ESPN’s David Purdum on Legal NY Sports Betting + NFL Playoff Picks

This week Wise Kracks welcomes ESPN’s lead gambling writer David Purdum for a sports-gambling round-table on the recent launch of legal sports betting in New York, what it means for neighboring New Jersey, and the changing landscape of legal retail and online sports betting in the US.

Bill and Jon go on to discuss this week’s NFL Wild Card lineup with a ton of tips on how to take advantage of shifting lines and over-favored favorites during this tricky football betting week.

Finally, the guys check in on hard-hitting current event headlines like Antonio Brown’s sordid affair with OnlyFans star Ava Louise.

Get all that and more on this week’s episode of Wise Kracks.

David Purdham Talks NY Legal Sports Betting

It was a huge week for the legal sports betting industry in the US with New York State coming online for legal sports wagering.

For years New Yorkers have been fueling the legal sports betting market in New Jersey and now, for the first time, they can do it legally in their very own state. Even with the highest tax rates in the country, Bill and David both predict that sportsbooks will be making money in no time, and that New Jersey will remain healthy despite losing an estimated 20% of its business, which was previously coming from New York.

If you’re interested in the subject, this is a fascinating discussion between some of the most knowledgeable people on the subject you can find anywhere.

Sides and Spreads for NFL Wild Card Week

Bill is still not ready to commit to anyone team being a standout to win the Super Bowl.

Bill rarely picks sides anyway, but in today’s episode, he did talk NFL Playoffs, highlighting some potential advantages with some of the spread lines being moved a lot in the past couple of days.

Bill explains that there’s the potential for someone to take advantage of a slow-moving sportsbook and that there might be live betting opportunities in this week’s schedule of games.

Take the Raiders-Bengals game, for example, that opened at 6.5 points and is now at 5.5.

I think a lot of these games were priced a little high, explained Bill. I think a lot of sharp sports bettors came in and took the dogs here and this is one of the games. It came out at 6.5 and people bought it to 7 and how smart they are with the line now at 5.5.

The Eagles against the Bucs opened at 7 and went up to 9.5 before getting hit down to 8.5 now. While Bill was clear that he’s not betting sides in these games, it’s clear he favors the underdogs.

I’m sure your money will be on the Bucs, Bill said to Jon, referencing Jon’s long-standing and single-minded rule to NEVER BET AGAINST BRADY.

Jags Win, Possible Draw Leaves Books Over-Exposed

Very few people anticipated the possibility that the Jaguars would win their game, AND the Las Vegas Raiders and LA Chargers game would go into overtime, not even the sportsbooks.

When this unlikely series of events came true, it opened the door to a devastating loss for sportsbooks if the Raiders-Chargers game ended in a draw.

That’s because numerous individuals reportedly parlayed the Jags win with a draw between LV and LA, leading to some of the biggest potential payouts we’ve seen in a long time.

ESPN’s David Purdum explained that there would have been literally tens of millions of dollars worth of exposure for Vegas books if the game didn’t draw.

This will likely go down as one of the biggest gambling-related stories associated with the NFL in the past few years, and it’s fascinating to hear a group of insiders like David, Bill, and Jon break it down.

Antonio Brown Saga Continues

Big news: AB snuck OnlyFans model Ava Louise into the team hotel the night before the Jets’ blow-up.

Typically, teams have security or police at the hotel so that the public is blocked off from the team floors. Instead, Ava Louise walked right in. Then the toilet seat linking influencer leaked pictures with AB, and there are reports about a potential sex tape.

AB later comments his shirtless breakup from the Buccaneers “probably wasn’t necessary.”

On today’s show Bill was very critical of both individuals, referring to Louise as a “nobody” and a “garbage can.”

More NFL Job Openings, Including Dolphins

Bill kicked off this segment by stated that Dolphins’ ownership must want a “different vision for his team”, despite winning eight of their last nine games. Most people don’t agree that results like that warrant firing a coach, but it many think it does point to continuing problems in the team’s front office.

This is an organization that has elected to make repeated coaching changes rather than clearing house in the front office where it might matter the most.

This lack of ability for the Dolphins ownership to realize the structural issues within their management has caused a great deal of distrust with their fan base.

It’s another fascinating story we dig into in detail in today’s episode.

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