DraftKings and Sportradar Reach Agreement on Multi-Year Deal

How did this Major Deal Come About?

Two of the biggest companies in the sports betting services industry have come together in a multi-year agreement as DraftKings and Sportradar have reached a long-term partnership that will allow Sportradar to provide official game data to the daily fantasy powerhouse.

Sportradar will continue to supply DraftKings data and betting content for the site’s real-time wagering offerings as well as their daily fantasy programs. The contract extension will allow DraftKings access to a wider host of official data feeds, including the NBA, NHL, and MLB for sports betting and DFS offerings.

“In 14 months, New Jersey has overtaken Las Vegas as the No. 1 sports betting destination, and a lot of it has to with the success of Atlantic City and online,” Mayor Small Sr. said during a meeting of the city’s Taxpayer’s Association. “But we don’t get one penny. … That’s unacceptable.”

Source: pressofatlanticcity.com

“We are proud to extend our partnership with DraftKings, one of the most respected gaming companies in the US,” said Neale Deeley, Vice President of US Sales and Gaming, Sportradar.
“DraftKings’ journey into sports betting has been a fantastic success, and we have been honored to be on that journey with them. We look forward to continuing that success for many years to come.”

Source: pressofatlanticcity.com

This is a Big Move for Draftkings

For DraftKings, the partnership will allow the company to provide their sportsbooks across the country better real-time data feeds that will help supplement the company’s live betting and in-game wagering services.

The agreement by the daily fantasy company is believed to place DraftKings in a better position to corner more of the in-game betting market as the wagering style becomes more popular to bettors.

“DraftKings’ goal is to build the best, most trusted and most customer-centric destination for sports fans and our expanded partnership with Sportradar provides us with superior support,” said Ezra Kucharz, chief business officer, DraftKings.

“This partnership will enhance customer experience by allowing us to provide faster turnaround time on our products and give us the opportunity to develop new, innovative offerings for our players.”

Source: sportradar.us

What Other Deals Has Sportradar Made Recently?

Another deal that Sportradar has made recently is with BetIndiana, providing real-time sports data and Managed Trading Services to their mobile sportsbook service. BetIndiana’s agreement with Sportradar comes on the heels of their mobile sportsbook launch with Spectacle Entertainment.

“We are pleased to be working with BetIndiana, a true pioneer in the US betting market,” said Neale Deeley, Vice President of US Sales and Gaming, Sportradar. “Given its focus on mobile and online sports betting, we are well-positioned to provide BetIndiana with the data, tools, and services it needs to succeed for many years to come.”

Source: sportradar.us

For Sportradar, the deal with BetIndiana, allows the data company to enter a new market and offer services that will allow them to continue to grow their business as wagering expands throughout the United States.

“Partnering with Sportradar, another business that’s aggressively diving into the US market, was the right fit for us,” said Frank Ignatius, President & Founder of USA Sports Gaming.

“As a startup in a competitive landscape, it’s crucial that we hit the ground running with a hyper focus on growth. Sportradar gives us the opportunity to do that, and we look forward to continuing our journey with them by our side.”

Source: sportradar.us

Indiana became the seventh state in America to offer mobile sports betting to customers in October of 2019.

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