Wise Kracks Ep. 13 (w/ NFL Hall of Famer Warren Moon)

Let’s get Krackin’! Legendary advantage gambler, Bill “Krack” Krackomberger returns, with co-host Jon Orlando, for another season of pro tips from one of the world’s best sports gamblers. Don’t miss the Wise Kracks Sports Betting Podcast by WSN.

NBA Championships, MLB and NFL Overs

Bill and Jon talk NBA action, the Lakers, MJ, and why Krack doesn’t bet a lot on NBA sides. They dive into MLB playoffs, The Dodgers and the Braves, Tampa, and who’s the favorite to win the World Series.

The boys talk about why this football season’s lack of training camp, a pre-season, and crowd noise (or lack thereof) has led to football’s over the top total scores, and why this NFL season offers betting opportunities like no other.

Jon discusses the highs and lows of one of the most thrilling, and dangerous forms of sports betting, parlays. Jon shares his latest parlay bad beat, and pledges try and curb his parlay addiction using his new secret weapon, the KrackWin app. Bill tells us how to use WSN.com bonuses to boost your bankroll.

Warren Moon Talks Dak Prescott, Russell Wilson

NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback Warren Moon joins Krack and Jon, and shares expert insight into all things football. From the Dak Prescott injury, to the potential upside of turning down a long term deal, exploding player salaries, the mindset while playing through an injury, the uptick in scoring, what’s going on in Seattle, and the secret to his long, legendary career.

For more NFL fun and a chance to win a $200 Amazon gift card, have a look at our NFL Pick’ em Contest. It’s free to play!

Krack’s NFL Picks and Plays

Jon and Krack take a look at the best match-ups on Sunday, starting with Green Bay vs Tampa Bay, followed by the Ravens vs Eagles, the Bengals at the Colts. Krack reveals why he’s not a Philip Rivers fan, and sings the praises of Joe Burrow. Talking of Washington vs the Giants, Bill comments on the extraordinary circumstances that have led to the 0-5 Giants being favored to win the game.

Krack shares some insights into the Cardinals vs. Cowboys match-up, and how Dallas might fare with veteran back-up, Andy Dalton.

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