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Tom Brady

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In his twenty-one NFL seasons, GOAT quarterback Tom Brady has an ever-expanding list of accomplishments, awards, and accolades, but none as impressive as his tendency to show up repeatedly in the biggest game of the NFL season, the Super Bowl.

The 44-year-old Brady seems ageless and his throwing arm seems almost invincible, but at the end of the 2021-22 season, he and his Buccaneers came up short in the divisional round, 27-30, and ever since rumors have been spread that his inevitable retirement could happen sooner rather than later.

Here we take a look at the incredible postseason accomplishments of arguably the best player to have ever stepped onto an NFL field.

How Many Super Bowl Appearances Does Tom Brady Have?

So far, Brady has ten Super Bowl appearances:

  • SB XXXVI vs St. Louis Rams (2001)
  • SB XXXVIII vs Carolina Panthers (2003)
  • SB XXXIX vs Philadelphia Eagles (2004)
  • SB XLII vs NY Giants (2007)
  • SB XLVI vs NY Giants (2011)
  • SB XLIX vs Seattle Seahawks (2014)
  • SB LI vs Atlanta Falcons (2016)
  • SB LII vs Philadelphia Eagles (2017)
  • SB LIII vs Los Angeles Rams (2018)
  • SB LV vs Kansas City Chiefs (2021)

No other player in the history of the NFL has appeared in that many Big Games.

How Many Super Bowl Wins Does Tom Brady Have?

Brady has seven Super Bowl victories, the most out of any other NFL player in the history of the league.

Here are those seven Championships that Tom Brady has amassed in his career:

  • SB XXXVI (2001) – New England defeated St. Louis, 20-17
  • SB XXXVIII (2003) – New England defeated Carolina, 32-29
  • SB XXXIX (2004) – New England defeated Philadelphia, 24-21
  • SB XLIX (2014) – New England defeated Seattle, 28-24
  • SB LI (2016) – New England defeated Atlanta, 34-28
  • SB LIII (2018) – New England defeated Los Angeles, 13-3
  • SB LV (2021) – Tampa Bay defeated Kansas City, 31–9

What Were Tom Brady’s Three Super Bowl Losses?

Here are the three Big Games that Brady and his Patriots failed to win:

  • SB XLII (2007) – NY Giants win against New England, 17-14
  • SB XLVI (2011) – NY Giants win against New England, 21-17
  • SB LII (2017) – Philadelphia defeated New England, 41-33

How Old Was Tom Brady When He Won His First Super Bowl?

Back in 2002, a 25-year-old Tom Brady led his Patriots to a 20–17 victory over the St. Louis Rams at what was then called the Louisiana Superdome, earning himself and the New England football franchise their first-ever world title.

Brady was relatively quiet in that matchup, only throwing one touchdown pass, which was an eight-yarder to wide receiver David Patten in the second quarter.

Now at 44 years old, Brady has become a role model for older NFL players and appears to be capable of playing on indefinitely, but his main reason for retiring could come down to his Brazilian supermodel wife Gisele not liking it whenever he gets hit.

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Have Any Other NFL QB’s Started in the Super Bowl For 2 Different Teams?

Yes, three other NFL quarterbacks started in the Super Bowl for two different teams:

  • Peyton Manning (Colts and Broncos)
  • Craig Morton (Cowboys and Broncos)
  • Kurt Warner (Rams and Cardinals)

What Other NFL QB Has Started in the Next Most Super Bowls?

The only other NFL quarterback who even comes close to Tom Brady’s ten Super Bowl starts is the great John Elway.

Elway, playing for the Denver Broncos, played in five Super Bowls, winning two of those (XXXII & XXXIII).

Former Bills and Broncos defensive lineman Mike Lodish and Titan’s placekicker Stephen Gostkowski (who was Brady’s old teammate with the Patriots) have both played in 6 Super Bowls apiece.

Why Are Tom Brady’s Seven Super Bowl Rings So Unique?

Aside from the original Super Bowl rings themselves being invaluable limited editions, Brady’s collection of seven of them is one-of-a-kind for an entirely different reason.

That’s because after winning a seventh Big Game with the Bucs victory in Super Bowl 54, Brady now has more championship rings than any other player in NFL history.

That seventh championship with the Bucs in Super Bowl LV makes this honor even more impossible for any other player to catch.

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What Do Tom Brady’s Six Super Bowl Rings Look Like?

The frustrating thing about owning seven Super Bowl rings must be that the occasions for wearing all of them at once are rare.

Leave it to GOAT Tom Brady to find a way. Here is the seven-time world champion modeling all of his rare jewelry pieces, a collection of expensive rings that no other players in the history of the NFL has ever assembled.

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