Las Vegas Legend Derek Stevens & College Football Betting Tips (Wise Kracks Ep. 59)

We’re back with a brand new episode of Wise Kracks, with your co-hosts Bill Krackomberger and Jon Orlando.

Bill is on his travels again, so he’s joining Jon via zoom for an action-packed show.

Jon came in hot last week with a tip of his very own for Bill (the professional sports bettor), and it came in when Giga Chikadze won his main event fight at last week’s UFC.

But did Bill take his advice and place the bet? Jon wants to know…

College Football Betting Tips

Krack’s college football tips last week blew up, and he’s back with some more insights into betting on college sports in this episode.

He explains why home advantage is so much more important when betting on college football compared to something like the MLB.

There’s also some key number chat – how relevant they are, how they differ between college football and NFL, line shopping, and much more.

Special Guest Derek Stevens

We’ve got a very special guest on Wise Kracks this week. Derek Stevens is one of the architects of modern Las Vegas. As the owner of properties around Vegas including the Golden Gate Casino, the D Las Vegas, and the Circa, Derek has seen huge changes in the city over the years. Derek has a reputation for being a man of the people. He’s down-to-earth and approachable, which is something that absolutely comes across in this episode.

Derek’s legacy is all about downtown Vegas. Everyone knows about the strip, but revitalizing the heart of the old Las Vegas has been Derek’s big success.

Jon and Bill can’t wait to question him about his experiences – why did he see potential away from the strip, how did he go about building his network, and what makes his casinos different from the rest.

Bill loves the Circa, partly because they let him bet on just about anything. If you tuned in last week you’ll know that Krack lost a chunk of change on the Pacquiao fight after some bad information. He bet at it the Circa, and he fills in Derek on his recent action.

Derek also pioneered a whole new way to bet in Vegas – without juice, which is what gets Bill’s attention – with his Circa Contests.

He explains how the contests work, his upcoming events and why there is practically positive EV built-in for everyone who enters. Derek and the guys talk about lots more too: proxy bettors, the history of Vegas and staying down to earth, and more.

Before they finish up Jon and Bill have time to catch up on all the latest in their lives, including luxury flights, getting ID’d for big bets at casinos, and picking up the best sportsbook bonuses from

It’s a high-energy, high-action show this week. You don’t want to miss it.

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