How to Pick the Best Fantasy Football Team Name

Best Fantasy Football Team Name

One of the most difficult, sacred, and fulfilling parts of the fantasy football process comes right at the very beginning of it all – the team name. This is something that can not be half asked. If you begin your trek by simply selecting the default name or getting lazy with it, we’re already debating the strength of our friendship.

The name selection process is a very large part of the fantasy process because this is what you will be known by for the rest of time and – if you’re lucky – this is the name that will be etched into the winner’s (or losers) trophy.

Now, while we’d like to say it’s as easy as one-two-three, it just flat out isn’t. However, there are a few systems in place to help guide you to a hall of fame name. We call them the Three P’s – Puns, Phrases, and Players.


Everyone and their uncle loves a good pun. Seriously, we can’t think of anyone that doesn’t enjoy a good dad joke ending in a pun. Well, regardless of if you’re a parent or are kidless, you’re in luck because this is your chance to turn on the dad humor.

A fine example is, Constantly Raided. You’re delivering some brilliant self-deprecating humor regarding the Raiders’ horrific recent history. If you’ve selected this and are also an Oakland or Las Vegas fan as well, then you get double the points. Let’s try one more for this pun example.

Carolina Sex Panthers. Oh, we love it! Not only are you referencing your favorite team, you’re also quoting one of the greatest comedies of all time Anchorman. We also hear that sixty percent of the time it works every time.


While we do love a good pun, you should probably opt for the player reference in your name. This makes it way more fun. However, it also adds a layer of difficulty to your strategy too because you have to wait until the post-draft to name your team. You can’t just pick any player out there and put his last name into your team name. You need to have that player on your fantasy roster or it’s a major foul right off the bat.

There are two ways you could go about this. You could select your team and then go over the names at the end or you could wait until your final pick or two and select the best name possible. Who are we kidding, the last few picks mean nothing. The last few rounds of the fantasy draft are generally meant for kickers and defenses, but you could take it one further and find the player that’ll lead you to team name glory!

Some great examples, Forgive and Fournette, I’m bringing sexy Dak, Gronky Kong, and Belichick Yo Self. The last one relates to a coach and not a player, but you get the idea.


A fine example of a phrase team name would be, Show Me the Money. You’re referencing winning the pool and the epic 90’s movie Jerry Maguire. This one absolutely gets our seal of approval. Another strong example is, It’s Always Runny in Philadelphia. First and foremost, you’re referencing a great television show with a jab at how the Eagles run the ball so much. It’s perfect on every level!

Taking Things Up a Notch

Now that you’ve got your team name set in stone and your fantasy skills are polished, perhaps you’d like to enter the realm of Daily Fantasy Sports. Not only can you put your skills to the test, but you can actually be financially rewarded for your troubles – unlike with Yahoo or ESPN.

We strongly recommend venturing around the safe and comfy confines of DraftKings Sportsbook, FanDuel, OwnersBox, and Monkey Knife Fight to get a better look at the unique and fun experience that only playing online DFS can offer.

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