QB Billy Joe Tolliver Tells EPIC Stories of '90s Era NFL

This week on Wise Kracks the guys sit down with former NFL gunslinger Billy Joe Tolliver. They talk through a crazy week in sports that includes massive bets, picks, analysis, and an update on how things look one week closer to the Super Bowl.

Plus, we’ve got insider stories from the glorious 1990s-era NFL featuring some of the most iconic players in the game.

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The Fascinating Life of NFL’s Billy Joe Tolliver

Billy Joe Tolliver played 12 seasons in the NFL and CFL including stints with the Chargers, Falcons, and Saints, and amassed over 10,000 passing yards and 59 touchdowns. In his second act, he became one of the most successful players on the celebrity tour golfer ever, winning the American Century Open an astounding four times.

Tolliver played with a long list of NFL greats and he was generous to share some of his most memorable experiences.

Krack and Jon have a fascinating conversation with Tolliver that includes an absolute gem about a former teammate’s rookie season. The rookie? Brett Favre.

You’ll have to watch the episode for the story but suffice to say, sometimes adversity can reveal the most about a person’s character. In this story, Tolliver watched the way a struggling Favre reacted to tough times and knew beyond a shadow of a doubt, he was looking at a future superstar.

Will The Cowboys Win the Super Bowl?

Take a look at our NFL futures predictions and odds for more on who has a chance to make it to the Super Bowl.

Billy Joe Tolliver dropped a ton of knowledge nuggets on today’s episode but we were particularly interested in his opinion of whether the Dallas Cowboys have what it takes to make it to the Super Bowl and potentially win it all.

Jon Orlando’s ears perked up, being a die-hard Cowboys fan himself.

Tolliver pointed at coach Mike McCarthy and how important it is for Dak Prescott to stay healthy as major factors. There are a number of major obstacles standing in the Cowboys’ way, including the Washington Football Team and the San Francisco Giants.

Tolliver says: Let’s just win the division, get in the playoffs, and then let’s cut Dak loose and those receivers and let that defense get healthy and play how they play. We’ve got a chance.

It was music to Jon’s ears but left Krack shaking his head, perhaps not sharing quite the same level of optimism.

BetMGM Takes $257k Bet on Biggest Lock Ever

A bettor on the BetMGM app put a staggering $257,267 on neither the Bills nor the Patriots to score 40+ points. The line was -10,000 which means that a quarter-million dollar bet only pays $2,573.

Heading into the game New England averaged 28 for and 15 against to Buffalo’s 29.6 for and 16.5 against. The guys discuss whether this is a smart bet to take how the opposite side of the bet looks as a massive longshot.

Considering the game’s final score was just 14-10 for the Pats, it looks like the lock of the century was the way to go.

We have to imagine the person holding that ticket was sweating over the chance of something crazy happening with $257k hanging in the balance.

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