Dodgers: World Series Champions? MLB Weekly Picks & Predictions (Wise Kracks Ep. 63)

Here at Wise Krack towers we’re used to Bill Krackomberger calling into the show from a variety of casinos from around the country, while co-host Jon Orlando holds the fort back in Vegas. For once, this week, neither of the guys are in Vegas. Wise Kracks is going coast to coast, with Jon in Los Angeles while Bill is on the beach (almost) in Atlantic City. The travelling has got the guys all nostalgic and they kick things off by chatting about what home means for two guys that have lived in so many places.

NFL is Heating Up

Things are heating up in the NFL. Jon is getting excited at the Dallas Cowboys 3-1 start, and the Rams are looking pretty useful too. Krack is on hand to warn us to take a step back, since overreaction is very common in early season NFL – even to the point of pretty significant line movement for one game happening while a totally separate game is in progress . This is something to keep an eye on, especially when a line is on the cusp of an NFL key number, as Krack explains. The guys cover all the latest NFL news, including the slew of new young quarterbacks and of course the big return of Tom Brady to New England. Kracks talks us through the line on that game, and why he thinks Brady and the Buccaneers might be being over valued by the sportsbooks. A big message from Krack this week: don’t believe the hype.

All Things MLB – Dodgers vs. Padres

While Jon’s in LA he’s taking the opportunity to catch the crucial MLB game between the Dodgers and the Padres with the division very finely poised between the Dodgers and the Giants. Bill has been banging the Giants drum for the World Series for months, ever since they were 80-1 early in the season while leading the division. No prizes for guessing that Jon didn’t get in on the act back when Bill called the bet however. With over 100 wins each, it’s going to be a historic end to the season whatever happens – and Jon is going big on record in calling the division winner in this week’s episode.

UFC weekly update

Jon and Bill check in on all the latest news from other sports too, including Jon’s weekly UFC update. It was an incredible title fight last weekend, but the cherry on the cake for Jon was that he finally hit one of his moon-shot parlays. His 7/7 bet came in, and he’s looking for approval from Krack – but he’s not gonna get it.

Weekly Betting Tips and Community Questions

There’s time for a few Twitter questions before we wrap up. We’ve got questions on the volume discrepancy between regulated US sportsbooks and the top offshore sites, bankroll management and how much you need to have to justify paying for picks, explaining stale numbers and more. This week’s episode is absolutely full of useful info and little sports betting nuggets, which you only get from the Krack man himself each week on Wise Kracks.

The guys end the podcast with a bang: Jon’s hottest prediction is a Dodgers World Series win and Bill couldn’t agree more.

All in all, It’s just another exciting and informative episode of Wise Kracks sports betting podcast.

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