FanDuel’s New Partnership With Gamban Will Most Benefit Compulsive Gamblers

FanDuel Partnership Gamban

  • Gamban has developed an important self-exclusion software to assist problem gamblers
  • FanDuel believes “educating customers of gambling responsibility” is imperative
  • The partnership is extensive also covering TVG, Betfair, FOXBet, PokerStars and Stars Casino

Each week announces a new partnership in the exploding world of US sports wagering. Ambitious projects aimed toward a financial “win-win” for two corporations joining forces. This week’s most interesting partnership more benefits a percentage of the customers each side services. The percentage of compulsive gamblers and people who need more effective tools to deal with their gripping challenge.

FanDuel Group has formed a partnership with Gamban, a UK-based technology company specializing in gambling blocking software, as part of its continued commitment to building a comprehensive responsible gaming program. It was the second deal in a week with a sports betting operator for Gamban.

Last week Kindred Group also announced a partnership agreement with Gamban to offer Unibet customers their ability to block online gambling sites across all devices in the US. The timing is significant as March is Problem Gambling Awareness Month.

Under the terms of the agreement for FanDuel and pending regulatory approval, all FanDuel customers who choose to self-exclude themselves can obtain a Gamban subscription. Their technology will block a user from accessing all gambling sites on up to 15 personal devices.

A Very Responsible Achievement

FanDuel feels proud to utilize this new software achievement to help further the potential for responsible gaming. Carolyn Renzin, Chief Risk & Compliance Officer, FanDuel Group offered these comments on the two companies forming a partnership to assist their customer and the gaming industry:

Educating customers about the importance of gambling responsibly and within limits is a business imperative and ethically the right thing to do. We already offer a suite of tools to help customers enjoy sports betting responsibly. Offering Gamban’s software to those customers signaling they need help adds another layer of protection for our customers, our program, and to the industry.

FanDuel’s partnership with Gamban is timely, coming right after the giant sportsbook operator made a multi-million-dollar commitment to the American Gaming Association’s “Have a Game Plan” campaign, aimed at educating consumers on how to wager responsibly and within their limits.

Keith Whyte, executive director of the National Council on Problem Gambling in Washington, DC, praised the companies’ moves.

We strongly support the ability of gamblers to self-exclude through both the operator and on their own personal devices. Self-exclusion is one part of what should be a comprehensive network of problem gambling prevention, education, treatment, enforcement, research and recovery services in every state.

Partnership Is Extensive

Gambians new partnership deal is extensive and carries boundaries with all divisions of FanDuel Group’s parent company, Flutter Entertainment. They are planning to deploy their software in Europe as well.

The agreement In North America will include FanDuel, TVG, Betfair, Stardust, FOXBet, PokerStars, and Stars Casino. As the program extends out, players choosing to adopt self-exclusion will be able to do so on an opt-in basis.

Jack Symons, the founder of Gamban, was excited regarding the benchmark achievement and said:

This is a massive moment for the industry and one we’ve been pushing to achieve since the launch of Gamban. As the largest real money gaming provider in the United States, FanDuel Group is making a statement of intent and throwing down the gauntlet to operators across the industry to offer self-exclusion support for their vulnerable customers.

With most US states reporting “mobile/online wagering” averaging over 90% for the past three to four months, Gamban’s new technology is a welcome assist for FanDuel to utilize and one that other sportsbook operators will likely consider using in the near future as well.

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