NBA Power Rankings Week 3: Heat Joins the Top, Warriors Crumble

As the NBA season progresses we will see teams hit their stride and encounter some roadblocks. While the greatest prize is won in the playoffs, their regular-season performance helps us visualize how they stand amongst each other.

Our NBA Power Rankings are updated weekly so that basketball fans and gambling enthusiasts can see how teams are performing in a more focused span of time. Is one team’s overall record disappointing? They might be on absolute fire over the past four days.

Every week our experts use analytics to compare all thrifty NBA teams to update this list, called the NBA Power Rankings. Visit here, every Monday in time for your weekly wagers!

Week 2 Highlights

The Golden State Warriors were a dynasty to be reckoned with but it seems like it has all washed away. After Thompson was forced out of the season with an injury, the Golden State Warriors suffered another blow as Steph Curry broke his hand and was forced out for at least three months.

In Los Angeles, the Mavericks and the Lakers put on the show of the NBA season. LeBron James and Luka Doncic had battling triple-doubles that reminded the world of the James-led present, but Doncic-led future.

Jimmy Butler, after the birth of his son and limited minutes, was an incredible plus-65 in his matches last week. Looks like he’s channeling that Fred Vanvleet energy.

Clint Capela has a lot to improve on after his last week. In four matches the Swiss center was a minus-51.

Teams of the Week

Miami Heat (3-0): Some laughed when Jimmy Butler chose to join the Miami Heat. Who’s laughing now? As the Miami Heat are top ten in the league offensively and defensively.

Chicago Bulls (1-3): Still trying to prove they’re not bottom-feeders in the Eastern Conference, the Bulls dropped games to the Knicks, Cavaliers, and Pacers.

NBA Championship 2019/2020 – Odds

The odds for the NBA Championship 2019/2020 are provided by DraftKings Sportsbook. We update the odds weekly.

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RankTeamDraftKings Sportsbook
1Philadelphia 76ers+700
2LA Lakers+350
3LA Clippers+300
4Milwaukee Bucks+550
5Boston Celtics+2500
6Miami Heat+6000
7Minnesota Timberwolves+20000
8Dallas Mavericks+7500
9Denver Nuggets+1600
10Toronto Raptors+3500
11San Antonio Spurs+5000
12Phoenix Suns+15000
13Utah Jazz+1600
14Indiana Pacers+7500
15Charlotte Hornets+80000
16Houston Rockets+800
17Portland Trail Blazers+5000
18Detroit Pistons+25000
19Atlanta Hawks+20000
20OKC Thunder+15000
21Orlando Magic+15000
22Cleveland Cavaliers+60000
23Brooklyn Nets+4000
24Sacramento Kings+20000
25Chicago Bulls+35000
26Memphis Grizzlies+50000
27Washington Wizards+25000
28Golden State Warriors+15000
29New Orleans Pelicans+10000
30NY Knicks+80000

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2019 NBA Power Rankings – Week 3

Check out our Week 3 NBA Power Rankings and odds, provided by DraftKings Sportsbook.

(#1) Philadelphia 76ers (5-0)

Pace: 106.8 (5)ORtg: 107.3 (12)DRtg: 99.6 (6)NetRtg: +7.7 (5)

The NBA’s last undefeated team, the Philadelphia 76ers have proven that they are serious about making up for last year’s failures. Without Jimmy Butler, Brett Brown’s late-game offense runs through Joel Embiid.

The Sixers are still a massive team and they dominated the Portland Trail Blazers for 84 points in the paint. Until a team can stop them inside, it’s a wonder how anyone can keep them down.

(#2) Los Angeles Lakers (5-1)

Pace: 101.7 (18)ORtg: 105.8 (18)DRtg: 96.3 (1)NetRtg: +9.5 (2)

There is no greater revelation to the NBA season than the reemergence of Dwight Howard in the plans of the Los Angeles Lakers. He is 19-24 from the field this year, throwing down some classic dunks and playing secondary to LeBron James well.

With Kyle Kuzma back in the lineup, expect the Los Angeles Lakers to play small ball more often. While Anthony Davis doesn’t prefer to play center, at least Howard has proven himself a capable option at the five.

(#3) LA Clippers (5-2)

Pace: 100.9 (25)ORtg: 112.2 (2)DRtg: 106.1 (16)NetRtg: +6.1 (6)


It seems as if load management is still a thing for Kawhi Leonard. The Clippers are now 5-1 with Kawhi Leonard on the court and are clearly the stronger side with him on the court at 27.5 points per 100 possessions.

The Claw has been a bit of a slow starter this season, shooting only 37% in the first frame of the game. He leads the league in fourth-quarter scoring, reminding us all of his sheer class.

(#4) Milwaukee Bucks (4-2)

Pace: 105.1 (10)ORtg: 111.5 (3)DRtg: 103.7 (13)NetRtg: +7.8 (4)

The Bucks have developed a habit of letting large leads get away from them. Ahead of the Toronto Raptors by 26 points, the reigning champions were able to bring the match within two.

Teams have slowly started to adjust to the Greek Freak, despite never being able to fully stop him. His field-goal percentage from in close has dropped from 62% to 52%, as he has not yet shown to be threatening from the arc.

(#5) Boston Celtics (4-1)

Pace: 101.6 (20)ORtg: 106.9 (14)DRtg: 101.4 (9)NetRtg: +5.5 (7)

The Boston Celtics are still getting used to each other. That is evident from heir awful -8.2 points per 100 possessions in the first half. On the fortunate end, the Celtics are a plus 19.5 points per possession better during the second half of games.

The Boston Celtics have a difficult road ahead of them. With eight of their next 10 matches away from home, the Celtics will have to prove their quality away from a comfortable environment.

(#6) Miami Heat (5-1)

Pace: 106.6 (6)ORtg: 108.4 (9)DRtg: 98.2 (4)NetRtg: +10.3 (1)

How long will it be before the world recognizes the Miami Heat as a top-tier organization? Despite Jimmy Butler averaging below fifteen points in his last three matches, they are outscoring opponents when he is on the floor.

Turning up the pace from last year, the Heat have established an early-pressing game plan to great success. They own an effective field-goal percentage of 72% in the first six-seconds of the shot-clock.

(#7) Minnesota Timberwolves (4-1)

Pace: 108.3 (2)ORtg: 106.7 (16)DRtg: 101.3 (8)NetRtg: +5.4 (8)

The Minnesota Timberwolves have reinvented themselves. Their pace is leagues ahead of where it was last year, as Ryan Saunders has renewed his team’s focus with an emphasis on scoring from three-point land.

Karl-Anthony Towns was suspended for two games, but they will have him back after Monday while playing the next eight of eleven matches at home.

(#8) Dallas Mavericks (4-2)

Pace: 101.4 (22)ORtg: 113.1 (1)DRtg: 108.7 (20)NetRtg: +4.4 (10)

The Dallas Mavericks own the NBA’s top offense. Winning against the Denver Nuggets and taking the Los Angeles Lakers to the brink, the young Mavericks don’t look to need much more seasoning.

The Mavericks bench are the real stars of their season though. They are outscoring their opponents by nearly 23 points per 100 possessions. They are stronger with Doncic joining them, but their balance is commendable.

(#9) Denver Nuggets (4-2)

Pace: 97.0 (30)ORtg: 104.5 (19)DRtg: 104.9 (14)NetRtg: -0.4 (16)

The Nuggets have been struggling on the defensive end of the ball. After two disappointing losses to top-five offensive teams, head coach Michael Malone demanded a stronger defensive performance.

Their experience is showing through though. They are 4-1 in matches that were within five points in the last five minutes. As well as 4-0 when Jokic’s usage rate is higher than 20%.

(#10) Toronto Raptors (4-2)

Pace: 103.5 (14)ORtg: 106.9 (13)DRtg: 101.7 (10)NetRtg: +5.2 (9)

The Raptors have four decisive wins over four clearly inferior teams. Unfortunately, when they faced the Boston Celtics and the Milwaukee Bucks they crumbled. Their starting lineup is the first five in the NBA to play over 100 minutes together, but that isn’t the problem.

The Raptors are top-heavy this year. All non-starting lineups for the Raptors have scored just 102 points on 118 possessions in the fourth quarter. Nick Nurse doesn’t have a secondary lineup he trusts, how he balances it all will be essential.

(#11) San Antonio Spurs (4-2)

Pace: 103.8 (11)ORtg: 109.0 (7)DRtg: 105.4 (15)NetRtg: +3.6 (12)

It is difficult to say whether or not the Spurs are strong or they are benefitting from a weak opening schedule. Their top ten offence was generated from three games against three teams in the bottom third of defensive efficiency.

On a positive note, the Spurs are maintaining their trademark perimeter defense. Only 32% of their opponents’ shots have come from beyond the arc, allowing them to funnel players into their shot-blockers.

(#12) Phoenix Suns (4-2)

Pace: 103.8 (12)ORtg: 109.0 (8)DRtg: 100.5 (7)NetRtg: +8.5 (3)

What happened to the Phoenix Suns? After an additional week, it seems like they are dispelling the notion that week one was a fluke. They are one of the few teams in the league that are in the top ten of both offensive and defensive efficiency.

The growth of Devin Booker is also notable. While he had a 20.2 per 100 assist rate last year, it is significantly down in favor of a higher assisted field-goal rate of 57%. The Suns are a team on the rise.

(#13) Utah Jazz (4-3)

Pace: 98.3 (29)ORtg: 101.6 (25)DRtg: 97.4 (2)NetRtg: +4.2 (11)

After an awful first week, the Jazz’s Mike Conley seemed to finally find his rhythm against the Los Angeles Clippers. Shooting 11-17 against the star-less Clippers, Conley was able to lead his team to victory.

Still one of the NBA’s top teams defensively, the Utah Jazz will need some of their new wing players to focus on the defensive glass. Bogdanovic is no Crowder defensively, but he was at fault for Harrison Barnes’ winning tip-in in Sacramento.

(#14) Indiana Pacers (3-3)

Pace: 101.8 (17)ORtg: 103.3 (22)DRtg: 102.1 (11)NetRtg: +1.1 (14)

After an 0-3 start, the Indiana Pacers are looking to be back in form as they end Week 2 with a 3-3 record. Once again, the combination of Turner and Sabonis has powered the Pacers to their success.

Despite his renown, Turner has struggled so far this season to protect the paint. His opponents have shot 72% at the rim when he has been the direct opponent. Far higher than last season.

(#15) Charlotte Hornets (3-3)

Pace: 101.1 (24)ORtg: 104.3 (20)DRtg: 111.4 (26)NetRtg: -7.1 (26)

After a tough start, the Charlotte Hornets will receive a bit of reprieve from two unlikely sources. The Sacramento Kings and Golden State Warriors will be their opponents on their road trip, who are really struggling at the moment.

It looks like Devonte’ Graham and Terry Rozier will be a backcourt to look forward to for the Hornets. With both on the floor, they averaged 85 points on 76 possessions. Unfortunately, their bottom third turnover and defensive rebounding percentage will need to improve.

(#16) Houston Rockets (3-3)

Pace: 109.2 (1)ORtg: 111.3 (4)DRtg: 116.2 (29)NetRtg: -4.8 (23)

The Houston Rockets may only be 3-3, but five of their last opponents are in the top third of the league in defensive efficiency. With a backcourt of Harden and Westbrook, that is generally going to produce a difficult night.

Unfortunately, they are trending downward defensively. They are being outscored by 8.0 points per game from three, a far cry from their plus-18.0 advantage from beyond the arc last year.

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(#17) Portland Trail Blazers (3-3)

Pace: 106.1 (8)ORtg: 107.6 (11)DRtg: 106.6 (17)NetRtg: +1.0 (15)

The Trail Blazers were able to take a win from the Oklahoma City Thunder due to their defensive effort, even though it is certainly not their calling card. With three of their front court missing against the Sixers, they allowed 84 points to the Embiid-less Philadelphia.

The Trail Blazers have a lot to work on, but health should be their number one priority. Damian Lillard has been brilliant, as always, after scoring 33 points on an astonishingly efficient 16 field-goal attempts.

(#18) Detroit Pistons (3-4)

Pace: 101.6 (19)ORtg: 106.8 (15)DRtg: 110.0 (24)NetRtg: -3.2 (19)

Just when you think the Pistons may be on a roll, they are hit with a long-term injury to lead guard Reggie Jackson. With Derrick Rose and Tim Frazier out against Brooklyn, Dean Casey gave the keys to Bruce Brown who posted an impressive 22 points and 7 assists.

The odds are in the Pistons favour to whether this storm as Andre Drummond is making 20-20 games commonplace while 11 of their next 14 opponents are currently .500 or below.

(#19) Atlanta Hawks (2-3)

Pace: 101.2 (23)ORtg: 102.0 (24)DRtg: 103.4 (12)NetRtg: -1.4 (18)

Both of the Hawks’ most important players suffered ankle injuries in the span of three days. Luckily for them, they have four days of rest until their next match. Their scoring has been poor without Young on the floor (92.4 points per 100 possessions).

Rookie Cam Reddish started on Thursday and did not impress with his 22.1% effective field-goal percentage. He will need to do much more to prove he’s a competent understudy to Young.

(#20) Oklahoma City Thunder (2-4)

Pace: 103.6 (13)ORtg: 101.0 (27)DRtg: 98.1 (3)NetRtg: +2.9 (13)

The Thunder lost a match to the Portland Trail Blazers in which they outscored them in the paint 77-43. During that same match, the Thunder shot a frigid 4-27 from three-point range.

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander is looking more and more like a lead guard every day. He has as many 20 point games as last season already. The young Canadian is certainly making Chris Paul look more and more dispensable.

(#21) Orlando Magic (2-4)

Pace: 99.0 (28)ORtg: 94.6 (30)DRtg: 99.0 (5)NetRtg: -4.4 (22)

The Orlando Magic are absolute night and day on the offensive and defensive end of the ball. With Markelle Fultz starting, they were able to surpass a point per possession on offence, despite not being able to find a consistent rhythm.

They deserve credit defensively though. Isaac, Ross, Bamba, and Gordon have all bought into their defensive plan. They just need the offence to match.

(#22) Cleveland Cavaliers (2-4)

Pace: 101.4 (21)ORtg: 103.4 (21)DRtg: 109.5 (23)NetRtg: -9.1 (2)5

The Cleveland Cavaliers’ young pieces have been up and down, however they have been receiving ample support from veteran centre Tristan Thompson. While they were able to take down the Bus, they couldn’t keep the pace against Indiana and Dallas.

Despite having Thompson patrol the paint, the Cavaliers have grown weaker defensively as games wear on. Their front court playmaking has been brilliant though, as Love and Thompson have 41 assists to the 43 assists of their three wing starters.

(#23) Brooklyn Nets (2-4)

Pace: 106.5 (7)ORtg: 107.9 (10)DRtg: 108.3 (19)NetRtg: -0.4 (17)

DeAndre Jordan was expected to be the third piece in their superstar trio, but is struggling to compete defensively with him on the court. On the other hand, young centre Jarret Allen is looking excellent, allowing less than 101 points per 100 possessions with him on the floor.

The Nets will need more from their star centre. Jordan is averaging a career low field-goal percentage as well as a his lowest rebounding rate in five years.

(#24) Sacramento Kings (2-5)

Pace: 106.5 (7)ORtg: 107.9 (10)DRtg: 108.3 (19)NetRtg: -0.4 (17)

The Sacramento Kings are still looking like a shadow of their former offensive selves, but they regained some of that magic with a win against the lowly New York Knicks. Their fast-break points are still low compared to last year, but proved they have some ability to adapt by scoring more than 80 points on only 74 possessions against the Utah Jazz.

(#25) Chicago Bulls (2-5)

Pace: 101.9 (16)ORtg: 103.1 (23)DRtg: 108.1 (18)NetRtg: -5.0 (24)

The Bulls have a collection of talent that may be able to drag them out of the bottom of the East. However losses to New York and Cleveland show that they have a long way to go.

The Bulls currently rank last in points allowed in the restricted area and defensive rebounding percentage. Jim Boylen is enforcing a hedge-oriented defence that has drawn their rim-protectors out of the paint. Whether or not that can lead to success is yet to be seen.

(#26) Memphis Grizzlies (1-4)

Pace: 107.6 (3)ORtg: 97.1 (29)DRtg: 108.7 (21)NetRtg: -11.7 (30)

The years of Grit-n-Grind are certainly gone. But there is a certain immaturity to the way that the Memphis Grizzlies play that plagues them. While they have won the first half of game 4-1, they’ve lost the second half of matches 0-5.

While they have excellent paint protectors and shot-blockers, the Grizzlies have showed themselves to be a bit slow-footed on the defensive end. They are allowing a league high effective field-goal percentage of 63% to their opponents in the second half.

(#27) Washington Wizards (1-4)

Pace: 107.0 (4)ORtg: 109.3 (6)DRtg: 113.7 (27)NetRtg: -4.3 (21)

The Washington Wizard may very well be the most watchable team in the NBA. For the uninitiated, the Wizards are pure offensive fun. Countered by a near absolute defensive ineptitude.

Bradley Beal and Isaiah Thomas are not only two of the top volume scorers in the league, but Rui Hachimura and Davis Bertans look like a pairing to look out for. They may not be able to stop the ball, but they sure do make it entertaining.

(#28) Golden State Warriors (1-5)

Pace: 103.1 (15)ORtg: 105.8 (17)DRtg: 117.3 (30)NetRtg: -11.5 (29)

There isn’t much of a bright side for the Golden State Warriors, other than the fact that they have an opportunity to truly develop their young pieces. Despite losing to the Charlotte Hornets on Saturday, five of the featured players for Golden State were 22 or younger.

Unfortunately for the Warriors, after losing Thompson for what looks to be almost two season, Stephen Curry has been sidelined for a minimum of three months. While Draymond Green has torn a ligament in his left finger.

(#29) New Orleans Pelicans (1-5)

Pace: 105.6 (9)ORtg: 110.4 (5)DRtg: 113.8 (28)NetRtg: -3.4 (20)

The New Orleans Pelicans are seeing some fantastic production out of young forward Brandon Ingram. Averaging 26.8 points per game on a 59% effective field goal percentage, Ingram is looking every bit the star he was billed to become.

Unfortunately for the Pelicans, not two weeks into the season they have lost four starters to injury. Zion Williamson, Derrick Favors, Jrue Holiday, and Brandon Ingram have all missed at least half a game.

The Pelicans are yet to establish an identity. Considering they allowed the Warriors to gain their first win of the season, while subsequently holding off the Nuggets with a stout defensive performance.

(#30) New York Knicks (1-6)

Pace: 99.9 (26)ORtg: 99.6 (28)DRtg: 108.9 (22)NetRtg: -9.3 (28)

Due to an inspired performance by Bobby Portis against the Chicago Bulls, the Knicks were able to overcome a 28 point defecit to grab their first win of the season.

Unfortunately, the Knicks struggle to get off to good starts. Averaging the worst first-quarter scoring effort in the league – owning an 83.6 first quarter offensive rating – New York struggles to position themselves well in games.

Dennis Smith Jr and Elfrid Payton haven’t been able to take the court regularly due to injury. While Frank Ntilikina started the last two games, their offence was most efficient when RJ Barrett was running the point.

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How to Best Use the NBA Power Rankings

Whether you are new to professional basketball or have been an avid fan for years, it is incredibly fun to place wagers on the outcomes of certain games, especially if it is your favorite team playing, and especially not that it is becoming increasingly legal in the United States.

To win money betting on basketball, it helps to understand how each of the thirty teams stacks up against the others, and that is exactly what the NBA Power Rankings are used for.

Before you make your bets – even the ones based on the in-depth analytics and insider knowledge – taking a look at our NBA Power Rankings will certainly increase your chances of winning.

Weekly Updated Power Rankings

If you’re a basketball fan, the NBA is perfect for you. There are few days across the season where basketball can’t be found on the television or on your favorite streaming service!

Since we update these NBA Power Rankings each week on Monday during the NBA regular season, they are the perfect place to see where the teams you might be betting on rank compared to the ones you are betting against.

The NBA is one of the longest sports schedules in the world and the numbers don’t lie. Don’t like your chances on a team with a poor overall record? Our power rankings might reveal they’ve been on fire over the past seven days!

Mark this page down as a favorite and check back weekly to see how your favorite teams have moved up or down in the NBA Power Rankings and use our tips to help you learn to place better wagers with a more likely return.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are the NBA Power Rankings Calculated?

Over the course of an 82-game season, there are many factors that are diligently considered when our experts power rank all thirty NBA franchises each week.

Some of the factors include updated point spreads, the strength of schedule during that particular week, as well as recent trades and signings that might affect their roster and rotation in a given matchup.

WSN throws all of these factors into consideration and ranks teams accordingly, adjusting them each week when the inevitable change takes place.

What Role Do Injuries Play in the Power Rankings?

Injuries are the most unfortunate part of sports, where passionate athletes and competitors have put their bodies on the line for the sake of their teams’ success.

Depending on the value of a player, injuries will certainly affect the power ranking of a team. While one team may be on a hot trend, wins against a severely hobbled team are less rewarded in the rankings.

Do Trades and Free Agency Play Into a Team’s Power Ranking?

Whenever a team acquires new talent to their roster, it can certainly affect their power ranking.

Based on previous team composition, that can help or hurt a team’s chances going forward. We’re not surprised by blockbuster trades in today’s NBA, but that doesn’t mean it won’t shake the competitive landscape.

Roster movement during the regular season is more limited. However keep an eye on the February trade deadline and free agency deadline, as teams will be making their final moves to prep for the playoffs, or the NBA Draft.

How Does Schedule Affect a Team’s Power Ranking?

The schedule is one of the defining factors that go into a team’s success. Over an 82-game season, it is near impossible for a team to have the same consistency. Weeks of reprieve and hardship against opponents show team quality in high-pressure situations.

On the other hand, an 82-game season really helps to separate the strongest teams from those who are not at their level.

It may be frustrating to see some teams benefit from their schedule while others struggle, that is all taken into account by the experts who create the NBA Power Rankings.

What Measures of a Team Affects Their Power Ranking?

We are in an age of basketball where it seems like almost every team has a superstar. Their contributions and leadership, combined with team makeup and game plan, are summed up by a few key statistics.

  • PACE: Pace Factor, the formula is 48 * ((Tm Poss + Opp Poss) / (2 * (Tm MP / 5))). Pace factor is an estimate of the number of possessions per 48 minutes by a team.
  • ORtg: Offensive Rating, for players it is points produced per 100 possessions, while for teams it is points scored per 100 possessions.
  • DRtg: Defensive Rating, for players and teams it is points allowed per 100 possessions.
  • NetRtg: Net Rating, a stat to measure a team’s point differential per 100 possessions (offensive rating – defensive rating). On a player level, this statistic is the team’s point differential per 100 possessions while he is on the court.

Can Anyone Create Their Own NBA Rankings?

Absolutely! Power Rankings can vary depending on the factors that are taken into consideration.

Some rankings may consider defensive teams as more successful than offensive teams in a win. Perhaps a weaker team got an upset over a playoff-bound team, they may be rewarded differently.

Power Rankings are a fun and interactive way to engage the sports community in the trends of every NBA team. Our experts take into account the most overall factors in order to benefit the gambling experience of our players, in order to enhance the overall experience!

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