Wise Kracks Ep. 34 MLB Free Agent Josh Reddick Reveals His 2021 Prospects

Welcome back for another episode of Wise Kracks, the weekly podcast with sports betting expert, Bill Krackomberger, and co-host Jon Orlando. Wise Kracks is filled to the brim with great sports betting tips, commentary, and overall strategy to make you a sharper bettor. This week is no different with Bill and Jon going into detail on several sports and sports betting concepts.

Special Guest World Series Champion Josh Reddick

Today, our guest is a World Series Champion. He was drafted by the Boston Red Sox, played with the Oakland Athletics, Los Angeles Dodgers, and, most recently, the Houston Astros where he won it all. This week’s guest is Josh Reddick. He is currently a free agent in the baseball world, but we expect that won’t be for long. The guys have a great time chatting with Josh and learning more about Major League Baseball from a player’s perspective.

MLB Is Getting Ready – Are You?

Major League Baseball is on the horizon, but Josh Reddick doesn’t have anywhere to play, do you? The best sportsbooks in the United States are preparing for the season with some of the best bonuses and promo codes for MLB. Check them out to see how to maximize your winnings!

March Madness Must-Watch Predictions

This time last year, basketball fans were disappointed when NCAA’s March Madness had to be canceled due to the pandemic. This year, however, basketball fans everywhere rejoice! March Madness 2021 begins this week and the guys have plenty to say about it. Believe it or not, many people believe that March Madness is a bigger annual betting event than the Super Bowl! Don’t miss Krack’s March Madness betting insights based on years of experience.

Ready to dive into March Madness? We are too! That’s why we’ve compiled all the best resources to help you along when you’re making your picks for your bracket!

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