TP Series and Elisa Invitational Picks, Predictions, Odds January 25

  • In the TP Bitcoin Series, Sprout will start as fairly heavy favorites against Blink
  • Dignitas are expected to breeze past BIG Academy in their TP match
  • Ago will make for a reliable betting choice in their match against Lynn Vision

Sprout vs Blink

Sprout (moneyline)

TP Series and Elisa Invitational

Sprout vs Blink Predictions

There is not a lot separating these two teams in the CS:GO world rankings but Sprout will start this as fairly big favorites against Blink. Currently, Sprout are ranked 23 in the world while Blink are at 24 in the pro circuit. That is not a big difference.

Sprout, however, have plenty of depth and experience of playing at the highest level. They own the head-to-head matchup against Blink as well. In a best of three, it is always prudent to back the favorite to win because of the higher probability of a win.

Blink are a relative unknown on the pro circuit. There is plenty of work for them to be done to build their name and reputation in this sport. Still, they can compete and make for an interesting dynamic but I would still back Sprout to win outright.

Marix In Fantastic Recent Form

We don’t need to go too much into the past in this sport because the last few months paint a fairly vivid picture anyway. Marix has been in devastating form for Sprout in the last three months of action, producing 0.87 kills per round. His death rate is also at a low 0.60 per round. That K/D is one of the best in this match, and will be crucial to Sprout’s chances.

Two other players have picked up their game for the team, especially towards the end of 2021. Slaxz, a German player, has managed 0.76 kills along with just 0.58 deaths per round, which equate to stellar returns by any measure of comparison.

He has been helped along by Staehr, who has a slightly higher kill rate, which is currently at 0.77 per round, but a higher death rate as well (0.64 per round). While that has lowered his death rate, he still has an average damage per round of 85.3, which is fantastic.

The Head To Head Mismatch

Let us take a quick look at recent form as well. Sprout are currently on a four match winning streak, including straight map wins against Entropiq and GamerLegion, who are decent teams in the second tier of teams on the pro circuit.

These two teams have played each other five times professionally. Sprout have won four of those. In the ESEA Premier Season 39 towards the end of last year, Sprout blanked Blink 2-0 with comfortable wins in Vertigo 16-7 and Overpass 16-14.

There are just too many factors on the side of Sprout, which should make this a comfortable contest for Sprout. If Blink play to potential, then they would definitely stand a quality chance but unless they pick up their game quickly enough, they may not be able to.

BIG Academy vs Dignitas Pick

Dignitas (moneyline)

BIG Academy vs Dignitas Predictions

BIG Academy are obviously the B team of the professional franchise BIG, which means there is another massive mismatch in quality between these two teams. That has become evident in the odds for this match, with Dignitas starting as huge favorites.

BIG Academy are currently 83 in the world. While they have a few players who can certainly push the stronger, better players in the world, there is too much of a rankings mismatch. BIG Academy are more than 50 spots behind Dignitas, who are No. 32 in the world.

Dignitas have lost some star firepower from their roster, but there is still enough depth and experience to maintain their rankings. They have a discernible advantage over BIG Academy, which should result in a comfortable win, even in straight maps.

Krimbo The Offensive Key For BIG Academy

Often, in matches such as these, if the underdog goes hard at the favorite, there is an upset brewing. That won’t necessarily pan out as expected in this one but you would expect BIG Academy to at least come out with a higher level of intensity.

That will be built around Krimbo, who has averaged 0.76 kills and 0.64 deaths per round at an average damage per round of 85.7. He is arguably the most proficient player for BIG Academy, at least from an offensive standpoint.

BIG Academy have been in decent recent form, having won three of their last four matches. Although it must be noted that the teams that BIG Academy have beaten are teams not necessarily at the same level as Dignitas and the teams in this tournament.

Forest, Hallzerk Strong Weapons For Dignitas

Dignitas will continue to rely on some of their offensive stars, who can rack up kills across maps. Examples of such players are Forest, who has averaged a reliable 0.67 kills and 0.64 deaths per round in the last three months of CS:GO action.

Even better than Forest has been Hallzerk, who has managed 0.72 and 0.65 deaths per round at an average damage per round of 74. Heap, however, has been the standout performer for Dignitas, with 0.75 kills and just 0.68 deaths per round at an average damage per round of over 80. These three will be the offensive keys for Dignitas.

Dignitas have been in decent form across all maps, and hold the map advantage in four of seven maps against BIG Academy, based on recent precedence. However, that may be shown up by Dignitas because of the higher quality they have faced in the last few months.

Ago vs Fnatic Rising Pick

Ago (-188)

Ago vs Fnatic Rising Predictions

This is a Swiss Round 2, which basically means teams with a 0-1 record will face each other. Ago are coming into this on the back of a loss against Savage in straight maps in their previous game. Fnatic Rising was beaten 2-1 by Blink in their previous game. Ago will start as favorites, albeit only slightly, against the second team of Fnatic, which is their academy team in essence. Ago are a tier two team in the pro-CS:GO circuit while Fnatic Rising are positioned even below that, currently at a world ranking of 79.

Ago will be the team to beat here, not only because of their recent confidence and overall experience but also because Fnatic Rising are still an up-and-coming team, capable of beating many teams but have not played the same level of opponent yet.

Mwlky In Fantastic Form

Mwlky has been in terrific form from an offensive perspective in the last few months of pro-CS:GO. He has averaged 0.80 kills and just 0.64 deaths per round in the last three months with an average damage per rounds of 79.4. He will be Ago’s main weapon in this one. Ago have not been in great form in the last few matches, though, which could be a potential sticking point for the team as this match progresses.

In fact, they have lost seven of their last eight matches on the pro circuit. Momentum might not be their friend. They have been in good form in Dust 2 and Mirage though, two maps that Ago may be eager to play in. In Dust 2, they have won three of their last four maps at a win percentage of 75 while in Mirage, they have won four of their last five maps at a win percentage of 80.

Fnatic Rising Still Rising

It is still an upcoming team on the pro circuit. Of that, there is no doubt. These teams have been in decent form but Fnatic Rising are a team brimming with some of the best talent in the world. There is a lack of experience for sure, but that comes with the territory. Regali is the standout performer for Fnatic Rising in the last few months. He has averaged a reliable 0.76 kills with 0.64 deaths per round at an average damage per round of 75. If he can maintain these numbers in this one, you simply never know.

Fnatic Rising are coming into this game on the back of consecutive defeats, 2-1 to Blink and a 2-1 defeat to Astralis Talent but had won three consecutive games prior to that, beating the younger teams including BIG Academy and Astralis Talent. This is a team that can compete, they just need the confidence and a couple of players to stand up offensively.

Havu vs Lynn Vision Pick


Havu vs Lynn Vision Predictions

This is also a Swiss round 2 match in the Elisa Invitational. Havu and Lynn Vision are both coming into this match on the back of defeats in their previous matches. Havu, in fact, have lost their last three matches while Lynn Vision was beaten 2-0 by Eternal Fire. Lynn Vision is an all-Chinese roster. They have not been able to make much progress on the pro circuit. They are still ranked 64 in the world, which means there is a long way to go to make a consideration for them being a tier 2 team still.

Havu is an all Finland roster; all five of their players are from there. Like Lynn Vision, even Havu have moved up and down the rankings for a while, which leaves them nowhere in the rankings. Presently, Havu are No. 74 in the world in the CS:GO rankings.

Havu Need Holistic Production

This may take some time to pan out but Havu need more contributions from various avenues. Their long range proficiency is led by Sm1lee, who has averaged 0.74 kills and 0.66 deaths per round in the last three months at an average damage per round of 79. These are numbers that indicate Havu will be relying heavily on his production. Havu will need all of their star players to stand up and help them out of this current losing streak they are on. They are on a five match winning streak, which includes losses to Forze and Dignitas. Form and confidence may be an issues for Havu, as a result.

Havu have been decent at Nuke, winning three of their last four attempts in that map. But they have not had much overall success in the rest. For some of those maps, the sample size is also not large enough to make a concerted analysis.

Can WestMelon Stand Up?

Westmelon has been Lynn Vision’s key offensive player in the last few matches. He has generated reliable returns of 0.71 kills and 0.68 deaths per round at an average damage per round of close to 80. Not too bad by any measure of comparison in the team.

Lynn Vision have failed to find much consistency and success in their last few matches. However, they have at least been splitting their last few games, including wins against Gorillaz and Anonymo. Starry has been another player than Lynn Vision have depended on. He has produced 0.70 kills per round along with 0.64 deaths, which gives him a decent K/D ratio. If he can continue that, then Lynn Vision may give themselves a fair chance of winning this match against a decent team, who are considered as massive favorites.

How to Watch TP Series and Elisa Invitational

TP Series and Elisa Invitational Information
Teams TP Series: Sprout vs Blink, BIG Academy vs Dignitas
Elisa Invitational: Ago vs Fnatic Rising, Havu vs Lynn Vision
Location Online events
Time Tuesday, January 25 at 4.00 AM EST onwards
How to watch Twitch, HLTV Live

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