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Sites Like Stake.us Casino: 9 Best Alternatives 2024

Written by: Loren Oller
Fact-checked by: Ioana Romanasu
10 min read

Stake.us is one of the top sweepstakes casinos in the US. It features a modern and easy-to-use website, tons of games, and even sponsorships with some of the biggest names in sports and entertainment. But it’s hardly the only show in town. Over the last few years, sweepstakes casinos have exploded all over the country, each with its own quirks, strengths, and weaknesses. 

Here, we’ll explore how the best Stake.us alternatives stack up. 

What Casinos Are Similar To Stake.us?

Here is a list of alternative sweeps casinos that are similar to Stake.us Casino. Keep reading further down the page for more details about our top recommendations.

  1. Fortune Coins

  2. Luckyland Slots

  3. Pulsz Casino

  4. High 5 Casino

  5. Wow Vegas

  6. Global Poker

  7. Chumba Casino

  8. McLuck Casino

  9. Funrize Casino

A Closer Look At Our Top 5 Alternatives

We’re taking a deep dive into five of our favorites from the list above, to see how they compare to Stake.us.

1. Chumba Casino

Sites Like Stake.us - Chumba Casino

Chumba Casino is one of the sites that really kicked off the sweepstakes explosion in the US. It was founded back in 2012 by a company called Virtual Gaming Worlds from Malta, but only really began to gain traction in the US more recently, having undergone various changes and updates. 

For us, Chumba is like the perfect midrange sweepstakes site. It does a lot of things right and feels very beginner friendly, while also not really worrying about pushing the envelope too much. Compared with Stake.us, its menu of games is significantly smaller, but it does include a good variety of slots, table games and bingo. The games at Chumba are designed by their inhouse team of software developers, while Stake.us features games from a variety of different providers. Stake.us is also one of the few sweeps sites to offer live dealer games, which Chumba Casino does not. 

New users get 2,000,000 Gold Coins just for signing up, along with two free Sweeps Coins. 

Stake.us is a cousin of the European crypto casino Stake.com which has been adapted for the world of US sweepstakes gaming. The general design of the site is similar, and they share another significant similarity too: cryptocurrency. Unlike most sweeps sites, including Chumba Casino, purchasing Gold Coin packages at Stake.us is done through crypto. If you’re into crypto, that’s great. But for others who prefer bank cards, transfers or e-wallets, it could be a barrier to entry and sites like Chumba may make more sense. This is something to bear in mind for pretty much all the Stake.us alternative sites on this page.

If you're looking for more crypto sweeps sites like Stake.us, then take a look at our review of Scrooge Casino and Vegas Gems.

Play at Chumba Casino here CTA icon

2. Fortune Coins

Sites Like Stake.us - Fortune Coins

Slots have traditionally been the cornerstone of sweeps casinos, and Fortune Coins is a great Stake.us alternative if you’re really just looking for a slots platform. While Stake.us prides itself on the diversity of its gaming options - slots, lots of different table games, live dealer tables, scratch games and more - Fortune Coins almost exclusively focuses on slots. It’s a relatively small selection - fewer than 100 games - but the variety within the menu is good, with exclusive games you can only play at Fortune Coins. 

Fortune Coins feels like a simpler site than Stake.us, with an emphasis on fun over sophistication. The welcome bonus is a good example. At Stake.us you’ll get 250,000 Gold Coins along with 25 Stake Cash for signing up - a pretty standard offer. Fortune Coins makes a kind of game out of the welcome bonus, throwing you more coins as you complete simple steps to get your profile set up, including phone verification and email consent, plus a daily login bonus of both Gold Coins and Fortune Coins.

If you absolutely max out this welcome bonus package (including logging in every day), you can wind up with 630,000 Gold Coins and 1,400 Fortune Coins.

Fortune Coins is also probably more active on social media, including coin giveaways, than Stake.us. Overall, Fortune Coins is a fun, beginner friendly alternative to Stake.us.

Play at Fortune Coins Casino here CTA icon

3. High 5 Casino

Sites Like Stake.us - High 5 Casino

In contrast, High 5 Casino feels much more like a platform on the same level as Stake.us, actively trying to push the envelope on what sweepstakes sites can be. The gaming menu at High 5 is similarly diverse to Stake.us but even larger, with around 800 games in total. It’s also the only other platform on this page that offers live dealer games, which is a real strong point of both. In terms of points of difference in the games - if you want to maximize your slot options, High 5 has the edge. Stake.us has more virtual table games.

Both sites have live chat customer support, which we like a lot. High 5 casino also goes the extra mile in terms of player wellbeing, thanks to its Reality Check feature which pops up periodically suggesting you take a break.

To pick up on the theme again, really the biggest difference between these two platforms is the fact that at Stake.us, you must use cryptocurrencies to purchase coins and redeem prizes, while High 5 offers bank cards, transfers, PayPal, and Skrill. For anyone put off by crypto, that’s a good selection of options.

If you sign up to High 5 now you’ll get 250 Gold Coins and 5 Sweeps Coins right away, along with 600 Diamonds. Diamonds are a special token High 5 has created, which you collect as you play and can be used to unlock various bonuses.

Play at High 5 Casino here CTA icon

4. Global Poker

Sites Like Stake.us - Global Poker social casino website

This is an easy one. Global Poker is the perfect Stake.us alternative if you’re looking for a way to play sweepstakes poker games. Online poker is heavily restricted in the US, but as a sweepstakes poker room, Global Poker is available in almost every single US state - just like its sister sites Chumba Casino and Luckyland Slots.

The variety and versatility of Global Poker is extremely impressive. You can play multiple different types of poker, including Texas hold’em, PLO, Omaha Hi Lo and more. Just like traditional real money poker rooms, you can also sit down at ring games and play directly with Gold Coins or Sweeps Coins, buy into sit’n’go’s or join one of the hundreds of tournaments that happen every single day.

The coin model works pretty much the same at Global Poker as at Stake.us (and all the other sites on this page), so you can play with either GC or SC, and redeem the latter for cash prizes. You'll get 5SC, 250 GC and 600 Diamonds when you sign up.

Finally, if that wasn’t enough, Global Poker does actually also host a few online casino style games too, although it’s a small selection.

Play at Global Poker here CTA icon

5. Funrize Casino

Sites Like Stake.us - Funrize Casino Homepage

Funrize is another sweeps site that is, on the whole, smaller than Stake.us, but it has a really distinctive style and some standout features that Stake.us lacks. Generally, the bonuses and promotions, especially for loyal players, are more extensive at Funrize. Similar to Fortune Coins, the welcome bonus unfolds as you complete various verification steps when you sign up and includes both GC and potential SC. 

When you sign up, you'll get 400,000 tournament cons and 1,000 entries, with the Funrize Wheel providing a random further bonus of either GC or SC.

Instead of a regular and predictable daily login bonus, Funrize lets you spin the Funrize Wheel once a day to trigger a random prize. There is also a loyalty program, which you graduate through the more you play, with seven different levels. Every time you get to a new level, the potential prizes on the Funrize Wheel get more valuable. Funrize is also one of the few sweeps sites to have a Refer a Friend promo, which Stake.us lacks. 

Again, the accepted payment methods at Funrize jump out when compared to Stake.us’s crypto-only options. Funrize offers bank cards and bank transfers, but is also the only site on our list that accepts Apple Pay.

Play at Funrize Casino here CTA icon

Why Look For An Alternative To Stake.us Casino?

Stake.us is a really excellent site, but it’s neither perfect nor the only option out there. There are definitely reasons you might like to try alternatives, and we’re covering the main ones in this section.

Banking Methods

So, this is definitely the main point here. Stake.us’ focus on cryptocurrencies can easily be seen as either its biggest ups or biggest weakness, depending on your point of view. In our opinion, it’s great to see a sweeps site really embrace crypto of all kinds, and let you both purchase coins and redeem your prizes in whatever cryptocurrency you want. It’s progressive and will be really appealing to crypto heads. The flipside to that is the fact that some people will be simply turned off by cryptocurrency. They might not use it, understand it, or simply prefer the simplicity of a bank card or other method. If you’re one of those people and you don’t want to learn more about crypto, there are alternatives out there.

Take a look at the Zula Casino review and its great selection of payment methods.

More Bonuses

Stake.us has a good selection of bonuses, from its welcome bonus package, that includes both GC and SC, through to its daily challenges and weekly raffle. That said, there are equally interesting and different bonuses available at other sites. You might like the progressive element of Luckyland Slots’ daily login bonus or the ability to spread the love with the Refer a Friend offer at Funrize. If you enjoy loyalty bonuses, you should check out our McLuck review to learn more. Each site has its charms in terms of bonuses.

Alternative and Exclusive Games

The gaming catalog at Stake.us is very strong, with probably the best selection of table games available anywhere and live dealer games on the menu. Still, it falls short in some categories compared with other sites. There are no bingo games for instance, but good bingo options are available at Chumba Casino. There is an overall deeper menu of slots at High 5 Casino. Global Poker is in a galaxy of its own if you want poker games, and Sweeptastic Casino offers an excellent choice of table games.


This isn’t a point about a specific feature, but a big positive of having a healthy ecosystem of competing casinos means you get to shop around and try out different sites. There’s no reason to stick to one site over another and you might find you end up just preferring the vibe at a different sweeps casino. You can create accounts at multiple sites too if you want, provided you manage your time efficiently and keep responsible gaming practices in mind. 

What To Look For In A Stake.us Alternative

So you’ve decided to check out some other sites to see how they stack up against Stake.us. What do you need to take into account? There are a lot of different factors that go into making a great sweepstakes casino, and one big miss in any of the below could wind up really affecting your experience. Consider the below a checklist of things to consider in sites like Stake.us. 

Welcome Offer

This is generally pretty much the first thing you notice about a new site, and that site’s first opportunity to pique your interest. Our favorite sites are the ones which give you a decent supply of both Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins (or whatever their equivalent is) as soon as you sign up, along with a special offer on your first purchase of additional coins. 


Obviously, this is a big consideration. Basically, you want to make sure that you can actually play the type of games that you want. If you’re pretty much just in it for slots you might like one of the slot-focused sites with a smaller menu, like Luckyland Slots for instance. Global Poker has the poker market covered, while only Stake.us and High 5 have live dealer games. Basically, you want to avoid signing up to a site that doesn’t have the games you’re looking for. 

Customer Support

This is another thing that it really pays to think about in advance. The last thing you want is to be enjoying your time on a site and then suddenly discovering you can’t get decent support when you run into an issue. We’re big fans of live chat support - which Stake.us and a few of its competitors have - but we also want to see a really detailed and easy to use Help section or FAQ section. 

Purchasing Coins and Redeeming Prizes

We’ve covered the importance of banking methods in relation to Stake.us vs alternative sites, so here we’ll just reiterate to check in advance that there is a method that works for you. Redeeming prizes is another important factor. The minimum allowable redemption should be considered, as well as any wagering requirements or other terms and conditions. Stake Cash (which is the Stake.us equivalent of Sweeps Coins) must be used to play games 3 times (3x wagering requirements) before you can request a redemption, while other sites (like Chumba Casino for instance) have easier 1x requirements attached to their Sweeps Coins. 

How Did We Select These Sites?

We follow a pretty simple and consistent framework for every site we review, and only the best ones make the cut to earn our recommendation. Below, you can see some of the main things that we consider.

Software and User Experience

This is kind of a general one, but basically we take our time with every site to really get a feel for the software and what it’s like to use. Sweeps gamers are a picky bunch, and what could be the perfect site for one could be terrible for another, from an aesthetic standpoint. Take Stake.us, which for our money is a really well designed platform, modern and fairly minimal from a design perspective. We know plenty of people who prefer the more cartoon-y, video game style of other sites like Luckyland Slots. The social feed at Stake.us - where you can chat with other people online as you play - is another one that somewhat divides opinion. We take all of this into our account to create a diverse and interesting mix of sites. 

First Hand Testing

It might be an obvious point, but it’s worth stating to be clear: we sign up, play the games and test out both the purchases and prize redemptions. Plenty of times, some or all of these features might not be exactly as advertised, and we make it our business to get to know them all first hand. We spend time on each site too, to really let the experience sink in. 

We Get in Touch

We always contact customer support, even if we don’t really have any questions. We want to see how fast the response is, how convenient the channel is and how accurate the information is. It’s kind of an acid test for how much the site cares about its players. 


We always take into account the experience of other people, and go digging in case there's any kind of history of taking advantage of or misleading players. Any site that seems suspicious isn’t going to make it through our tests. For sites with mobile apps, the reviews section on the App Store and Google Play Store are a great resource, and we always check them out too. 

Games Like Stake.us Casino

As we’ve touched on already, the games available are a real point of difference between the various sweepstakes casinos out there. Stake.us is one of the sites that use external software providers, including big names from the world of real money gambling like Pragmatic Play. You can even play sweepstakes versions of classic slots you might be familiar with from regular online casinos. But there are also lots of sites out there that create all their games themselves, using in-house software developers. 

It means there is a deep and varied pool of games out there, so we wanted to give some suggestions for alternatives from some of the most popular games at Stake.us. 

If you like Gates of Olympus at Stake.us, try Legendary Wins at Luckyland Slots

Gates of Olympus from Pragmatic Play is a classic. It’s themed around the Greek home of the Gods and features six reels filled with glittering jewels, with a bonus game waiting to be hit. Legendary Wins at Luckyland is very much cut from the same cloth. Both games have high volatility, and both even look like they could be set at the same ancient temple, with towering mountain peaks in the background. There are three separate bonuses in play on Legendary Wins and - similar to Gates of Olympus - and a free spin bonus game when you hit three scatters.

If you like Joker's Jewels at Stake.us, try Starburst at Pulsz Casino

Pulsz is one of the best places to go if you’re looking for sweepstakes versions of the most famous and popular slots from the world of traditional real money gambling. Case in point is their version of Starburst, the all time classic from NetEnt. Just like Joker’s Jewels at Stake.us, a big part of the appeal of Starburst lies in its simplicity - it’s just five reels and ten paylines, with a few nods to vintage slots thanks to the BAR and 7 symbols. Joker's Jewels is very similar, with its 5 reels and slot machine detail around the edge, and it makes sense that there is a big crossover in appeal between the two. 

If you like Video Poker at Stake.us, try Global Poker

Stake.us has an excellent selection of table games, including an in-house version of classic video poker. However, if you want the best and most versatile way to play poker games at a sweeps casino, you’ll need to sign up to Global Poker. While Stake.us’ video poker is fun, it’s a drop in the ocean compared with the gaming options at Global Poker. It’s just as easy to play a quick 20 minute session at a ring game as it is to settle in for the night in a tournament with hundreds of players. The variety of poker is great too - Texas hold’em, Omaha, Omaha Hi Lo, Jackpot Sit N Gos and more. 

If you like Wild West Gold at Stake.us, try Western Gold at Chumba Casino

There are some slot themes that are real classics, so much that you’re pretty much guaranteed to find some kind of variation of them no matter what site you’re playing on. Hunting for gold in the wild west is one, and it’s clear that both Stake.us and Chumba Casino have got the memo. These two games fulfill the brief perfectly: Dusty desert setting? Check. Weapons and explosives among the symbols? Check. Bonus games to hit big jackpots of gold? Check. Games like this are essential.

If you like Live Blackjack at Stake.us, try live Diamond Blackjack at High 5 Casino

Stake.us and High 5 Casino are the only two sites on this whole page that have sweepstakes live dealer games, giving both of them a real advantage over the competition. The software on both is very good, and follows pretty much the same format as live dealer games at real money casinos. If you want an alternative to Stake.us’ classic blackjack tables, try Diamond Blackjack at High 5. It has a couple of tweaks to the rules, the main one being that a blackjack in diamonds pays out at 2:1.


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Are sweepstakes casinos legal?

How old do I need to be to play?

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