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NFL Super Bowl LVI Winning Division
NFL Super Bowl LVI Winning Division Predictions & Odds 2021/2022
Here are our best predictions, odds, and picks for which NFL Division will end up winning Super Bowl LVI after the 2021 regular season.
15 June | 01:15 | Mike Lukas
NFL Playoff Odds
NFL Playoffs Odds 2021: Odds to Make the Playoffs, Picks, Predictions
Get an early jump on your NFL sports betting with the NFL playoffs odds 2021, predictions, and picks, including some teams that are favorites, underdogs, and no chance.
25 May | 06:46 | Mike Lukas
NFL Week 1 Picks 2021
NFL Week 1 Picks Against the Spread: Predictions, Best Picks, Odds
The NFL oddsmakers have spoken, assigning point spreads to the Week 1 matchups, so we look at the top-5 picks against the spread.
21 May | 03:10 | Mike Lukas
NFL Free Agent
Top 10 Remaining NFL Free Agents in 2021
There are still some talented players available in the 2021 free agent market and here we take a look at the best ten of them remaining including possible fits.
14 May | 05:27 | Mike Lukas
New York Jets Rookie QB Zach Wilson
New York Jets Zach Wilson Passing Yards 2021 Predictions & Odds
Have a look at our predictions, odds, and picks for New York Jets rookie quarterback Zach Wilson’s 2021 total passing yards.
12 May | 07:05 | Mike Lukas
Chicago Bears Starting Quarterback
Chicago Bears Starting Quarterback Week 1 Predictions, Odds & Picks
The NFC North’s Chicago Bears must decide between Andy Dalton, Nick Foles, and rookie Justin Fields as their starting QB in 2021; predictions, odds and picks.
6 May | 09:07 | Mike Lukas
Neon Bonus NFL Sign
Best NFL Football Betting Promo Codes Bonuses 2021
We've compiled the best NFL football betting promo codes, bonuses, and offers across the Sportsbook world to get you ready for a new season of NFL! …
26 April | 04:31 | Evan Henningsen
Super Bowl LV Prop Bets
Best Super Bowl LV Prop Bets - Player, Team, Game and Novelty Odds
One of the best parts of Super Bowl LV gambling is the prop bets, and here we break down the top player, team, game, and novelty props; predictions, odds, and picks.
4 February | 08:17 | Mike Lukas
Super Bowl MVP Odds - Mahomes Current Favorite
NFL Super Bowl MVP Odds & Prop Bets - Mahomes Heavy Favorite
Take a look at our predictions, odds, and picks for which players might earn MVP honors during Super Bowl LV on February 7, the NFL’s fifty-fifth Big Game.
4 February | 03:49 | Mike Lukas
Tom Brady Total Super Bowl Wins
Tom Brady Super Bowl Wins - Appearances, Losses & Rings
Here is a quick breakdown of Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Tom Brady’s Super Bowl wins, appearances, and losses.
2 February | 07:57 | Mike Lukas
The Super Bowl History of the Kansas City Chiefs
Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl Wins
These Kansas City Chiefs are in line to win the Super Bowl two seasons in a row, so we take a quick look at the Super Bowl history of this classic NFL franchise.
1 February | 04:39 | Mike Lukas
Super Bowl Commercials Sports Edition
Best Super Bowl Commercials Sports Edition [Top 10]
Every Super Bowl broadcast includes commercials that have become classics, and here we take a look at the top-10 best sports-themed Super Bowl ads ever aired.
28 January | 05:08 | Mike Lukas