Lobster at the Raiders Game and Getting Kicked Out of Sportsbooks (Wise Kracks Ep. 61)

Wise Kracks is back with a brand new episode hot off the press with your regular co-hosts Bill Krackomberger and Jon Orlando.

NFL fever has been gripping the world of US sport this week, and it certainly got to Bill and Jon – they were in attendance at the maiden Monday night football game of the season between the Las Vegas Raiders and the Baltimore Ravens.

Raiders vs Ravens Recap

And what a game they chose. The guys kick off with a full de-brief from the 33-27 victory for the Raiders, and how great it is to have live sports back with fans.

It was Jon’s first time in the corporate boxes at the Allegiant Stadium in Vegas, and it’s safe to say he was impressed.

He and Bill take us through the whole experience, from free gourmet food trucks, personal waiters, and the guys who are dropping six figures every single game.

Best of all, they might even be back next week.

NFL Week 1 Bet Results

Bill and Jon also check in on the rest of the first-round NFL games, as well as how this week’s bets panned out. There’s Tom Brady’s last-minute drive downfield and how they must be sick watching him up in New England.

Jon had a big money line play of his own this week, and let’s just say it didn’t go well. Krack is on hand to explain exactly why money line parlays are just not a good idea.

Should Retired Boxers Come Back to Fight?

Bill and Jon also discuss the latest from the world of combat sports, specifically Evander Holfyfield’s unexpected return to the ring against Vitor Belfort.

Holyfield is 58 years old, and perhaps unsurprisingly fell to a first-round TKO at the hands of the much younger Belfort.

The fight has been heavily criticized in some sections of the media, with Holyfield effectively offering himself up for a paycheck, and Bill and Jon are both in agreement that these types of fights have long started feeling distasteful.

Weekly Betting Advice

This week’s episode of Wise Kracks is chock full of great betting advice in general.

Krack is in a generous mood, as he talks us through the concept of market capping and how he uses it to great effect.

There’s also some great advice about how to find square money, and the value you can get from betting against the public.

Looking ahead, Krack likes the look of Denver under 3 next week, and he’s predicting a big week for teams like Buffalo who need to avoid going 0-2.

The guys even have time to talk about the difference between placing your bets in brick and mortar sportsbooks and simply using an app, and why some gamblers just don’t trust themselves with the convenience of the apps.

Not Krack though, he knows how useful line shopping is on different apps to beat the modern sportsbooks.

It’s another great episode of Wise Kracks, absolutely jam-packed with football talk and valuable betting strategies from the best in the business.

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