The 2022 $5800 Free-to-play March Madness Pick 'em Sweepstakes Has Ended! Come back next year to play!

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Sign up and register an account with your email. This will be the email associated with your account and will be used for the contest every week. The contest is not open to residents of NY, FL, and RI.


After you’ve logged on click on the “Play” button and select the teams that you think will be winning that week.


If you have won then you will receive an email with instructions to help you collect your winnings! Remember to return every week as the contest will reset! In the case of multiple winners, one will be selected randomly.

The 2022 March Madness Contest has Begun!

Welcome to the WSN March Madness Pick ’em Contest! This sweepstakes is 100% FREE to play, and is your chance to win up to $5400! Read more below to learn how to play during this year’s exciting Indianapolis March Madness!

This contest is not a normal March Madness bracket, but rather a series of three contests covering three legs of the March Madness bracket giving you several opportunities to win over the course of the month. We pick the games and you make the calls!

If you are like most people then you are going to be watching this year’s March Madness very closely! Check out our March Madness Betting Guide for the 2022 season. Not sure how to watch it? Check out our guide on how to watch March Madness in the Covid era so you don’t miss out on any of the action!

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Week 1 First Round Contest

To kick off March Madness 2021, the first leg of the contest will go live Monday, March 14th after Selection Sunday and close hours before the Frist Round begins.

How does it work? Starting Monday, and ending Thursday morning before the First Four games are played, you will be given the chance to predict the outcome of the First Four games and the First Round at the same time. When you log into the game you will see four cards with eight games each. You will have to predict who will be the First Four winner to advance to each card and then who you think will win each card. The cards are organized into East, West, South, and Midwest.

What is the Prize? The player who guesses everything right has the opportunity to win $5800.00! Each card is worth $200 and if you guess all four then you will win the $5000 Grand Prize as well!

And remember, just because you lost one leg of the contest doesn’t mean that you can’t return and play in the next week. Check the schedule below for the upcoming contest legs below!

Week 2 Sweet 16 Sweepstakes

After signing up or signing in, you will see two cards each with one-half of the Sweet 16 games each. Go into each card and make the predictions for which team you think will win each game and by what point margin. When you make all your selections in a card then click Enter Free Play.

So for example, if you think Loyola will beat Oregon State by 3 points then click Loyola 1-4. If you can make all the correct predictions for one card then you will become eligible to win $200! If you make correct predictions on all cards then you will be eligible to win the $5k as well! Good luck!

This Pool Will Remain Open Until a Few Hours Prior to the First Sweet 16 Games!

Week 3 Final Four Sweepstakes

The Finale is here! This is your chance to win $500! Guess the winners of the final two games with the point margins for your chance to win a half grand! Click through above to start now!

March Madness Future Free Contest Schedule

WSN FREE-To-Play Round One

Covering the First Four and the First Round – Starting Monday, March 15th, and ending Friday, March 19th. Prize of up to $5800!

WSN FREE-To-Play Round Two

Covering Sweet 16 Games – This point margin contest goes live after the Second Round games and will close Friday, March 26th. Prize of up to $5400!

WSN FREE-To-Play Round Three

Covering Final Four – This point margin contest goes live after the Elite Eight games and will close Friday, April 2nd before the Final Four Games.