2023 NBA Championship Odds & Predictions

  • The 2022 NBA Champion Golden State Warriors open the NBA offseason as the favorites for 2023
  • The Finals runner-up Boston Celtics just edge the 2021 Champion Milwaukee Bucks as favorites for the title out of the Eastern Conference
  • The LA Clippers surprise with the fourth-best odds to win the 2023 NBA Championship

After what was a gruelling return to 82-games in the NBA, and a compressed playoff schedule, the Golden State Warriors came out of the year as the NBA Champions. They defeated the Eastern Conference winning Boston Celtics in just six games!

With the NBA off-season underway, many are already looking ahead at who will be the winners of the 2023 NBA season. While the Warriors and Celtics are the sportsbook’s favorite, there are a few teams who look to surprise the contenders next year.

Despite reaching at least the Western Conference Finals in the past two seasons, as well as earning the best record in league in 2022, the Phoenix Suns are currently outside of the top four. The sportsbooks are surprisingly listing the LA Clippers as most likely to compete for the NBA and Western Conference crown with the Warriors.

Let’s take a closer look at the odds to win the 2023 NBA Championship!

2023 NBA Championship Odds

Odds taken from DraftKings Sportsbook

Winner Odds
BOS Celtics +550
LA Clippers +600
GS Warriors +600
BKN Nets +700
MIL Bucks +800
PHO Suns +1200
PHI 76ers +1500
LA Lakers +1800
DEN Nuggets +1900
DAL Mavericks +2000
MIN Timberwolves +3000
NO Pelicans +4000
TOR Raptors +4500
ATL Hawks +4500
CHI Bulls +5000
POR Trail Blazers +8000
CLE Cavaliers +9000
NY Knicks +10000
CHA Hornets +15000
UTA Jazz +20000
WAS Wizards +35000
OKC Thunder +70000
SAC Kings +70000
DET Pistons +70000
IND Pacers +100000
SA Spurs +100000
ORL Magic +200000
HOU Rockets +200000

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NBA Championship Winner

2023 NBA Championship Predictions

All odds are retrieved from DraftKings Sportsbook.

With so many changes already afoot through the 2022 NBA offseason, it really seems like it’ll be one of the most competitive seasons ever for the NBA championship. While the Warriors top the list, the following teams are also in the running for the NBA title.

Golden State Warriors (+600)

Team 21-22 Record Result PTS Leader ASTS Leader REB Leader
GSW 53-29, 3rd in West Won Finals S. Curry (25.5) D. Green (7.0) D. Green, K. Looney (7.3)

Key Players: Stephen Curry, Draymond Green, Klay Thompson, Andrew Wiggins

Head Coach: Steve Kerr

After two non-playoff years after their last performance in the NBA Finals, the Warriors finally find themselves back on the mountaintop. They showed through their defensive standards and incredibly threatening offence, that they are truly one of the greatest franchises in NBA history.

The Warriors don’t project to be the 2023 NBA Champions just because of their status as current champs. Expect young players like Jonthan Kuminga and Jordan Poole to hit another tier in their production, while also having James Wiseman return to the lineup to build off of what was a promising rookie campaign.

The Golden State Warriors like to play small, and that can be a detriment to them at times. They also found themselves struggling to find a secondary scorer to support Curry in the playoffs. At the end of the day their execution and defence won them the 2022 NBA title, but they’re not a team without weakness.

Boston Celtics (+550)

Team ’21-’22 Record Result PTS Leader ASTS Leader REB Leader
BOS 51-31, 2nd in East Lost in NBA Finals J. Tatum (26.9) M. Smart (5.9) R. Williams (9.6)

Key Players: Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, Marcus Smart, Robert Williams

Head Coach: Ime Udoka

The Boston Celtics fell just short of their ultimate goal of adding another NBA Championship to their storied franchise. Despite their loss to the Golden State Warriors, it doesn’t take away from the Celtic’s fantastic achievement or the performance of first-year head coach Ime Udoka.

Through the NBA Playoffs, Jayson Tatum showed that he has the potential to be one of the biggest stars in the league. He had his down points, but the play of Smart, Horford, and especially Jaylen Brown, usually made up the difference.

The Boston Celtics’ depth was one of their greatest assets when reaching the NBA Finals. As they aim for another run at the title, their continuity should be what sets them above other contenders in the East.

Milwaukee Bucks (+800)

Team ’21-’22 Record Result PTS Leader ASTS Leader REB Leader
MIL 51-31, 3rd in East Lost in Semi-Finals G. Antetokounmpo (29.9) J. Holiday (6.8) G. Antetokounmpo (11.6)

Key Players: Giannis Antetokounmpo, Khris Middleton, Jrue Holiday

Head Coach: Mike Budenholzer

The Milwaukee Bucks were having a dominant season through 2021-2022, however injuries derailed their progress. While they were knocked out in the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals, their inability to find production through injuries spelled their doom.

Star big man Giannis Antetokounmpo put on another MVP-worthy season with the Bucks in 2021-2022, and doesn’t look as if he’s going to be slowing down anytime soon. His performance will always put the Bucks in the running for an NBA title.

The Bucks need to improve their depth if they hope to get back into the running for the NBA title. Last season showed how injuries can derail their plans, especially considering their scoring ability drops off significantly with any of their main trio unavailable.

LA Clippers (+600)

Team ’21-’22 Record Result PTS Leader ASTS Leader REB Leader
LAC 42-40, 8th in West Lost in Play-In Tournament P. George (24.3) P. George (5.7) I. Zubac (8.5)

Key Players: Kawhi Leonard, Paul George, Reggie Jackson

Head Coach: Tyronn Lue

Despite not making the NBA Playoffs last season, the LA Clippers find themselves in the top four of most sportsbooks for the NBA title in 2023. While their performance last season disappointed, their potential is incredible.

Of what was meant to be a devastating trio, Kawhi Leonard, Paul George, and Norman Powell combined to play just 36 of a possible combined 246 regular season games. On a positive note, their remaining roster was still able to finish above .500 on the season.

If the Clippers can have a relatively healthy roster, even if just for a playoff run, there’s seemingly nothing they can’t accomplish. However, their success depends purely upon their fantastic role players having a true star to follow.

WSN’s Pick – NBA Championship

Golden State Warriors to Win 2022 NBA Championship

There are so many variables yet to be determined through the NBA offseason, but the Golden State Warriors are one of the teams that actually project to improve without any significant roster changes. In terms of defending their title, the Warriors are the league’s best modern example.

Who Were the 2022 NBA Champions?

The 2022 NBA Champions were the Golden State Warriors! After two down seasons where they suffered from significant injuries to their stars and, at one point, the worst record in the league, they showed that health was the only thing holding them back.

The Warriors faced the Boston Celtics in the 2022 NBA Finals, winning the series 4-2 on Boston’s home court.

After winning his fourth NBA Championship, Stephen Curry won his first ever NBA Finals MVP Award.

Their route to the team’s seventh Championship was no easy task:

Opponent Conference Seed (Record) Series Record Team PPG Opp PPG GSW PPG Leader GSW REB Leader GSW AST Leader
Boston Celtics East 2nd (51-31) 4-2 104.8 100.8 S. Curry (31.2) A. Wiggins (8.8) D. Green (6.2)
Dallas Mavericks West 4th (52-30) 4-1 115.2 106.6 S. Curry (23.8) K. Looney (10.6) S. Curry (7.4)
Memphis Grizzlies West 2nd (56-26) 4-2 111.0 110.3 S. Curry (26.0) D. Green (8.7) D. Green (6.0)
Denver Nuggets West 6th (48-34) 4-1 118.0 110.0 S. Curry (28.0) A. Wiggins (6.8) D. Green (7.4)

NBA Champions by Year

Here is a list of historical NBA Champions by year:

Year Western Conference Champion Series Result Eastern Conference Champion
2022 Golden State Warriors 4-2 Boston Celtics
2021 Phoenix Suns 2-4 Milwaukee Bucks
2020 Los Angeles Lakers 4-2 Miami Heat
2019 Golden State Warriors 2-4 Toronto Raptors
2018 Golden State Warriors 4-0 Cleveland Cavaliers
2017 Golden State Warriors 4-1 Cleveland Cavaliers
2016 Golden State Warriors 3-4 Cleveland Cavaliers
2015 Golden State Warriors 4-2 Cleveland Cavaliers
2014 San Antonio Spurs 4-1 Miami Heat
2013 San Antonio Spurs 3-4 Miami Heat
2012 Oklahoma City Thunder 1-4 Miami Heat
2011 Dallas Mavericks 4-2 Miami Heat
2010 Los Angeles Lakers 4-3 Boston Celtics
2009 Los Angeles Lakers 4-1 Orlando Magic
2008 Los Angeles Lakers 2-4 Boston Celtics
2007 San Antonio Spurs
4-0 Cleveland Cavaliers
2006 Dallas Mavericks 2-4 Miami Heat
2005 San Antonio Spurs 4-3 Detroit Pistons
2004 Los Angeles Lakers 1-4 Detroit Pistons
2003 San Antonio Spurs
4-2 New Jersey Nets
2002 Los Angeles Lakers 4-0 New Jersey Nets
2001 Los Angeles Lakers 4-1 Philadelphia 76ers
2000 Los Angeles Lakers 4-2 Indiana Pacers
1999 San Antonio Spurs 4-1 New York Knicks
1998 Utah Jazz 2-4 Chicago Bulls
1997 Utah Jazz 2-4 Chicago Bulls
1996 Seattle SuperSonics 2-4 Chicago Bulls
1995 Houston Rockets
4-0 Orlando Magic
1994 Houston Rockets
4-3 New York Knicks
1993 Phoenix Suns 2-4 Chicago Bulls
1992 Portland Trail Blazers 2-4 Chicago Bulls
1991 Los Angeles Lakers 1-4 Chicago Bulls
1990 Portland Trail Blazers 1-4 Detroit Pistons
1989 Los Angeles Lakers 0-4 Detroit Pistons
1988 Los Angeles Lakers 4-3 Detroit Pistons
1987 Los Angeles Lakers 4-2 Boston Celtics
1986 Houston Rockets 2-4 Boston Celtics
1985 Los Angeles Lakers 4-2 Boston Celtics
1984 Los Angeles Lakers 3-4 Boston Celtics
1983 Los Angeles Lakers 0-4 Philadelphia 76ers
1982 Los Angeles Lakers 4-2 Philadelphia 76ers
1981 Houston Rockets 0-4 Boston Celtics
1980 Los Angeles Lakers 4-2 Philadelphia 76ers
1979 Seattle Supersonics 4-1 Washington Bullets
1978 Seattle Supersonics 3-4 Washington Bullets
1977 Portland Trail Blazers 4-2 Philadelphia 76ers
1976 Phoenix Suns 2-4 Boston Celtics
1975 Golden State Warriors 4-0 Washington Bullets
1974 Milwaukee Bucks 3-4 Boston Celtics
1973 Los Angeles Lakers 1-4 New York Knicks
1972 Los Angeles Lakers 4-1 New York Knicks
1971 Milwaukee Bucks 4-0 Baltimore Bullets
1970 Los Angeles Lakers 3-4 New York Knicks
1969 Los Angeles Lakers 3-4 Boston Celtics
1968 Los Angeles Lakers 2-4 Boston Celtics
1967 San Francisco Warriors 2-4 Philadelphia 76ers
1966 Los Angeles Lakers 3-4 Boston Celtics
1965 Los Angeles Lakers 1-4 Boston Celtics
1964 San Francisco Warriors 1-4 Boston Celtics
1963 Los Angeles Lakers 2-4 Boston Celtics
1962 Los Angeles Lakers 3-4 Boston Celtics
1961 St. Louis Hawks 3-4 Boston Celtics
1960 St. Louis Hawks 3-4 Boston Celtics
1959 Minneapolis Lakers 0-4 Boston Celtics
1958 St. Louis Hawks 4-2 Boston Celtics
1957 St. Louis Hawks 3-4 Boston Celtics
1956 Fort Wayne Pistons 1-4 Philadelphia 76ers
1955 Fort Wayne Pistons 3-4 Syracuse Nationals
1954 Minneapolis Lakers 4-3 Syracuse Nationals
1953 Minneapolis Lakers 4-1 New York Knicks
1952 Minneapolis Lakers 4-3 New York Knicks
1951 Rochester Royals 4-3 New York Knicks
1950 Minneapolis Lakers 4-2 Syracuse Nationals
1949 Minneapolis Lakers 4-2 Washington Capitols
1948 Baltimore Bullets
4-2 Philadelphia 76ers
1947 Chicago Stags 1-4 Philadelphia Warriors

Do the NBA Champions Receive a Prize?

The NBA Champions receive the Larry O’Brien Trophy upon closing out their opponents in the NBA Finals. The Larry O’Brien Trophy was only awarded beginning in 1984. Before that, teams received the Walter A. Brown Trophy. The Walter A. Brown Trophy now resides in the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame.

In terms of prize money, the NBA Champions don’t receive anything of the sort. Due to the fact that teams participating in the NBA Playoffs are entitled to additional television revenues, players receive a bonus for each game they participate in. In 2018, the amount was reported to be in the realm of $20 million. The winner of the prize pool had approximately $3 million to split between their players.

Exposure is also a huge reward for the NBA Champions during their following season. Massive amounts of signage, imagery, and player likeness from the championship side are used for the subsequent season. Champions can also expect an increase in nationally televised games. For example, the 2019 Champion Toronto Raptors received 11 nationally broadcasted games in 2019-2020, compared to an average of just three per season in their previous ten seasons.

What Is the Larry O’Brien Trophy?

The Larry O’Brien Trophy is the ultimate reward for the years NBA Championship team. Introduced in 1984, the Larry O’Brien Trophy replaced the more cup-like Walter A. Brown Trophy. Unlike the Walter A. Brown Trophy, each team gets to keep one version of the Larry O’Brien Trophy for themselves.

The Larry O’Brien Trophy is made of seven kilograms of sterling silver and vermeil, with a 24 karat gold overlay as defined by Tiffany & Co. The design imitates a basketball entering the net. The team name and year of their victory is engraved on the base of the trophy, usually displayed prominently in the team’s home arena.

Players, coaches, and staff are usually able to organize times during the offseason in which they can acquire the Larry O’Brien Trophy for temporary, personal use.

What Are NBA Championship Rings?

Due to the fact that NBA players on the championship side don’t get to keep a version of the Larry O’Brien Trophy for themselves, Championship Rings have been common for teams to commission for its players.

Modest during the outset of the NBA, Championship rings have grown more beautiful and lavish as the years have gone on.

Jason of Beverly Hills crafted the 2021 NBA Champion Milwaukee Bucks’ ring. It features more than 400 diamonds, and a removable top that features a QR code that can be scanned to display all of the best moments from Milwaukee’s championship season.

Who Were the First NBA Champions?

The inaugural winners of the NBA Championship were the 1946-1947 Philadelphia Warriors. Technically speaking, at the time of their victory the league was known as the BAA or the Basketball Association of America. If you consider 1948 as the true debut season of the NBA, the eventual NBA Champions were still the Philadelphia Warriors.

Which Franchise Has the Most NBA Championships?

NBA Championships Team Year(s) Won
17 Boston Celtics 1957, 1959, 1960, 1961,
1962, 1963, 1964, 1965,
1966, 1968, 1969, 1974,
1976, 1981, 1984, 1986,
16 Los Angeles Lakers
(Also as Minneapolis Lakers)
1949, 1950, 1952, 1953,
1954, 1972, 1980, 1982,
1985, 1987, 1988, 2000,
2001, 2002, 2009, 2010
7 Golden State Warriors
(Also as Philadelphia/San Francisco Warriors)
1947, 1956, 1975, 2015,
2017, 2018, 2022
Chicago Bulls 1991, 1992, 1993, 1996,
1997, 1998
5 San Antonio Spurs 1999, 2003, 2005, 2007, 2014
3 Philadelphia 76ers
(Also as Syracuse Nationals)
1955, 1967, 1983
Detroit Pistons
(Also as Fort Wayne Pistons)
1989, 1990, 2004
Miami Heat 2006, 2012, 2013
2 Milwaukee Bucks 1971, 2021
New York Knicks 1970, 1973
Houston Rockets 1994, 1995
1 Cleveland Cavaliers 2016
Atlanta Hawks
(As St. Louis Hawks)
Washington Wizards
(As Washington Bullets)
Oklahoma City Thunder
(As Seattle SuperSonics)
Portland Trail Blazers 1977
Dallas Mavericks 2011
Baltimore Bullets 1948
Sacramento Kings 1951
Toronto Raptors 2019

Which Franchise Hasn’t Won an NBA Championship?

There are a number of NBA franchises that are yet to win a title. Whether they’ve been terribly close or never within striking distance, these teams are still looking to add the Larry O’Brien trophy to their cabinet.

  1. Indiana Pacers (est. 1976)
  2. Charlotte Hornets (est. 1988 as Hornets, 2004 as Bobcats, 2014 as Hornets)
  3. Oklahoma City Thunder (est. 2008)
  4. Brooklyn Nets (est. 2012)
  5. Memphis Grizzlies (est. 2001)
  6. Utah Jazz (est. 1979)
  7. Phoenix Suns (est. 1968)
  8. New Orleans Pelicans (est. 2002 as NO Hornets, 2013 as Pelicans)
  9. LA Clippers (est. 1984)
  10. Denver Nuggets (est. 1976)
  11. Orlando Magic (est. 1989)
  12. Minnesota Timberwolves (est. 1989)

Which NBA Franchise Was Quickest to an NBA Championship?

Founded in 1968-1969, the Milwaukee Bucks won their first NBA Championship during the 1970-1971 NBA season. Outside of the Philadelphia Warriors, who won the inaugural BAA Finals, the Milwaukee Bucks were the fastest expansion team to the title. But how did they do it?

After the drafting of Lew Alcindor, later known as NBA Legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, in 1969 and acquiring Oscar Robertson in a trade, the Milwaukee Bucks found their way to an NBA Championship by sweeping the Baltimore Bullets in the 1971 NBA Finals.

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