Nick Diaz's Marijuana Ban Saga and Free Weekly Picks (Wise Kracks Ep. 62)

The Wise Kracks team are divided this week but if you think that’s stopping them from dropping a new episode you really haven’t been paying attention. Jon Orlando is at home in Vegas as usual, while Bill Krackomberger is back in the East Coast for a wedding in Long Island. He’s even still wearing his fancy threads for the show, even though he’s since made his way over to Atlantic City. We kick things off with Bill filling us in on his wedding and a quick glance at current affairs. DraftKings Sportsbook is making big moves in the industry, after offering $20 billion to take over a rival UK betting company called Entain Sportsbook.

NFL Line Movements and Opportunities

Soon it’s time to get down to business, and on Wise Kracks business means sports and how to bet on them. The NFL season is picking up speed in Week Three after the first couple of weeks, and Bill has a few words of advice for anyone who thinks they need to be betting on every game just because it’s on TV. The short version is don’t do it. Instead, picking your spots is the smart play. When games are attracting as much action as these opening NFL fixtures, it inevitably leads to line movement – which very often creates an imbalance and an opportunity to find value.

Despite repeated disapproval from Krack, Jon just can’t resist picking those moneyline favorites in parlays. He’s here to explain his latest multi-leg bet, which actually included three correct dogs – but got let down by the Saints who are playing the Patrios soon. Bill and Jon were at the Raiders’ Monday Night Football curtain-raiser last week, and they’re looking extremely impressive over the first couple of games. There have been big QB injuries already in the NFL, and the guys discuss what that might mean for the teams affected, and of course the betting market. There are loads more besides in the NFL, and the guys cover all the big stories of the week.

Final Stretch in the MLB – Picks & Predictions

Baseball season is getting towards the business end, and Jon has a long-standing prediction that the Dodgers are going to win the division – and he’s upgrading it to a win with 3 games to spare. It’s looking extremely tight between the Dodgers and the Giants, so watch this space, but the Dodgers have to beat the Reds this week for that to happen! There’s a tasty-looking UFC card at the weekend which Jon is happy to walk us through, as well as some of the latest news from the fight game. The headline is the return of Nick Diaz after a five-year suspension on marijuana violations, and Jon likes him for a winning return. Joan also makes a bold pick concerning the Volanovski and Ortega fight coming up!

Weekly Betting Tips and Community Questions

Wise Kracks is all about the community, and the guys like to kick it open to listener questions every now and again. To finish off this week, we’ve got questions on video poker strategy, comparing top heavyweight boxers of yesteryear with today, casino comps, and more. There’s basically no one better on the planet to shed some light on these kinds of questions than Bill Krackomberger, and he’s happy to do it.

All in all, It’s just another exciting and informative episode of Wise Kracks sports betting podcast.

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Bill Krackomberger

Expert on Top Picks

Billy “Krackman” Krackomberger has made his living as a professional sports gambler for nearly three decades. You have seen him on ESPN, Gaming Today, and SiriusXM. His connections in the sports gambling industry run all the way to the top. His bets move the lines and regularly have him banned from books for being too sharp. Email: [email protected]