OB Neon vs Invictus Gaming Huya Dota2 Winter Invitational Picks, Predictions, Odds

  • Emo will be the Invictus’ killing weapon
  • The winner moves directly to the final
  • OB Neon looking for a massive upset against one of the best in the tournament

OB Neon vs Invictus Gaming Pick

Invictus to Win

OB Neon vs Invictus Gaming

OB Neon vs Invictus Gaming Predictions

As far as contests go, this one pits the top two sides of Group B. Invictus are the overwhelming favorites. Why? Because they have a distinct advantage when it comes to their win percentage: 63.49 as compared to OB Neon’s 44.44% after 63 maps.

It says something of a side’s position when their kills are comfortably over the tally of deaths over a sustained period of time. Invictus average 26.78 kills, 21.94 deaths and 60.25 assists in this period, while OB Neon’s corresponding numbers pale slightly in comparison: 25.92 kills, 28.40 deaths and 54.94 assists.

While you wouldn’t want to go as far as terming this a no-contest, OB Neon will be motivated by the fact that a win in this Upper Bracket final will take them directly into the Grand Final.

Can OB Neon Stop High-Flying Emo?

Emo’s prolific record makes him a player to mark out. How Ob Neon progress will depend on whether they’re able to keep him quiet. With a staggering 8.12 kills per game across 649 maps, the best among the current participants from Invictus, he’s clearly a player for the big occasion.

He has also chipped in with 9.45 assists per game. It tells you he’s always in the thick of things when it comes to kill participation rates. Enough to probably assume Emo figures high among OB Neon’s priority list at their pre-game talk.

Does OB Neon have someone of Emo’s calibre? Certainly. Palos lacks the experience, having featured in just 42 maps thus far, but averages 7.36 kills per game, the best of the lot competing in this contest for OB Neon. All said and done, he’s going to need plenty of support from the rest of his team to make this a compelling contest.

In Dota2, maintaining a hero’s position in the game is vital: staying steady, waiting for an opportunity to enter into team fights and then using map position to capitalize. If you have watched much of Emo over the last few months, you will notice that is his modus operandi and one of the reasons for his incredible success for his franchise.

A Contest of Contrasts

OB Neon move in slowly – they take 37.40 minutes per map in wins on average in games in the new patch of Dota2. Invictus are slightly more pacy – averaging 36.49 minutes per map in wins. The inherent risk of a slip-up, however, increases with speed. And that is something OB Neon would hope works in their favor.

That said, there’s also the other prospect of sitting on defense to give themselves a chance of remaining in the contest for longer instead of being run over trying to fight fire with fire.

Much of the outcome will be dictated by which of the two approaches OB Neon chooses against their fancied opponents. In any case, the might of Invictus Gaming, especially in the lanes, could prove to be a challenge after the completion of the mid game.

How to Watch OB Neon vs Invictus Gaming

Teams OB Neon vs Invictus Gaming
Location Shanghai, online event
Time Thursday, December 30 at 7.00 AM EST onwards
How to watch Huya Dota2 Winter Invitational Twitch and YouTube channels

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