Josh Reddick Talks MLB Plans, Downsides of Algorithms, the McRib & More

With most of the world on holiday, Wise Kracks is back with a special episode featuring MLB free agent Josh Reddick.

Reddick won the Gold Glove in 2012 and the World Series in 2017. Now, with what may have been his final season in the majors behind him, Reddick sits down for an extended and in-depth conversation with Jon and Bill.

They cover tons of ground including Reddick’s short-lived experience playing in the Dominican Republic Professional Baseball League, his plans for the future, how many car wrecks his custom-wrapped Lamborghini has caused and whether we’ll ever see a Josh Reddick appearance in the WWE.

Winter League “Waste of Time” for Reddick, Quits

Josh Reddick made the trip to the Dominican Republic to play winter ball and despite high expectations, was forced to ride the bench for much of his three and a half weeks on the road. It led to Reddick quitting and moving his family back to the US.

“I was under the impression when I signed that I was going to be playing every day,” said Reddick.

“I went down there to play. That was the main goal. And for the majority of the time I was there I didn’t play. I think I played in five games.”

Reddick went on to explain that since he hadn’t faced pitchers in over a month, he expected to spend some time getting up to speed.

“I get it. Don’t throw me straight into games. Face pitchers in practice and build-up for the games. But that usually only takes five or six days max,” said Reddick.

But now two and half weeks have gone by and I still haven’t played in a game. No communication whatsoever and it was just a tough experience all around to where it didn’t work out in my favor. It was really a waste of my time.

Japan, Korea? “I Just Want to Keep Playing”

Josh Reddick turns 35 in February and although he’s not officially retired, it doesn’t look likely he’ll be signing a new MLB contract anytime soon. So what does the future hold for Reddick?

According to Reddick he just wants to keep playing. That could mean overseas or in the minor leagues here at home.

“I would definitely take something over there right now. The goal is to just keep playing,” said Reddick.

“Right now there isn’t any interest from them in myself so we just sit back and I keep training and staying ready for when something happens,” he continued.

Hopefully something happens. For once in my life at almost 35 I’ve actually changed my diet and I’m watching what I eat. I’m going to try to gain some weight and get to 205 or 210 and come back and just swing for the fences because that’s what everyone’s trying to do now anyway, and that’s apparently all they want.

Josh’s honest comments sparked a great conversation about how the fundamentals of baseball have been lost over time, replaced with the more entertaining facets of the game.

Reddick’s Top 5 Baseball Movies of All Time

Who better to get baseball movie picks from than an actual MLB player? If you’re on the lookout for a new

  • A League of Their Own
  • Bull Durham
  • The Sandlot
  • Major League

Jon immediately drew attention to a glaring omission starring one Kevin Costner.

I was never a fan of Field of Dreams. I get judged so hard for it, said Reddick.

So what was the final movie to make Reddick’s list? No it wasn’t the Rookie. It was the 1993 masterpiece Rookie of the Year starring Gary Busey.

You can tell us what you think about that in the YouTube comments.

Lambo + Custom Spiderman Wrap = ???

We caught a picture of Reddick’s Lamborghini on social media and had to ask. Let’s just say, it’s a head-turner.

It’s a Huracan Performante in Rosso Mars. Sticker price? About $275,000. Did we mention it’s sporting a very loud Spiderman custom wrap?

“I’ve probably witnessed 20 wrecks from people pulling out their phones and not paying attention. It’s pretty scary,” said Reddick.

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