Krack’s Million-Dollar Prop Bet + NFL Week 18 Betting Tips

Fresh from the holidays, Bill and Jon are back in the Wise Kracks studio to catch up on a crazy week in sports. This week’s highlight? A massive $1 million challenge Bill issues to infamous sports bettor Vegas Dave.

You’ll have to watch the episode for the details on that story.

In football betting news, this is a significant week in the NFL. With this being the first time we’ve had a Week 18, there are a lot of interesting implications for specific teams and people looking to get action down.

The final week of the NFL season has always been a difficult test for gamblers, but with this extended season now becoming the norm there’s never been a better time to get free advice from someone like Bill Krackomberger.

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Bill Calls Out Vegas Dave with $1M Bet

No one’s exactly surprised that Bill Krackomberger is not the biggest fan of the infamous Vegas Dave. The betting strategy of Vegas Dave has been widely called into question, with many who have followed his plays stating that they’ve never actually won any money.

Bill and Dave were on the Showtime docuseries Action together so he has firsthand experience. Jon also says he knows three people who bet with Dave’s so-called unbeatable system but all lost close to six figures.

Bill explains Vegas Dave’s baseball betting strategy which is basically betting home series with a Martingale betting pattern. That means if you lose a bet, you double your bet on the next game. It’s a strategy that results in a small win most of the time, but catastrophically large losses when you get swept in the entire series.

Krack goes even further, calling out Dave and putting his money where his mouth is.

“Vegas Dave, put your money up” said Bill after calling out Vegas Dave.

Bill offered to put $1,000,000 up against Vegas Dave in a competition to see who the better sport bettor is. Bill has a sportsbook in Vegas ready to hold the money.

“That is a real challenge right there,” said Jon.

Jake Paul Vs. Jason Derulo Next?

Pop singer Jason Derulo was involved in a heated altercation outside of a club following a fan referring to him as “Usher.” The fight ended with Derulo knocking out an individual involved in the altercation.

“Jason Derulo’s got some hands,” exclaimed Orlando as they watched the clip live on the show.

Bill and John both agree that the next match for YouTuber-turned professional boxer Jake Paul should be to fight the heavy-handed Derulo in the ring. However, Bill did not know who Jason was until now.

A big thanks to TMZ for allowing us permission to use the video clip in our episode.

Antonio Brown Out, Terrell Owens In?

Bill and John had a great discussion this week on the likelihood of Antonio Brown being activated by any team this coming week.

“No one is going to trust this guy,” said Jon.

With Antonio Brown out, the big question is who may head to Tampa Bay to fill his spot.

Jon reached out to Terrell Owens, who publicly threw his name in the hat, and confirmed Owens is ready to play.

“He said he was working out today,” said Jon.

We’re hoping to have Terrell Owens on Wise Kracks soon so we can hear firsthand about his potential comeback.

How to Bet on NFL Week 18

Week 18 in the NFL presents some attractive betting options with some teams trying to get into the playoffs and some unsure if they should even start all their players.

“This is a fun week,” said Bill.

There are few teams with really interesting implications. For example, if the Colts lose to the Jags, then both the Raiders and the Chargers will make the playoffs with a draw in their game — an improbable scenario. Teams such as Green Bay are going with their starters because of the effects that three weeks of rest would have on those players going into a playoff game.

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