Wise Kracks Ep. 19 (w/Sportsbook Manager Jerry Shoebox)

Team Wise Kracks returns, for round seven of season two or episode number 19. It’s a heavyweight bout for Krack and Jon Orlando, as they look back on another wild week of sportsbook action, and deep dive into NCAA football, basketball, and the never-ending impact of COVID-19 on season start-dates.

The boys chop it up over Week 11 in the NFL, some wild OT finishes, the return of college sports, what crowd restrictions will mean for the upcoming seasons, and take a look at the overloaded 2021 sportsbook betting lines.

Billy and Jon talk Thanksgiving and what life is like come the holiday season in the Orlando and Krackomberger households. Jon also reveals his staggering 10 for 10 win rate on UFC 255, and Bill advises the viewers to start following Jon’s fight night picks.

Special Guest Jerry Shoebox

Jon and the Krack Man are stoked to sit down with legendary sportsbook manager, Jerry Shoebox, and talk all things gambling-related, the 2020 season, the evolution of offshore sportsbooks, and how bettors should adapt as legalized gambling rolls out across the USA. It’s an eye-opening chat, and one you literally can’t afford to miss.

Jon continues to preach the tenets of WSN.com and the Krack Wins app, sharing how both have turned his win rate up to 11, while Bill remains his ever modest self, despite his staggering win/loss ratio.

This Week’s Bets

Jon drops his bold-as-always NFL Week 12 picks on Krack, who has his usual master Yoda-style take on the games, shares more tips on his meta-betting strategy, and we get another glimpse into Billy’s brilliant mind at work, as he drops some epic knowledge bombs on Krack Wins Nation.

After another high watermark show for season two, Krack and Jon wrap it up, and we’re left hanging, waiting for more golden nuggets of sports betting wisdom from the best in the biz. Jon Orlando and the Krack Man will return . . . But not soon enough, for more Wise Kracks!

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