NBA Atlantic Division Winner Odds & Predictions 2020/2021

Atlantic DIvision 2020

  • Gone is the moniker of “The Titanic Division” the Atlantic is now the most competitive division in the NBA.
  • While the Toronto Raptors won the division last season, the drop to third in odds due to offseason departures.
  • The Brooklyn Nets launch themselves to the top of the odds table with a healthy Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving at the ready.

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The Atlantic Division was once the laughing stock of the NBA, owning five teams that lacked an ability to make the playoffs. Nowadays it is one of the most competitive divisions in the NBA and professional sports. If you want a Pick ‘Em Division, the Atlantic is for you!

After winning the NBA title in 2019 and then following up with another divisional win in 2020, the Toronto Raptors have dropped out as favorites to win the division in favor of a threatening Brooklyn Nets squad. Bonafide superstars and champions, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant are ready to bring the franchise its first championship.

That doesn’t mean the division is just for the Nets. The Boston Celtics continue to fall short but are loaded with talent while the Philadelphia 76ers look rejuvenated after adding Daryl Morey and Doc Rivers to the payroll. This is the division to keep an eye on!

2020-2021 Atlantic Division Winner Odds

Odds taken from DraftKings Sportsbook, updated on April 21, 2021.

Team Odds
Philadelphia 76ers -500
Brooklyn Nets +275
Boston Celtics +25000
New York Knicks +50000

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WSN’s Pick:

We can’t bank on a team with the injury issues of Irving and Durant to find their way to the top of the division, especially during a shortened season. The Boston Celtics on the other hand are experienced and hungry to avenge their playoff disappointment from last season. A massive jump from Jayson Tatum could spur them on to their best season in a long time.

Brooklyn Nets (+275)

19-20 Team Performance

Record PPG Opp PPG Pace Off Rtg Def Rtg
35-37 111.8 (16 of 30) 112.3 (19 of 30) 101.4 (9 of 30) 108.9 (22 of 30) 109.5 (9 of 30)

Don’t look now but the Brooklyn Nets have a roster that could challenge the best in the NBA. They were quickly eliminated in the first round of the 2020 NBA Playoffs by the Toronto Raptors, but enter this season with that a similar roster but with two NBA Champions added to the fold.

The Nets’ offseason wasn’t particularly eventful, as the front office was merely waiting on Irving and Durant to return to form. They didn’t sit on their hands though, as the addition of Jeff Green adds leadership and defence while sharpshooter Landry Shamet joins Brooklyn’s roster of three-point snipers.

The Nets are the easy choice to finish atop the Atlantic, but you’d be mistaken if you were to ignore their injury and off-court issues. Irving has continually irked the league due to his behaviour while expecting a perfect Kevin Durant after a devastating injury is short-sighted. The Nets have the potential to dominate, as well as fail miserably.

Boston Celtics (+25000)

19-20 Team Performance

Record PPG Opp PPG Pace Off Rtg Def Rtg
48-24 113.7 (9 of 30) 107.3 (2 of 30) 99.5 (17 of 30) 113.3 (4 of 30) 107.0 (4 of 30)

The Boston Celtics always seem to come up short. After defeating the reigning NBA Champion Toronto Raptors in seven games in last years playoffs, the Celtics were sent packing by eventual NBA Finalists the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals. Great steps were taken toward their ultimate goal, but another season of disappointment highlights their issues.

Boston will be relying on the continued growth of Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown as they continue toward achieving their first NBA Championship since 2008. Smaller additions like Jeff Teague and Tristan Thompson merely reinforce the quality that they already have, rather change the game entirely. Losing Gordon Hayward on the other hand removes one more option from their offence.

The Celtics seem primed to challenge for the Atlantic division crown, but they tend to hit rough patches in the regular season due to their relatively young leaders. The addition of veterans is welcome and with a healthy year they could just find their way to the top of the division.

Toronto Raptors

19-20 Team Performance

Record PPG Opp PPG Pace Off Rtg Def Rtg
53-19 112.8 (13 of 30) 106.5 (1 of 30) 100.9 (2 of 30) 111.1 (14 of 30) 105.0 (2 of 30)

The Toronto Raptors failed in their attempt to defend their 2019 NBA Championship, but put forth one of the most admirable seasons in NBA history. Despite being eliminated in the second round, the Raptors found their way to second in the conference off the back of an All-Star debut from Pascal Siakam and continued brilliance from Kyle Lowry.

The Toronto Raptors paid a heavy price in their pursuit for cap-room in 2021, losing both of their champion pivot men Serge Ibaka and Marc Gasol. As they are wont to do, the Raptors are looked internally and amongst the rubble for diamonds. GM Bobby Webster signed Chris Boucher and Fred Vanvleet to multi-year extensions, while adding Aussie bruiser Aron Baynes to fill their gap in the middle.

With a relatively young roster now, the Raptors aren’t favoured to win the Atlantic Division. What is also true is that reigning Coach of the Year Nick Nurse can put together success with carefully chosen pieces that the rest of the NBA deem unworthy. Toronto is the model franchise in the NBA in terms of development for success, don’t be surprised to see them challenge at the top.

Philadelphia 76ers (-500)

19-20 Team Performance

Record PPG Opp PPG Pace Off Rtg Def Rtg
43-30 110.7 (20 of 30) 108.4 (6 of 30) 99.0 (19 of 30) 111.3 (13 of 30) 109.0 (8 of 30)

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One of the most interesting situations in the NBA, the Sixers are stacked with top-level talent but can’t seem to put it all together. After being eliminated in the first round of the 2020 NBA Playoffs, the Sixers looked to overhaul their system starting at the top. With the addition of Daryl Morey and Doc Rivers, the Sixers are looking to optimize their talents.

The Sixers didn’t go all-in on their acquisitions this offseason, but they certainly improved in a lot of areas. Still committed to the Ben Simmons-Joel Embiid duo, Daryl Morey made it a point to add capable shooters and defenders to complement them. By shipping off Josh Richardson and Al Horford, the Sixers added Dwight Howard, Danny Green, and Seth Curry in hopes of improving their spacing.

Philadelphia has been starved for success for a while and there is no excuse for failure when you have talent at the level of Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid. While they aren’t perfect, the introduction of Doc Rivers to organize their gameplan could work wonders for their future.

New York Knicks (+50000)

19-20 Team Performance

Record PPG Opp PPG Pace Off Rtg Def Rtg
21-45 105.8 (29 of 30) 112.3 (18 of 30) 98.6 (26 of 30) 106.5 (28 of 30) 113.0 (23 of 30)

It is easy to say that the Knicks bottled last season, but you’d be doing them a disservice by not mentioning their marginal improvement under interim head coach Mike Miller. After finishing twelfth in the conference last year, the New York front office was aggressive in their coaching pursuits, nabbing veteran Tom Thibodeau to lead their young squad.

New York isn’t in the position to sign top-tier free agents, but they were able to add good veteran talent in order to support young stars RJ Barrett and Mitchell Robinson. The additions of Austin Rivers, Alec Burks, and Nerlens Noel gives them improved depth across the line, while rookie draftee Obi Toppin may be the surprise of the draft.

Despite their baby steps toward improvement, this is not a competitive year for the Knicks. Already one of the weaker rosters in the league, their division rivals are sure to account for most of their losses as well. Developing the star potential of RJ Barrett will be priority number one.

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