Best NFL Betting Sites & Apps for New Jersey Residents in 2021

Football season is upon us!

If you are a football fan and want to bet on your favorite team and players from the NFL, you can do so at several legal sportsbooks in New Jersey.

Here are your best options:

888Sport NJ

Go to, click on  “Sports betting” and then on “NFL (Football)”.

888Sport NFL

There you will find a handy tutorial made by 888Sport to help you place your first bet:

Go to “Futures” in order to bet on future events, such as: Who will win the NFL Championship in 2019/2020?888Sport NJ

If you want to learn more about future bets, check out our in-depth guide on: What are future bets? Or watch our short video about betting on futures:

You can also bet on college football, just go to “All Football” and pick the league you want to bet on.

888Sport NJ

For more details about why 888Sport is one of the best sportsbooks and betting apps in New Jersey, go to our in-depth 888Sport NJ Betting Site and Mobile App Review.

Fox Bet NJ (formerly BetStars)

Fox Bet is another good option for betting on NFL in New Jersey.

Go to and then pick the “Football” category.

FoxBet NJ

As you can see, Fox Bet offers plenty of football betting options such as in-game betting, future bets, and custom bets.
For more information on why to choose Fox Bet as your NFL betting site in New Jersey, check out our in-depth review – Fox Bet NJ Betting Site and Mobile App

BetMGM NJ (formerly playMGM)

Another trusty sports betting site and app in New Jersey is BetMGM.

To bet on NFL, go to, choose “Sports” and then pick the “Football” category.




BetMGM’s just got a new and improved look. The online sportsbook looks much slicker than how it used to look under the playMGM name. The site is much easier to read and navigate and has now updated features such as live highlights.

Have a look at our BetMGM NJ Betting Site and Mobile App Review.


DraftKings is another great sports betting site for betting on the NFL in New Jersey.

The sportsbook introduces lots of new and exciting bonuses every day. Here is a special bonus for NFL Week 1:
DraftKings Promo

Check out our in-depth review on DraftKings to learn all you need to know about creating an account and betting on their site.

Finally, if you are as excited as we are for the 2019/2020 season and you’re still wondering how to place a bet on the NFL, here is a short video that will explain all you need to know.

How to Bet on NFL

If you prefer the in-depth version then have a look at the guide we’ve put together: How to bet on NFL.

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