Wise Kracks Ep. 30 Sportsbooks Cashed In Big for the Super Bowl, Did Bill??

Professional sports bettor, Bill Krackomberger, and co-host, Jon Orlando, are back for another episode of Wise Kracks, the podcast full of great sports betting tips and strategy. This week’s episode is an extended conversation between Bill and Jon about last week’s Super Bowl.

Super Bowl Recap

Who knew the game would go the way it did? The Kansas City Chiefs may not have scored, but the sportsbooks sure did. Bill and Jon discuss sports betting stats from last weekend’s Super Bowl game and analyze just how big sports betting is right now in 2021.

It wasn’t the game anyone was expecting, so how did that affect Bill’s bets? Jon and Bill discuss the many prop bets they had on the game and how it all worked out. Normally, when you bet unders on props and the game ends up with 40 total points, you are going to cash in. However, this game didn’t quite have the rhythm you’d expect from a Super Bowl game.

Next on Wise Kracks

Now that the NFL season is over, Wise Kracks will be covering a variety of other sports: College and pro basketball are in full tilt and Krack has been running hot with his basketball picks so far this season. The PGA season is also underway and baseball is just around the corner. Also, there’s plenty of UFC to talk about. The team at Wise Kracks is currently lining up some great guests for episodes in the near future to talk about all these sports.

Pick of the Week

Jon Orlando gives the audience his pick for UFC 258 this weekend. Jon is putting his money on Julian Marquez in the first fight of the main event. Julian was our Wise Kracks guest in Episode 18, so the guys wish him well on his fight this weekend. It would be great to get him back on the show to talk about it afterward.

This week’s Super Bowl recap episode is a great way to finish the NFL season. As the guys start to discuss fresh betting opportunities in more sports, make sure to utilize the fantastic resources available at WSN.com. WSN is a go-to resource for Bill Krackomberger. Check out WSN.com for the best sports betting tips, promos, bonuses, and strategy guides.

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