MLB GM Jim Duquette on Moneyball and Baseball Analytics (Wise Kracks Ep. 46)

It’s a week of new beginnings at Wise Kracks. You may notice things look a little different on the show – Bill and Jon are officially doing the podcast in the studio together! With isolation mandates over in Las Vegas, Wise Kracks is now being filmed out of Sticky Paws Studios. Now Bill can laugh at Jon’s “bet the house” picks in person.

Huge Line Changes on Paul vs Mayweather

The Logan Paul winning line on the Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather fight has shifted dramatically in the last thirty-six hours. This seems to indicate that a Logan Paul win is more likely than you’d think. Betting on a draw is also very enticing for this fight. One thing is certain: This Sunday night fight is bound to be a spectacle!

MLB Firing on All Cylinders

The Tampa Bay Rays were on a five-game winning streak before being defeated by the New York Yankees last night. The Yankees themselves had lost four in a row before last night’s win. They’ve got two more games against the Rays, so this may be a turning point for them. There’s plenty of action left in the MLB season.

Can you Predict the Next NBA Champion?

With early results coming in for the NBA playoffs, future bets on the NBA Champion are here. The Brooklyn Nets are still looking good and there is plenty of money being placed on them as the winner. Their series with the Milwaukee Bucks will likely determine who we are going to see in the finals.

Special Guest MLB Jim Duquette Talks Baseball Analytics

We welcome Jim Duquette, former General Manager of the New York Mets, to Wise Kracks this week. Originally a baseball player himself at Williams College, Jim spent over twenty years as a professional baseball executive. These days, Jim’s baseball analysis can be heard on Sirius XM Channel 89. The guys talk about baseball analytics and what kind of variables are important to a General Manager.

New MLB $600 Pick Seven Contest

There’s a new MLB $600 Pick Seven Contest on WSN. This is a free-to-play contest with chances to win cash prizes every week of the MLB season! You’ll also find many great articles on WSN to get up-to-date with MLB predictions, odds, and news headlines.

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