Wise Kracks Ep. 26 (w/NFL Quarterback Rodney Peete)

This week’s episode of Wise Kracks is packed with great conversations and sports betting insights. Bill Krackomberger and Jon Orlando have plenty to cover with NFL playoffs in full swing right now. Before getting into current events, the guys kick the show off remembering Tommy Lasorda, the late baseball legend. Jon shares a touching, childhood story about Tommy.

Last week’s Bets

Last week, There was plenty of NFL playoff action. The road teams went 4-2 last week! This isn’t typically what you see during playoffs. On Sunday, we saw a classic betting moment when the Chicago Bears scored with no time left, but didn’t go for the extra point, just missing the line at 11. The weekend closed with a wild game between the Cleveland Browns and Pittsburgh Steelers.

The divisional round this week is a different situation. We’ve got well-rested teams facing gritty teams. The Green Bay Packers seem to have the advantage on the LA Rams at home in the cold weather, but Bill isn’t so sure that weather is as big of a factor as it’s made out to be.

Bill is also looking forward to watching the Baltimore Ravens and Buffalo Bills game. Both teams are promising right now, so it should be an action-packed game for sure!

Bill Shares His Top 5 TV Shows

The fans are always asking Bill questions about his personal taste. Wise Kracks is primarily about sports betting tips and conversation, but every once in a while, we’ll indulge some details about Bill’s life outside of sports betting. This week, Bill shares his top five favorite TV shows.

Special Guest

This week’s guest is one of the true gentlemen of the NFL, Rodney Peete. After setting USC records, he finished second to Barry Sanders in the 1988 Heisman Trophy vote. He then embarked on a 15 year NFL career that started with the Detroit Lions and ended with the Carolina Panthers in 2004. He is the co-host of Roggin and Rodney on AM570 Sports Radio and he is the other half of one of the first real celebrity power couples with his wonderful wife, Holly Robinson Peete.

Jon’s Pick of the Week

Finally, the guys talk about Jon’s pick of the week with the remaining time. He’s riding the Kansas City Chiefs and the Milwaukee Bucks all the way to the Super Bowl, parlay style! And yep, he’s going with the money line. Believe it or not though, Bill is okay with this.

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