NFL’s Top 5 QB-WR Duos 2020/21 - Predictions & Odds


Our Pick: Dallas Cowboys’ Dak Prescott and Amari Cooper

  • Only two quarterbacks (Dak Prescott and Matt Ryan) and two wide receivers (Michael Thomas and Julio Jones) who are on this list were ranked in the top-5 in terms of total production last season.
  • This will be the first season that Kyler Murray and DeAndre Hopkins will be playing together as a duo, whereas it will be the ninth year in a row that Matt Ryan and Julio Jones will be teammates.
  • Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott is the only player on this list not signed to a long-term deal and will be playing under the franchise tag in 2020, reportedly worth $31.4 million for the season.
  • The oldest player on this list is 41-years old (Drew Brees) while the youngest is just 22-years old (Kyler Murray).

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Most teams in the modern NFL tend to favor the passing attack in their game plan these days, and as a result, there are some exciting quarterback – wide receiver combinations to watch during the upcoming regular season.

The names of the playmakers on this list have become familiar to not only football fans but in some cases to the public in general, with a couple of certain future Hall-of-Famers in there along with plenty who are still in the middle of making their case for NFL greatness.

Here we take a look at the odds and predictions of the top five quarterback – wide receiver duos in the NFL right now and determine which has the most likely chance to post the best combination of numbers (total passing touchdowns and yards passing / receiving) by the end of the regular season.

Odds taken 10 June, 2020 at DraftKings

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Remember, the predictions and odds of these wagers will most likely change several times before the season begins, so make sure to check back in for all the latest predictions and odds.

#5) Patrick Mahomes & Tyreek Hill

#5 QB – WR Duo – Kansas City ChiefsTotal Passing TDsTotal Yds (Pass/Rec)
Patrick MahomesOver 34.5    -110

Under 34.5   -110


Over 4500.5   -110

Under 4500.5  -110


Tyreek HillTBDOver 1150.5   -110

Under 1150.5  -110


This pair, Patrick Mahomes and Tyreek Hill, are at the very beginning of their “tear up the NFL” journey, with a Super Bowl Championship to show for it already and a returning roster that looks every bit as good if not a little bit better.

The “better” comes from adding a rookie rushing threat, Clyde Edwards-Helaire, the soft-handed, hard-hitting running back who helped LSU win a College National Championship last season and who will most likely become a major distraction for opposing defenses in 2020.

Hill has unique video-game moves and speed that allows him to grab plenty of yards after the catch, and couple that with Mahomes’ ability to make the throw regardless of how on the run he happens to be and you’ve got a duo that should combine for some of the best numbers in the league.

#4) Dak Prescott & Amari Cooper

#4 QB – WR Duo – Dallas CowboysTotal Passing TDsTotal Yds (Pass/Rec)
Dak PrescottOver 27.5    -110

Under 27.5   -110


Over 4275.5    -110

Under 4275.5  -110


Amari CooperTBDOver 1050.5    -110

Under 1050.5   -110


Regardless of Dallas Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones’ unwillingness to sign his quarterback Dak Prescott to an acceptable long term deal just yet (if ever?), the wide receiver he favors, Amari Cooper, has been paid so expect the two to wreak havoc in Arlington once again this season.

Especially if the new rookie receiver the team just picked up, CeeDee Lamb can get into the action sooner rather than later, since a deep threat like him will allow Cooper to spend more time as the slot receiver where he has been known to tear up the middle of the field all game.

The major thing that could limit the production of this Dallas Duo would be an injury, specifically to Cooper, who saw some of his game time limited due to a thigh injury last season, though it didn’t keep him out of any games as he reached career highs in both reception yards (1,189) and average yards per catch (15.1) starting in all sixteen matchups.

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#3) Kyler Murray & DeAndre Hopkins

#3 QB – WR Duo – Arizona CardinalsTotal Passing TDsTotal Yds (Pass/Rec)
Kyler MurrayOver 25.5    -110

Under 25.5   -110


Over 3850.5   -110

Under 3850.5  -110


DeAndre HopkinsTBDOver 1150.5   -110

Under 1150.5 -110


Not many in the football world understand why the Houston Texans were willing to give up wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins, who is certainly in the Hall of Fame conversation, but he will now suit up for the Arizona Cardinals and (hopefully) become their young quarterback’s go-to target.

That QB is Kyler Murray, the 22-year old with a rocket launching arm and the speed and courage to evade incoming pass rushers, and for Murray to suddenly have a receiver like Hopkins to target is all the second-year quarterback could ever ask for.

Not to mention Murray also has receiver Larry Fitzgerald, a certain Hall-of-Famer, to throw footballs to, so expect the team’s overall passing numbers to look good in Arizona, the oddsmakers predicting Murray to post just about 4,000 total passing yards for the regular season.

#2) Matt Ryan & Julio Jones

#2 QB – WR Duo – Atlanta FalconsTotal Passing TDsTotal Yds (Pass/Rec)
Matt RyanOver 27.5    -110

Under 27.5   -110


Over 4500.5   -110

Under 4500.5  -110


Julio JonesTBDOver 1300.5    -110

Under 1300.5  -110


Easy to write off these two since the Atlanta Falcons have not exactly been turning heads these days, but Matt Ryan and Julio Jones have been impressing football fans for the nine years they have been taking the field together.

In that time, Ryan has posted 4,000+ passing yards in every one of those nine seasons (the only NFL player to ever do that) and Jones has totaled 12,125 receiving yards, a number that no other receiver has come close to touching.

Helping counterbalance these two in 2020 will be a rushing attack that now features star running back Todd Gurley plus a mid-field receiving threat from newly acquired tight end Hayden Hurst, joining a team of players hoping to work together to gradually turn the Falcons ongoing struggles around.

#1) Drew Brees & Michael Thomas

#1 QB – WR Duo – New Orleans SaintsTotal Passing TDsTotal Yds (Pass/Rec)
Drew BreesOver 29.5   -110

Under 29.5   -110


Over 3900.5   -110

Under 3900.5  -110


Michael ThomasTBDOver 1375.5   -110

Under 1375.5  -110


Last season, Michael Thomas and Drew Brees put on a show in New Orleans, connecting for an NFL record 149 receptions in just 16 games, the duo seeming to be capable of reading each other’s minds during the games, no doubt the result of four straight seasons of teaming up together.

With the addition of star receiver Emmanuel Sanders this offseason, it is thought that Thomas could receive fewer targets during games, but chances are having another deep threat running routes could allow him to find an open area of the field more often.

Given the relatively “ancient” age of Brees, fans cannot expect this duo to be around much longer, so it will be fun to watch them work together for at least one more year while trying to get Brees another Super Bowl ring before he retires, which would become Thomas’ first.

Pick: Keep an eye on Dallas Cowboys’ Dak Prescott and Amari Cooper – their multi-talented team is now well-led and poised for greatness, so that duo should greatly benefit as a result.

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