College Football Changes, and Team USA in the Olympics (Wise Kracks Ep. 54)

Wise Kracks is back with the latest episode presented by Bill Krackomberger and his co-host Jon Orlando. Once again, Bill is on his travels on the East Coast, calling in from the Resorts Casino in Atlantic City. Jon, as usual, is back home in Vegas.

The guys kick off by trading stories they’ve heard about the history of Bill’s temporary home – from alleged mob involvement to Jon actually attending the Resorts grand opening with his father when he was just a kid. Bill’s also coming in hot with a crazy story that just happened moments before recording when he helped stop a guy being assaulted on the casino floor. It ended up being a whole situation, with Bill trying to report the incident to disinterested casino staff, and he gives us a debrief.

Bill has been doing the rounds in the Atlantic City casinos, and he’s especially taken with a game that’s hot in town right now – Spanish 21. He gives us a full rundown of how the game works, how it compares to regular blackjack, optimal strategy, and more.

Moneyline or Jon’s Hairline?

Both Bill and Jon let us into their personal lives a little more than usual this week. For Jon, it’s the first time he’s appearing on the podcast in four months without a baseball cap – and that’s because his hair transplant has been a success. He and Bill admire the changes and do a little before and after comparison. For Krack on the other hand, he’s taking this week as the opportunity to express his appreciation for his wife Kelly, and how important it is for a successful bettor to have a supportive partner.

Changes in College Football?

The guys discuss the upcoming college football season, and how the game is changing. Bill is an old-school guy, and he’s not a fan of the increase in sponsorships, paying college kids and corporatization. Jon sees the other side of it – if the schools make so much money, shouldn’t some of that kick down to the athletes? The guys get into a little debate. Moving onto the NFL, they talk about the ongoing Aaron Rogers situation, and Bill explains how the uncertainty has affected the odds on some bets. They also talk the new overtime rules, and Bill speculates how it will likely affect Over/Under betting.

Betting on the Olympics? So are we!

Obviously, the Olympics are dominating the headlines around the world, and the guys chat about how they’ve been keeping up with the Games. Bill’s basketball bets have been particularly profitable – he’s 3 and 1 right now – and Jon speculates on why the USA basketball team are theoretically underachieving so far.

Finally, the guys even find time to do some detective work, to try to figure out whether a viral Tom Brady video is real or fake. Jon was amazed by Brady’s skills and power, but Bill has received a tip that it was actually the result of some clever editing. There’s a lot more besides too, in this wide-ranging episode of Wise Kracks.

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