Most Receiving Yards Predictions, Odds & Picks

Most NFL Receiving Yards

NFL Most Receiving Yards 2020 Odds

Odds taken 21 December 2020 from DraftKings

JuJu Smith-Schuster-125
Eric Eborn-125
Tee Higgins-118
Chase Claypool-106
Tyler Boyd+101
A.J Green+101

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Most Receiving Yards Predictions and Picks

The NFL has become a passer’s paradise, quarterbacks with rifles for arms being the preferred weapon of choice, and that gives their targets the chance to be equally productive, their soft hands becoming ever more valuable to the team’s offense.

Last year’s best receiver, New Orleans Saints star receiver Michael Thomas, is again expected to be the most productive target, his QB Drew Brees desperate to make up for offseason challenges and snag another Lombardi Trophy for his mantlepiece.

The oddsmakers have released their predictions and odds for a most productive receiver in 2020, so here we take a look at the ten best possibilities to take home this enviable title.

Our Pick:

Michael Thomas +400

Keep in mind the odds in these wagers will shift plenty of times before the actual games are played, so be sure to check back here often to get all the latest numbers.

Michael Thomas is Arguably the Best Receiver in the League

The New Orleans Saints have the perfect receiver – Michael Thomas is 6’ 3” and 212 pounds, and the 3x Pro Bowler and 2x First-Team All-Pro and last seasons’ NFL Offensive Player of the Year seems to be in the perfect position to do it all again in 2020.

His quarterback, future Hall of Famer Drew Brees, is one of the best, and the two have found chemistry and connections that few duos in the game achieve, and they have quickly become the favorites to snag this honor again.

Helping matters is rookie right guard Cesar Luiz, the Michigan beast the Saints’ front office brought in using the NFL draft to give Brees better protection on the right side, and that will only serve to give him more time to feed the ball deep to a waiting Thomas, who knows exactly how to shake corners loose in the secondary.

Expect Chris Godwin, Tom Brady, and the Bucs to Impress

Anyone who watched the Tampa Bay Buccaneers play over the last several seasons understands that not only are they extremely talented on both sides of the ball, they seemed to be just a quarterback away from being legitimate postseason factors and beyond.

Problem solved, hopefully, with the addition of GOAT quarterback Tom Brady to the roster during the offseason, the hope being that the old man still has fuel left in the football tank enough to feed the ball to the many soft handed targets available.

Chris Godwin is one of the best receivers in the league and should benefit from having Brady on board, the fourth-year player having caught 86 passes last season for 1,333 yards and 9 touchdowns, and that’s from a QB who was throwing almost as often to the opposing team as his own.

Not Just Receivers Expected to Qualify

One of the best receivers in the league is a running back, with Carolina Panthers’ Christin McCaffrey a dual-threat out of the backfield, and now that the team has finally settled on journeyman quarterback Teddy Bridgewater to play under center, expect his RB to respond positively to that.

Tight ends have become wonderful targets especially over the middle of the field where their bigger bodies can withstand the punishment from linebackers, so watch for the Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce to once again be a factor and target that Patrick Mahomes can continue to rely on.

And in that same tight end vein, keep your eyes (and possibly betting kitty) on the San Francisco 49er’s George Kittle, a brute TE who is tough to take down once he’s got the ball in his hands, which is often

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