VCS 2021 Winter Picks Picks, Predictions, Odds December 17

  • Final playoffs spot on offer on the final day of round-robin
  • Burst The Sky, Saigon Buffalo desperate for wins
  • Cerberus Esports looking for an unbeaten season

Burst The Sky Esports vs Cerberus Esports Pick

Cerberus Esports to Win

VCS 2021 Winter Picks

Burst The Sky Esports vs Cerberus Esports Predictions

Burst The Sky Esports have actually enjoyed a fairly solid season so far. They have moved up to fourth in the VCS Winter standings, with a 7-6 record. However, they will be up against a team that has been on top of their game right from the outset.

Cerberus Esports have been simply stunning during this VCS campaign. They have won all 13 matches they have played, and will comfortably finish at the top of the table in winter.

There will be some latent desperation to ensure they can finish a stellar campaign without defeat, which is why a good bet would be to back the depth and consistency of Cerberus Esports in this game.

Artemis Continues Splendid Season

Artemis will be a massive part of Cerberus’ playoffs campaign when the tournament moves there. He has led the entire VCS in winter in kills, producing 7.38 per map. His kill participation rate, a basic metric that analyzes the sum of kills and assists, is well over 14.

Along with a low death rate of 2.1, Artemis has produced a KDA of 6.74 with a creep score of 303. His creep score per minute is close to 10. These are sensational numbers by any measure, for any league in the world.

Ego has given Artemis able support, providing Cerberus with a reliable kill rate of 4.62. His kill participation is also over 13 considering he has generated close to nine assists per map. In an offensive phase, these two players will be responsible for Cerberus’ unbeaten season, if that pans out as expected.

Burst the Sky Need to Win

Each team in the VCS plays 14 games: two matches against each of the seven other teams in a round-robin phase. This season has now come down to the final round of matches. In 13 games, Burst The Sky Esports have managed to win seven to climb to fourth.

In fact, they have managed to win their last four matches on the bounce to slip past Saigon Buffalo and into the playoffs zone. However, to stay there, they might have to win at least one map against Cerberus as map record could also come into play.

Saigon Buffalo vs GAM Esports Pick

Saigon Buffalo vs GAM Esports Predictions

There is plenty at stake in this match for Saigon Buffalo after being leapfrogged by their playoffs rivals Burst The Sky. Saigon will need an inspirational result in order to make a comeback into this season.

GAM Esports, on the other hand, do not have much to play for considering they are almost assured of a second-place finish in the VCS winter standings.

That desperation from Saigon Buffalo could mean they win a crucial map, which will be enough to take this match into a decisive third map.

Saigon Buffalo Relies on Hasmed in the Top Lane

Hasmed has been in dynamic form in the protection of his designated top lane inside Summoner’s Rift. While he has been killed an average of 3.24 times per map, that comes with the territory of managing an explosive top lane.

He has produced 4.45 kills per map, joint-most for Saigon Buffalo this season. Shogun, playing in the bottom lane as an AD Carry, has also produced the same kill average but that offensive production is expected of a bot laner.

GAM Esports Looking for a Strong Finish

GAM Esports are currently positioned second in the VCS winter standings with 10 wins in 13 matches. In terms of maps, they have managed to win 21 of 29 maps. Apart from Cerberus Esports, no other team has won as many maps in the winter split of the VCS.

Levi has been the most efficient player for GAM Esports, producing 4.85 kills and 8.78 assists per map along with a KDA of 4.91, the highest in the team. Levi is a jungler so his kill participation rate, as well as his effective returns, are atypically stellar.

How to Watch VCS 2021 Winter

Teams Burst The Sky Esports vs Cerberus Esports, Saigon vs GAM Esports
Location Offline/online event, Vietnam
Time Friday, December 17 at 04.00 AM EST onwards
How to watch VCS Twitch and YouTube channels

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