Tips For Betting on NFL Preseason and the MLB Trade Deadline (Wise Kracks Ep. 55)

Episode 55 of Wise Kracks is here, with your co-hosts Bill Krackomberger and Jon Orlando. Bill is still on his East Coast jaunt, gambling in Atlantic City while Jon is back in the usual studio in Vegas. Bill kicks off by filling us in on his latest news from Atlantic City, including an impromptu history lesson and the differences in gambling mindset between Vegas and Atlantic City gamblers.

Advantage Machines in the Casino

Bill touches on a mild online controversy he was involved with this week, when a video he took went viral, showcasing how you can get an advantage over some of the machines in the casino (if you know what you’re doing). Some of the local sharps and casino owners weren’t happy that the action might be affected, and Bill ended up taking the video down as a gesture of goodwill. He takes us through the situation from his point of view and gives us a peek behind the curtain at some of the techniques to get an advantage over machines.

Betting on NFL Preseason

Football season is just about here, with the first preseason games arriving this week. Bill gives us a full rundown of his thinking around preseason, how there is a lot value out there, and knowing about the different coaches’ attitudes can help you bet. Line movement is a huge indicator of where the smart money is, and Bill lets us in on which sportsbooks he watches as the games approach and how he interprets the movement. If you understand the indicators and the market, you can find genuine insight and value.

Basically, this is the one time of the year that bettors are on almost an even footing with the sportsbooks in terms of information. For that reason, it’s almost the only time Bill is happy to bet on specific teams in matches, while during the regular season he normally sticks to props. According to Bill, studying quarterback rotation is huge in beating the preseason games at the sportsbook, and finding a high-quality depth chart is key.

MLB Trade Deadline

The guys check in on the aftermath of the MLB trade deadline and discuss the changes in the rosters. There have been some big moves from the likes of the Cubs and the Dodgers, and the guys speculate on how they’ll pan out and what the fans think of the moves. There’s also a quick update on the upcoming UFC fights, and Jon has a few picks of his own.

This week’s episode is full of very juicy tips on general betting strategy. Bill explains his thoughts on hedging (spoiler: he’s not into it), and Jon picks his brain on the differences between sharp attitudes and casual gamblers. There are questions on parlays, the importance of line shopping and much more. This is the kind of insight that Krack normally reserves for his Krack Wins app exclusively, and getting it for free right on is invaluable.

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