Ozzie Smith Talks Changes in MLB, Backflips and Cardinals Stories (Wise Kracks Ep. 49)


The latest episode of the Wise Kracks sports betting podcast is here, with your hosts John Orlando and sports betting pro Bill Krackomberger. As two massive baseball fans the guys have never been more excited than they are about today’s episode and special guest Ozzie Smith. The Wizard of Oz is here for a career-spanning interview, but before that Bill and John check in on the latest from the world of sports and how their bets have been going lately.

The Phoenix Suns March On in the NBA Playoffs

It’s become a Wise Kracks tradition for John to mention the Phoenix Suns ever since he made the bold prediction they would go all the way back when they were still playing the Lakers. If only he had put his money where his mouth was. Bill’s not the biggest NBA fan but even he has been impressed with the latest action he’s caught in the playoffs. Sticking with the MLB theme of today’s show, the guys also discuss the latest supposed controversy over putting substances on the ball. Neither John nor Bill are too impressed by the outcry.

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The News From Vegas

John fills Krack in on all the latest from Vegas, including the anticipation for the new Resorts World Casino complex. Scheduled to open this week it looks set to be the most expensive casino resort ever developed in Las Vegas – if they can get it open on schedule. There has also been plenty of betting action in town on the Golden Knights, who have surprisingly fallen behind 2-3 in their series against the Montreal Canadiens. Bill explains how all the little bets from people betting on the home team have caused the line to move significantly so that there is huge value on Montreal. He even gets a little philosophical on the difference between Vegas gamblers and East Coast gamblers.

Special Guest: Baseball Hall of Famer Ozzie Smith

John and Bill are truly hyped to welcome a legend of Major League Baseball onto the Wise Kracks podcast. Ozzie Smith ended up with 13 Golden Gloves across a glittering career and today the Wizard of Oz is on Wise Kracks. Ozzie is absolutely fascinating, explaining the ways he sees that the game has changed since he was a player. He’s happy to get technical, and two baseball nuts like John and Krack love it. Ozzie is a baseball purist, and it shows. He gives his thoughts on analytics, rule changes, and how attitudes are shifting in the sport.

Ozzie gives the full backstory on how he came up with one of the most iconic trademarks in MLB history – his backflip. The guys reminisce on some of the biggest moments from Ozzie’s career, including against John’s beloved Dodgers. This is just about the most excited Krack and John have ever been about meeting a guest on Wise Kracks. They’re like two kids meeting their hero. You don’t want to miss it.

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