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Sites Like Luckyland Slots Casino: 9 Best Alternatives 2024

Written by: Loren Oller
Fact-checked by: Ioana Romanasu
10 min read

Luckyland Slots is a well-known online sweepstakes casino that stands out as a notable platform for gamers in the US looking for a free way to play casino style games online. Owned by the reputable Virtual Gaming Worlds, it has carved itself some space in the social gaming scene. 

Luckyland offers both social gaming and sweepstakes gaming: playing with Luckyland and similar alternatives is free, so you can hop on and enjoy without digging into your pockets, and you can also potentially redeem real cash prizes. But Luckyland is hardly the only show in town. In this review we’ll be covering Luckland and also checking out some of the alternative sweeps casinos you can choose which might suit your preferences better.

What Casinos Are Similar To Luckyland Slots?

Here is a list of alternative sweeps casinos that are similar to Luckyland Slots. Keep reading further down the page for more details about our top recommendations.

  1. Fortune Coins

  2. Chumba Casino

  3. Pulsz Casino

  4. High 5 Casino

  5. Wow Vegas

  6. Global Poker

  7. Stake.us

  8. McLuck Casino

  9. Funrize Casino

A Closer Look At Our Top 5 Alternatives

Below are our top five from the above list. See below how they fare against Luckyland Slots.

1. Fortune Coins

Sites Like Luckyland Slots Casino: Fortune Coins Casino

Fortune Coins is an emerging name in the world of social casinos, known for its multi-part welcome offers and as a nice option for those looking to dip their toes into the world of social gaming. If you complete all the steps, the welcome bonus can wind up being worth 4,300 in Fortune Coins (their version of sweeps coins) and millions of Gold Coins. The platform stands out with its cartoonish software design, which offers a fun, light-hearted environment for players, contrasting the often serious and intense atmosphere of many other online real-money casinos. In fact, it’s a pretty similar aesthetic to Luckyland Slots, so it’s a sensible choice if you’re already a fan of that platform. 

Again similar to Luckyland, Fortune Coins’ game offerings are on the smaller side when compared to some of its competitors with the primary focus being on slots. However, what sets it apart is its small selection of table games - which Luckyland lacks. Another addition is their range of fishing games, catering to players who have an interest in this particular style. In a nutshell, Fortune Coins offers a well-rounded, varied offering, whether you’re looking for slots or something a little different.

Play at Fortune Coins Casino Here CTA icon

2. Global Poker

Sites Like Luckyland Slots Casino: Global Poker Social Casino

As the only sweepstakes poker room on our list of recommended sites, Global Poker caters primarily to poker players, although it does have a limited library of casino-style games. Virtual Gaming Worlds oversees Global Poker, Luckyland Slots and Chumba Casino. 

A solid introduction awaits newcomers at Global Poker, although it doesn’t include free Sweeps Coins off the bat. Instead, you can purchase 150,000 GC for $10 and get a bonus of 30 Free SC. Global Poker’s promos are pretty different from most sweeps casinos and tend to consist of money added poker tournaments, but you can still pick up Sweeps Coins via mail in requests. Basically, if you're looking for a way to play poker online for free with the chance to win cash prizes, including in states than don’t allow regular real money online poker, Global Poker is for you.

Play at Global Poker Here CTA icon

3. Chumba Casino

Sites Like Luckyland Slots Casino: Chumba Casino

Like its sister sites, Chumba Casino presents a strong welcome package for its newcomers, featuring 2,000,000 free GC along with an additional 2 free SC. It’s easy to keep your Sweeps Coin supply ticking along too, thanks to Chumba’s daily login bonus, social media giveaways and mail handouts. 

Just like Lukyland, Chumba has rolled out a user-friendly app, but it’s for Android users only. Apple device users should take note that there's no dedicated Chumba app available on iOS, but you can play on your browser. Even though Chumba Casino is a sister site to Luckyland Slots, and share some similarities such as banking options and customer support, the look and feel are completely different.

A perfect example is the gaming menu - Chumba Casino has a more varied selection of well over 100 distinct titles, with everything from slots to classic blackjack and other table games. Additionally, Chumba Casino recently released Chumba Bingo in July, diversifying its gaming that step further.

Play at Chumba Casino Here CTA icon

4. High 5 Casino

Sites Like Luckyland Slots Casino: High 5 Sweepstakes Casino

High 5 Casino offers a tempting welcome package to its newcomers, providing 5 Free Sweeps Coins, 250 GC, and their own virtual currency of 600 Diamonds as soon as you sign up. These Diamonds, a distinctive virtual currency unique to High 5, are a fun addition to the experience and serve a special purpose. They can be utilized to unlock various game enhancements, including free spins and bonuses. A standout part of High 5 Casino is their live dealer options, which usually isn't a common feature of social casinos, and definitely gets a thumbs up on our end. Their mobile app is available across all devices and their site is stacked with over 800 games and titles. 

Overall, it’s a much bigger and more varied site than Luckyland Slots. If you want to expand your gaming options, High 5 is a great choice.

Play at High 5 Casino Here CTA icon

5. Pulsz Casino

Sites Like Luckyland Slots Casino: Pulsz Social Casino

Pulsz Casino offers a welcome bonus package that consists of 5,000 Gold Coins and 2.3 Sweeps Coins when you sign up, plus a boost on your first coin purchase. All in all, it can be worth 367,000 Gold Coins plus an additional 32.3 Sweepstakes Coins to new members. Pulsz also provides VIP members (which basically means fully verified accounts) with various benefits like daily log-in coins, participation in social competitions, and access to weekly new game releases. 

Pulsz have developed apps for iOS and Android for mobile gameplay, while the LuckyLand app is exclusively on Android. They also have periodic giveaways on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, where participants can answer questions to claim coins and even win crazy prizes, like holidays and cars.

Play at Pulsz Casino Here CTA icon

Why Look For An Alternative To Luckyland Slots Casino?

Luckyland Slots is without a doubt a great choice, but it never hurts to shop around first. There are plenty of social casinos out there that offer services Lukyland doesn’t or specialize in your favorite games which you can’t get at Lucklyand. Find the right platform for you and your preferences. Here are some specific reasons you may choose to look elsewhere:

Gaming Choices

Luckyland Slots Casino provides a very slot-focused menu for players. It does have blackjack, but if the likes of other table games, live dealer games or poker are your thing, it might be best to check out the alternatives. If table games are your thing than you should check out Sweeptastic Casino. If you’re going to put in the hours at a sweeps casino, do it on the games you love.

Offers and Promotions

Like many sweeps casinos, Luckyland provides a consistent login bonus of both GC and SC. This isn’t the only type of promo out there – certain social casinos provide daily spins or mystery prizes as their log-in bonus – so you need to make up your mind which suits your gaming style best. There are lots of different types of offers out there for you to explore. For example Zula casino offer an excellent welcome offer of 100,000 FC and 10 SC with additional 250,00 GC and 10 SC available for $2.99. You can read more about it in our in-dept Zula Casino review.

Community and Social Features

For some players, gaming isn't just about the games themselves but also about the community and social aspects that come with it. Some platforms offer chat rooms, forums, and even social media integrations that allow players to interact, share strategies, and celebrate the wins together. Luckyland has their “Lucky Duck” community, which is very engaging and automatically puts you up to possibly win the “Lucky Duck of the Month Prize” - which can earn you extra coins.

Other platforms have arguably even more intuitive community feeds. For example, Stake.US has a live chat for their community on the home page of their website. If you're looking to share your experiences with other players, there may be better platforms out there. 

The Fine Print

Luckyland is no different to other sites: there are plenty of terms and conditions involved in bonuses and gameplay, they’re very specific, and no one likes reading them. But they are important and you might discover that another site offers terms that are more favorable to you. This can come in the form of specific requirements to redeem prizes or collect your winnings, so make sure you pick the platform where you understand the fine print. 

Customer Support Channels

Luckyland’s customer service section is fine. They have a long detailed list of FAQs, with step-by-step guides and articles answering any questions you might have. They’re also grouped under separate headings, which makes your questions easier to answer, and you can submit a question via email and expect an answer in a timely manner. This is industry standard, but live chat support is valued by a lot of people, and having that extra line of communication is definitely somewhere Luckyland can improve. If live chat is a dealbreaker for you, there are other sites that have it.

What To Look For In A Luckyland Slots Alternative

Selecting the ideal social casino requires a comprehensive understanding of the various elements that make up a site, so you can have the best experience possible. Here are some factors to consider, to assist you in making an informed choice:

Diverse Gaming Portfolio

Everyone has a game they prefer. If you're a fan of poker, Global Poker is great. If you have a keen interest in live dealer games, you might find High 5 Casino more to your liking. If you like slots, you’re in the right place with Luckyland, but McLuck is also a solid option. Really it's down to what you want to play, plenty of these alternatives specialize in games that Luckyland doesn’t, so check them out.

Mobile Compatibility

People love the option to play on the go. Having an interface that has a responsive design for mobile devices or a dedicated mobile app is important for social casinos to retain as many players as possible. You’ll find that most social casinos are optimized for mobile gameplay but not every single one has an app for both iOS and Android, so in some instances you may be limited to using your browser. Check the app options if you love playing from your phone. 

Banking Options

Every player's banking preference varies. While there is no pressure to actually spend money in social casinos, the option is still there if you do decide to top up your Gold Coin supply. Most platforms, including Luckyland, have various different payment options. Make sure the method you want to use is available before you sign-up - whether PayPal, Apple Pay, or even cryptocurrency - so you don’t end up disappointed. If you're looking for a good sweepstake casino that accepts crypto then take a look at our full in-depth review of Scrooge Casino.

User-Friendly Interface

When searching for an alternative to Luckyland Casino, it's crucial to opt for a platform with a user-friendly interface. Some platforms can be a maze of categories and unnecessary extra web pages. A well-designed and intuitive interface not only enhances your gameplay but also saves you time navigating through menus and games, so it's something we tend to prioritize. Look for a social casino that offers easy navigation, clear game categorization, and a layout that suits your preferences. 

In the end, it's all about finding the casino that fits what you want. Keep these points in mind, and you'll find a platform that's right for you.

How Did We Select These Sites?

Our selection process is solely grounded in our own gameplay experience. We’re players before reviewers, and we know what we want out of the platforms we use. Here's a glimpse into the criteria we prioritize for every sweepstakes casino we review:

Website and Functionality

The visual appeal and usability of a sweepstakes casino are crucial when deciding which platform suits you best. Luckyland feels quite nostalgic, an old school layout with an arcade-like style. Its sister site Chumba, is more clean and minimal, yet fun and eye-catching in other ways. Stake.US, is very modern (maybe even a bit intimidating for some), but when you get your bearings it's incredibly intuitive. Everyone is different, and we aim to capture the site’s unique design qualities in every review.

User Experience and Engagement

While the visual appeal of a site is essential, the overall experience, from registration to playing, is just as important. We actively engage with each platform, focusing on factors like how easy it is to navigate, the responsiveness of the site or app, and the ease of accessing features and playing games. Platforms that provide a seamless user experience are always highlighted in our reviews. No one should enter a site blind and feel overwhelmed - it should be fun and easy.

Game Assortment

Possibly the most important part is the selection of games. When it all comes down to it, we’re hopping on these platforms to play, so you should enjoy the variety of games available on a platform that offers the best selection. We divide out our game time evenly on each platform, testing out all the different categories of games. If a site gets our seal of approval, it means we think its menu of games is worth checking out.

Banking and Redemptions Options

It's important for us to dive into every available payment method, both for purchasing in-game currency and for redeeming prizes. Our goal is to ensure transparency for our readers, so they're well-informed about the duration required for the different methods out there. No one wants to end up excited for a cash prize transfer, only to find out they won’t receive it for a number of weeks. 

Customer Support

These sites can be overwhelming and the terms and conditions can be stringent. We put a lot of value on how easy you can get your questions answered by a platform. All of these platforms provide a long list of FAQs and in-depth articles, where you can find the information you need to understand their processes. Live chat support still remains relatively rare for social casinos, but some sites do provide it and we’re sure that norm will change as the landscape grows. 

Games Like Luckyland Slots Casino

In this section, we want to offer suggestions for the best Luckyland Slots alternatives games we’ve played at other sites.

If you like Power of Ra on Luckyland Slots, try The Sand Princess at Chumba Casino

The Sand Princess and Power of Ra are both slot games, each with its unique attraction. While The Sand Princess at Chumba offers players an enchanting Arabian desert backdrop, complete with the Sand Princess herself overseeing the reels, Power of Ra on Luckyland Slots takes players on a journey into the mysteries of ancient Egypt.

Beyond their thematic differences, Power of Ra stands out with its progressive jackpot, activated by eagle symbols, along with a healthy selection of both Wilds and Free Symbols. There’s a free spin bonus round up for grabs in The Sand Princes too, which is even more volatile and can lead to huge jackpot wins.

If you like Vaults of Valhalla at Luckyland Slots, try Dragon Guard Jackpot Dash at High5 Casino

Vaults of Valhalla and Dragon Guard Jackpot Dash are two great slot games. Vaults of Valhalla is steeped in Norse mythology, offering players 576 ways to win and 4 bonus features, with a highlight being the 10X multiplier for Thor-associated wins during Free Spins. On the other hand, Dragon Guard Jackpot Dash from High5 immerses gamers in a fantasy realm, providing a 5x3 grid with 243 paylines, a solid 96% RTP, and high volatility. A standout feature is the collection of jackpots hidden behind pieces of treasure, which you need to collect.

If you like Atlantis at Luckyland Slots, try Emily’s Treasure at Stake.us

Both following an underwater theme, Atlantis at Luckyland Slots immerses players in the mysterious underwater city, boasting 10,000 ways to win. Emily’s Treasure on the other hand offers players an innovative game format where you can use a cannon to catch fish for rewards and payouts. It’s a great choice for something different, especially if you’re a fan of the Atlantean aesthetic of the original. 

If you like Neon Valley at Luckyland Slots, try Wild Chapo at Pulsz Casino

Both Wild Chapo from Relax Gaming and Neon Valley tap into the adventurous themes of outlaws and the wild frontier. Wild Chapo is a slot game that immerses players in a Mexican outback setting, offering re-spins, expanding wilds, multipliers, and up to 11 free spins in the bonus game. It also has a substantial top prize of 10,044x your bet.

On the other hand, Luckyland's Neon Valley game is set a couple of hundred miles north, focusing on a classic western theme with 30 winning lines, and including a progressive jackpot bonus. 

If you like Big Hit Blackjack at Luckyland Slots, try Live Dealer Blackjack at High 5 Casino

Luckyland is not known for its table games, but Big Bet Blackjack is the exception. It’s a classic virtual blackjack table, and is a nice change of pace from the slots that make up the rest of the menu. If you want to get deeper into blackjack at sweeps casino, the live dealer tables at High 5 Casino are next level.

You can play for either Gold Coins or Sweeps Coins watch a real life dealer run the game via the video feed, while you bet using the virtual interface. Live dealer games feel like the next frontier for sweeps sites, and the likes of High 5 and Stake.us are already pushing the boundaries by including them on their menus.

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Are sweepstakes casinos legal?

How old do I need to be to play?

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