to reward players for their performances. ADC Lpc, they feel will benefit from gaining more experience and regain some form, which means he heads back into the academy roster.

Hope will be the ADC for the moment. Top esports have had to grapple with a senior player leaving for greener pastures, or so they believe. Zoom has left the side to join Ultra Prime in what is their only change for the moment. This however shouldn’t make much of a difference to their chances, because Wayward has been starting for a majority of the time in recent memory. So Zoom’s impact is unlikely to cause much headache at the moment.

Ultra Prime vs Oh My God Pick

Ultra Prime

Ultra Prime vs Oh My God Predictions

Close Contest Between Two Struggling Outfits

On paper, this is a clash between two bottom-half teams looking to make the upward move, however challenging it may be. Ultra Prime finished with more than twice the number of losses. They ended 12th in the spring split with a 5-11 win-loss ratio, and three straight losses to close out the season. Oh My God fared only marginally better, finishing with one win more; thereby ending with 6 wins and 10 losses, including three in a row at the fag end of the season.

So in terms of form, there is little to say which team has the advantage. It’s one again a super close game on the cards, and a match between two faltering teams is likely to encounter several twists and turns that are likely to keep you hooked whichever way you choose to go. For the record, the punters have predicted Ultra Prime to make a winning start, but Oh My God are more than capable of throwing a spanner or two in their works. Let’s put it this way: if Oh My God wins, it ain’t going to be termed a massive upset. It’s that close.

Oh My God Cast Net Far and Wide for Results

As mentioned above, Ultra Prime welcomes Zoom into their fold as he leaves Top Esports. This may not seem like one of those massive signings given Zoom has had to contend with the frustration of being on the bench for a while despite being a senior player. However, if it can channel his hurt to go better and prove a point to his former team, Ultra Prime will more than feel happy. This is Zoom’s opportunity to vault the side into playoff contention.

Oh my God have signed 0909 from Edward Gaming’s academy roster – a testimony to their off-season scouting and how far and wide they’ve cast their net to sign some promising talent. They have also signed Jerry from Victory Five’s academy team. Both of them have had superb results in the spring and have a great opportunity to now showcase their worth on the big stage of the LPL.

LNG Esports vs Bilibili Gaming Picks

LNG Esports

LNG Esports vs Bilibili Gaming Predictions

With better luck, LNG Esports could’ve easily finished top of the pile, but for a slight momentum swing in the second half. They recovered well to post three successive wins to record a 11-5 win-loss ratio that put them at par with three other sides that made the playoffs., LNG finished fourth overall. Bilibili Gaming just missed out on the playoffs, but ended with more wins than losses, if that’s any consolation.

Overall, they were 9-7 at the end of the split, and just two wins off the pace to enter the top six. So coming into the summer split, there is plenty to prove for both sides. LNG want to show they’re championship winning material, Bilibili want to be certainties to the playoffs. So two sides with two different objectives enter the season looking to make a fresh start. LNG by virtue of finishing higher in the table started off as favourites for this one.

The Big Bin Signing

Being true to their philosophy of not wanting to fix something that ain’t broken, LNG haven’t made any roster changes as they’re looking to build from their spring split performances. Ale sticks to the top lane, Tarzan will be the jungler, Doinb mans the mid-lane, Light on the ADC and LvMao as support – this is a formidable squad that they’ve put together.

BiliBili have some changes. Despite winning MSI 2022, Bin has been swapped with Breathe for the summer split in what seemed like an unexpected announcement. Bilibili Gaming wanted Bin from as early as the winter, but Weibo were far from willing to let him go. RNG wanted Breathe but Team WE didn’t want to let him go. So this has been a massive turn of events heading into the summer. Given the way Bin performed at MSI, it’ll be a terrific signing for Bilibili Gaming.

How to Watch LPL Summer 2022

LPL Summer 2022 Information
Teams LNG Esports vs Bilibili Gaming, Ultra Prime vs Oh My God, JD Gaming vs Top Esports, Anyones Legend vs Rare Atom
Location Conducted in China
Time Saturday, June 11 at 4 AM ET onwards
How to watch Official Twitch channel

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