PrizePicks Review: DFS Site, Mobile App & Promo Code

PrizePicks Review


--> Very beginner friendly
--> Easy to choose your games and buy-in
--> The app is great for playing on the go


The 'How to' section could be more prominent
No phone support

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If you’ve ever wanted to get into Daily Fantasy Sports but found the whole thing a little overwhelming, PrizePicks is the site for you.

While the two giants of the industry, DraftKings and FanDuel, have spent the past decade creating more interesting and elaborate ways to play DFS, PrizePicks have gone in a different direction.

With a pared-back playing structure that’s massively appealing to beginners and casual players, DFS betting has never been easier than on PrizePicks. The site is currently live in more than half of the states in the US, as well as Canada, and its popularity is growing every day.

This page is your comprehensive guide to PrizePicks. Everything you need to know is here: how the innovative betting structure works, software and mobile app review, banking, bonuses, security, and more.

There’s a lot to dig into with PrizePicks, and we cover it all.

We even have a special section comparing PrizePicks with DraftKings and FanDuel, so you can see exactly how the site differentiates itself.

If you like the sound of PrizePicks, we can help you get started with a welcome bonus when you create your account. Online DFS has literally never been as easy to play as PrizePicks makes it. Let’s check out why.

PrizePicks at a Glance

Here are the main things to know about PrizePicks, right off the bat:

  • PrizePicks is a Daily Fantasy Sports site founded in 2018 and based in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • The site is available in more than half of the states in the US right now, with wider availability anticipated in the future. Check out a list of all the stats below.
  • In order to play at PrizePicks, you must be physically located in one of the legal states.
  • PrizePicks uses a simplified DFS structure based on classic Over/Under betting.
  • PrizePicks lets you play on a wide variety of sports, both US-based and around the world.

Where Is PrizePicks Legal?

PrizePicks is currently available in the following US states. This list is likely to grow, so if your state is not currently included don’t forget to check back in the future to check if it’s been added:

US States PrizePicks available
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
North Dakota
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
West Virginia

How Does DFS at PrizePicks Work?

PrizePicks have taken classic DFS games and created a much-simplified way to play. Gone are the days of creating a roster of players and managing your team against other players.

Instead, you are basically placing individual bets on how many DFS points will be scored by specific players. Think of it as DFS props on PrizePicks. The betting structure goes like this:

  1. PrizePicks sets an Over/Under on the number of points to be scored by a player in an upcoming game
  2. You select the Over or Under on between 2-5 players
  3. You choose how much they want to buy into the game for, with a $5 minimum and between $100 and $400 maximum
  4. If your predictions are correct, you win and get paid out

The structure of PrizePicks feels a lot more similar to standard sports betting, with the individual games similar to a parlay using Over/Under bets.

Also similar to sports betting, with PrizePicks you are essentially playing against the house as opposed to other players. PrizePicks sets the lines (just like a sportsbook does) and you decide if you want to buy into the games based on them (just like a bet).

PrizePicks has a unique scoring system for every sport which you can study in the “Rules” section, but it’s typically very easy to get the hang of. If you’ve ever played DFS games before it will be largely familiar to other sites. If not, it’s very intuitive and easy to understand.

For every game, you decide to play there are two options: Power Play and Flex Pick.

Power Play is available for 2, 3, or 4 picks only and is essentially a regular parlay. In order to win the game, all of your picks must be correct. The payouts are as follows:

Power Play

All picks have to be correct.

Picks Payout
2-pick power play 3 x entry fee
3-pick power play 5 x entry fee
4-pick power play 10 x entry fee

Flex Pick

Flex Pick is available for 2, 3, 4, or 5 picks, and if just one of your picks loses you still win the bet. The payouts are as follows:

Pick No. of Correct Picks Payout
5-pick Flex Play 5 10 x entry fee
5-pick Flex play 4 2 x entry fee
5 pick Flex Play 3 0.4 x entry fee
4-pick Flex Play 4 5 x entry fee
4-pick Flex Play 3 1.5 x entry fee
3-pick Flex Play 3 2.23 x entry fee
3-pick Flex Play 2 1.25 x entry fee
2-pick Flex Play 2 2 x entry fee
2-pick Flex Play 1 0.5 x entry fee

One big attraction of PrizePicks is its simplicity. There is only one type of game offered and it’s very easy to understand.

Unlike some of the more complex games at DraftKings and FanDuel, playing at PrizePicks is low maintenance. No need to spend hours studying form and second-guessing the opposition.

Instead, you can just log in before a match starts and choose a couple of players you think are going to perform well, sit back and enjoy the game with a little something extra to root for.

PrizePicks Software and Mobile App

PrizePicks is all about simplicity, which is exactly how its platforms have been designed. The site is nice and clean, with no intrusive advertisements or unnecessary information. It’s clear the focus is on making it as easy as possible to log in and buy into the games, with no distractions or complications.

At the top of the screen is the list of sports currently available for games. When you click on one, all the upcoming options appear.

Unlike regular sportsbooks, which these days have an incredibly deep menu of player props, PrizePick has a much more streamlined menu. For the most part, only the most popular upcoming games and players are represented – which makes sense to keep things simple.

When you make a selection the Scoring Chart will pop up, which allows you to choose between Power Play or Flex Pick, type in your entry fee, and confirm your entry to the game. It basically works exactly the same as a Betslip in online sportsbooks.

Besides the selection, there are some support buttons, including a “How To” guide, the PrizePicks scoring chart, and quick links to FAQs and Live Chat.

There is also a “My Entries” section, which lets you see all your upcoming and recently finished games.

The PrizePicks app is similar.

Scaling complicated sites down to a usable mobile app can be an issue, but PrizePicks’ inbuilt minimalism means the app works perfectly. Browsing and buying into the games is smooth and intuitive, with hidden menus meaning it never feels cluttered. The app is available on both iOS and Android devices.

If you prefer not to download the app, PrizePicks’ site is also fully mobile-optimized when you access it via your device’s browser too.

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Highlights and Things to Improve

Highlights To Improve
Simple minimalist design The “How to” section could be more prominent
Very Beginner Friendly No phone support
Easy to choose your games and buy-in
Great for playing on the go
The live chat button is always visible

Bonuses and Deals at PrizePicks

Just like most DFS sites, PrizePicks comes with some promotions to entice new players to sign up. In this case, there are two main promos, one welcome bonus for new players and one referral bonus.

PrizePicks doesn’t really offer much in terms of on-running promos or repeat bonuses for existing members. We can kind of see why – the site is set up to offer one simple type of game, and introducing lots of extra bonuses is somewhat contrary to the minimalist style.

Still, this is something that could be improved. The addition of one free 2-pick Power Play per week would be a great addition for example.

100% Match Bonus Up To $100

PrizePick’s welcome bonus is nice and simple and valuable. Your first deposit up to $100, will be matched by PrizePicks with bonus cash. The wagering requirements (always the first thing you should be looking for with offers involving bonus cash) are a nice and easy 1x. This means you just need to win a single bet with your bonus before it becomes regular money you can withdraw.

We like this bonus. It’s simple and easy to use and appreciate, just like PrizePicks in general.

Refer a Friend for $25

The PrizePicks referral program is also a good offer. Every player has a unique promo code connected to your account, that you can share with however many people you want. If they decide to sign up to PrizePicks, use your code during the registration process, and make a deposit you receive $25 in bonus cash. Easy.

Sports You Can Play on at PrizePicks

The sports available at any time on PrizePicks vary depending on what competitions are happening. PrizePicks generally offers a somewhat limited selection of players and games, preferring to focus on the most popular events and players.

However, if there is a big event around the corner, like the Super Bowl, NBA Finals, or Wimbledon you can be sure to find games on PrizePicks. E-sports games are also popular on the site.

Sports Available at PrizePicks
Tennis NBA2H
Soccer NBA1H
Xfinity Trucks
COD JaiAlai
RL Cricket

Options for Deposits and Withdrawals

PrizePicks uses PayPal for all deposits and withdrawals, but PayPal also facilitates credit card transactions if you don’t have an account. Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover are all supported. E-check deposits are also possible.

Whichever method you choose comes with a $20 minimum deposit. Withdrawals have a $30 minimum.

All withdrawals from PrizePicks are processed via e-checks, regardless of the method you used to deposit. You need to use the Withdrawal Request Form to request a withdrawal, after which you’ll be contacted by support staff.

One policy we don’t love from PrizePicks is that all cash you deposit is subject to a 1x turnover limit before it can be withdrawn. Basically, it means you can’t deposit funds and then withdraw them again without buying into any games.

Most of the time this won’t be an issue (since you are making a deposit to play the games), but it feels like an unnecessary step. It also discourages players from making larger deposits and leaving the money in their PrizePicks account, if they know they can’t access it. Overall, this is something we’d like to see changed.

Deposits are processed instantly, while it may take a couple of days for your withdrawal to come through.

Method Deposit Withdrawal Processing Time Minimum Deposit Max Deposit Fees
PayPal Yes No Instant $20 $10,000 Not from PrizePicks
Credit Card (via PayPal) Yes No Instant $20 $10,000 Not from PrizePicks
E-Check Yes Yes Instant for Deposits, a few days for Withdrawals $20 $10,000 Not from PrizePicks

Signup and Registration

Signing up at PrizePicks is very simple. In fact, there is just one screen of basic information you need to fill out.

Click the “Sign Up” button to get started. You’ll need to provide the following information:

  • Full name
  • Email Address
  • Create a Password
  • Date of Birth
  • Address

There is also a separate field for a referral code, which you can use to unlock benefits with your new account. Clicking on “Create Account” confirms that you have read and accepted PrizePicks terms and conditions and privacy policy. After that, you’re good to go.

DFS platforms generally like to make it as easy as possible to create an account and start paying. PrizePicks has made a virtue of simplicity and minimalism, so it’s no surprise that it’s very straightforward to join.

Remember that you can create your account anywhere, but to play at PrizePicks you need to be in one of the legal states.

Security and Gaming Licence

PrizePicks has a very solid security record. The company was founded in 2019 and is based in Atlanta, and is fully compliant with the local legislative authorities in every state it is available in.

The legality of Daily Fantasy Sports, in general, varies state by state, and PrizePicks only operates in states where it is legal. The company is also a member of the FSGA (Fantasy Sports and Gaming Authority).

We have no concerns about PrizePicks’ use of data either, or the safety of their banking options. Accepting payments from reputable and regulated processors like PayPal is always a good sign, and all the information stored on the site is SSL encrypted.

Overall, we’re very satisfied.

Customer Support

The support on offer PrizePicks is pretty good, with a few areas we think could be improved.

First and foremost, there is a live chat support button that is always available which puts you in direct contact with a real agent. This is always our preferred way to find quick answers, so it’s good to see.

There is also an email option, which you can access via the Contact Us form, or just by emailing [email protected].

At the moment there is no phone support, which would be a good addition.

PrizePicks also has an FAQs section, but in our opinion, it could do with an overhaul. For example, there is limited information about deposits and withdrawals until you actually begin the process of making a transaction.

The FAQs are also accessible in a slightly strange place, near the scoring information in the main part of the site.

We’d love to see a dedicated Help section that gathers all the support information together, and some improved FAQs.

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Things PrizePicks Is Doing Right

If you wanted to introduce someone to DFS, there is a very good chance you would pick PrizePicks as the perfect entry point. The company has done an excellent job at taking a well-loved format and finding a way to streamline it and make it appeal to a whole new audience. Here are our highlights:

  • The games are very easy to play and very beginner-friendly. They require significantly less time and investment than other major DFS sites.
  • Overall the site and app are both very well designed. The minimalist style is perfectly suited to the streamlined gaming options.
  • The PrizePicks format is basically the closest you can get to legal sports betting without it technically falling under that category. The games essentially allow you to make parlays involving Over/Under bets. In states without legalized betting, it’s an excellent option.
  • PrizePicks is widely available in the US, currently in over half of the states with greater availability expected down the road. For now, it’s much more accessible than sports betting for example.
  • Both the welcome bonus and ‘Refer a Friend’ promos are very good – simple and valuable offers, easy to claim, and available for everyone.

Things PrizePicks Could Work On

As always, our experts come back with pointers where we think sites could be improved or things that players may not like. Here’s what we came up with after our PrizePicks review.

  • PrizePicks is, by its nature, a much more streamlined form of Daily Fantasy Sports. Players with DFS experience might miss the wider array of games at other sites and new players may eventually feel like they have graduated beyond the games on offer at PrizePicks.
  • Any money that finds its way into your PrizePicks account – whether via a bonus or that you deposited yourself – is subject to a 1x turnover before you can request it be withdrawn. This is something we would like to see changed – in our view, it’s your money and you should have access to it.
  • E-checks are currently the only supported withdrawal method.
  • There could be some improvements to the overall customer support. A dedicated Help section would be nice, and some more details in the FAQs. The live chat support is good, however.
  • The bet sizing limits are a little restrictive and maybe too small for high rollers.

PrizePicks vs DraftKings/FanDuel

Inevitably, comparisons are going to be drawn between PrizePicks and the two biggest DFS providers in the world. DraftKings and FanDuel have dominated Daily Fantasy Sports in the US for decades, and any new site will naturally be in competition with them.

In the case of PrizePicks, it feels like the site is aiming for a slightly different customer base.

The simplified games and payment structures are likely to be more appealing to first-time players of DFS, compared with some of the more time-consuming and competitive games at DraftKings and FanDuel.

Unlike the big two, players at PrizePicks are playing against “The House” rather than other DFS players.

Obviously, there are a wider array of gaming options at DraftKings and FanDuel, and some players will certainly prefer the wider selection of games.

In our view, PrizePicks is perfect for two types of players: beginners who are looking for an easy entry point into DFS and sports betting fans who are looking for an alternative.

Although we’re generally very impressed with the software and user experience at PrizePicks, it’s also true that DraftKings and FanDuel’s platforms are probably that little bit more developed – with more banking options, more customer support options, and more promos.

Similar DFS to PrizePicks:

DFS PrizePicks FanDuel US DraftKings

⭐ 10/10

⭐ 10/10

⭐ 10/10
Bonus 100% Match Bonus
Up To $100
$150 Instant Bonus
$1000 Deposit Bonus
✔ Simple minimalist
design✔ Great for playing
on the go

✔ Beginner Friendly

✔ Free play options

✔ Special contests
for newbies

✔ Lots of betting
options✔ Daily odds boost

✔ Great live betting

Currently licensed
in 30 states.
Currently licensed
in 14 states.
Currently licensed
in 14 states.
American Express
Google Pay
Apple Pay
prepaid card
Bank Transfer
gift card
VIP Preferred
Wire transfer
Support 24/7
Live Chat
Live Chat
Live Chat
Call Back feature

For more on DraftKings and FanDuel have a look at our in-depth comparison of the two: DraftKings vs FanDuel.

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The Final Word on PrizePicks

We’re big fans of PrizePicks. It really feels like the platform has carved itself a little niche in the world of Daily Fantasy Sports.

The games at PrizePicks are exceptionally easy to understand. Buying into one is fast and simple. The platform is perfect for beginners and casual players who want to buy into a quick real money game before settling down to watch their favorite team.

The Over/Under style games are very reminiscent of regular sports bets, which is certain to be a big draw for players.

The site is still relatively young, and as we’ve outlined there are a few things here and there we’d like to see changed – the 1x turnover for all withdrawals probably being at the top of the list.

But overall we’re certainly impressed. PrizePicks is an ideal way to get into DFS, and if you are in a legal state and decide you want to get in on the act you can hit our links. We’ll help you get set up with your welcome bonus today.


Is PrizePicks legal to play?

Yes, depending on what state you are in. PrizePicks is currently legal in more than half of the states in the US. Check out the full list above.

Can you play on mobile with PrizePicks?

Yes. PrizePicks has an excellent mobile app that you can download for both Apple and Android devices, and a mobile-optimized site for browser access. The streamlined mobile site is excellent for playing on the go.

Is PrizePicks sports betting?

No. PrizePicks is a Daily Fantasy Sports platform, albeit one that has taken inspiration from sports betting structures. For this reason, it is much widely available in the US than sports betting sites.

Does PrizePicks offer a bonus for new players?

Yes. PrizePicks currently offers a 100% deposit match bonus for new players.

How does PrizePicks work?

PrizePicks sets an Over/Under line for how many fantasy points players will score in an upcoming match or competition. You choose to take the Over or the Under on between 2-5 players and choose how much you want to buy into the game for. If your predictions are correct, you get paid out.

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