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BetAmerica Sportsbook & Mobile App Review

Written by: Bill Krackomberger
Fact-checked by: James Whitelock
Updated November 10, 2022
10 min read
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BetAmerica is a name that will be very familiar to fans of horse racing around the US, and soon the same might be true for regular sports fans. Known predominantly for its horse racing site, BetAmerica is making the transition to regular sports betting and is already accepting bets from players in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Indiana.

We were excited to see what this racing specialist would bring to the table, so we sent in our experts to carry out a comprehensive review of BetAmerica’s new online sportsbook.

Our reviews are detailed and systematic. We know exactly what the average sports bettor needs to know before they sign up with a new sportsbook, and put absolutely all of it into every review we conduct – good or bad.

We check out the software, mobile playability, bonuses and promos, the types of sports and bets available, banking options, customer support, security, and more.

Everything you need to know to help you decide whether to sign up with BetAmerica is here.

BetAmerica at a Glance

As we mentioned, this sportsbook has its roots in horse racing. BetAmerica.com is owned by the legendary Churchill Downs Incorporated, named after one of the most iconic race tracks in the US and a huge name in racing.

BetAmerica’s online racebook is already a fixture of betting in the US, and the BetAmerica sportsbook is the company’s effort to expand its user base to the general sports fan.

The platform will feel somewhat familiar to users of the racebook, with the same red, white and blue color scheme and a similar overall design.

Using tabs at the top of the screen you can jump to the racebook, casino games, or free play games. It’s nice to have those other features and for the most part, they don’t bleed into the experience of using the sportsbook too much – with some exceptions.

Below are some of our headline takes about the BetAmerica sportsbook:

  • The software is detailed but still easy to use, and beginner-friendly. There are lots of betting options and they’re all easy to locate.
  • The book is available in Pennsylvania, Indiana, and New Jersey and is licensed and regulated by the respective gambling control boards in each state.
  • There are multiple welcome bonuses to choose from, as well as extensive on-running promos.
  • The range of payment options supported is very good, making it easy to get money into your account and start betting.

BetAmerica has a lot of good points. The software is user friendly and the range of betting options is very good – especially for players who like to bet on both horse racing and other sports.

Our experts also found a couple of areas that we would like to see changed or improved, which you can also read about here.

Without further ado, let’s jump into each section of our BetAmerica sportsbook review one at a time.

BetAmerica Software and Mobile Betting App

The BetAmerica sportsbook is put together with the company’s signature red, white, and blue colors. There is quite a lot going on when you land on the sportsbook homepage for the first time, but overall BetAmerica does a pretty good job of making it easy to navigate around the site.

The format isn’t dissimilar from many sportsbooks: the majority of the screen is taken up with displaying the different betting markets, the bet slip takes up the right side, and a menu bar on the left contains the list of sports, quick links to other parts of the site.

The weight of information is a little bit tilted on the side of the menu bar, and you can end up scrolling through a lot of headings before you find what you’re looking for. The ability to collapse some of the info – like the list of “popular bets” that is always visible – would make it even easier to navigate.

We’re big fans of the search feature, which lets you find specific bets by typing in keywords.

The bet slip is always visible, and it’s nice and easy to use. You can add as many bets as you like, and the slip will automatically update with the different betting options you have. It makes placing bets very simple, whether you’re making straight bets or multi-leg parlays.

The central section (which shows the bets themselves) is well designed. For every sport, the most popular bets appear first – generally money line bets on upcoming games.

If you click into a game you’ll be shown all the other markets available, split up into different sections which you can cycle through.

BetAmerica also has a well designed live section, which collects all the matches you can bet on live at any time, divided by the sports. If you open a live match, you’ll be shown a useful graphic providing updates and stats.

BetAmerica’s App – available for both iOS and Android – is modeled on the website. Our experts are fans of the app – it takes the best of the desktop site and makes it fit neatly on your phone. Using the BetAmerica mobile app is smooth, and it has all the same functional capabilities as the site.

Software and App Highlights

  • Placing bets is very easy and beginner-friendly, including live bets which BetAmerica does a good job of making user-accessible in the live section.
  • There are lots of nice touches on the website which allow you to personalize the experience and get fast access to help – such as changing the odds format with the touch of a button, and the live chat support button.
  • The search bar is great.
  • We like the graphics in the live section of the sportsbook.

Things to Improve

  • The site is mostly well designed but there are some tweaks we would make. The ability to hide sections of the menu when they’re not in use would make the site feel less cluttered. We’d like to have less information overloaded in the left-hand menu in general.
  • We are big fans of keeping the different functions of a betting company separate – sportsbook, racebook, online casino games. BetAmerica is mostly good at this, but there are ads for blackjack and slots in the bet slip, plus quick links for both in the betting menu. We get that the company wants to promote its other services, but we find it detracts from the sports betting experience.

Bonuses and Deals at BetAmerica

You can hit the “Promotions” button from the toolbar at the top of the screen to see what kinds of bonuses and offers BetAmerica has going on at any time, and our experts were impressed by what we saw during our review.

The ability to choose between sign up bonuses is always welcome since it gives bettors extra control over how they would like to be rewarded. BetAmerica has two welcome bonuses, one depending on your first deposit and one on your first bet.

There are also plenty of promos for existing players, including special themed offers depending on which big matches or tournaments are happening at the time.

There are even casino bonuses you can take advantage of.

All in all, our experts are happy with the offers BetAmerica has come up with.

Bet $50 Get $50

Entering the promo code BET50 during the registration process means your first bet will be matched. All you need to do is place your first bet within 7 days of creating your account, with odds of -200 or higher. Once your bet is settled, a free bet of the same value will be credited to your account.

This is the primary sportsbook bonus, and it’s useful for players signing up especially to place one bet since they automatically get a second one for free immediately. Just be aware that if you choose this bonus, you’re excluded from another welcome bonus.

Deposit Bonus Up to $500 in the Casino

The other option for welcome bonuses is worth up to a massive $500 – although you need to make a pretty hefty contribution yourself to get the full value. Whatever your first deposit, BetAmerica will match 25% of it, maxing out at $500.

That means if you deposit $100 for example you’ll be credited with $125 in total.

However, the bonus cash can only be used in the casino and is subject to wagering requirements on the games played there.

This bonus is great for anyone who has an interest in both sports betting and playing casino games since you can use your regular deposited cash in the sportsbook and your bonus funds to play casino games.

Parlay Insurance

This is an on-running promotion that gives you some valuable insurance on parlays. Any time you make a parlay bet with five legs or more, you’ll automatically qualify for this bonus.

If just one of your legs lets you down, you’ll be credited with a free bet of the same value as your stake up to $25. This is a solid promotion.

If you like to bet parlays, feel free to use our parlay calculator tool.

Special Promos

Depending on the most popular sports, games, or tournaments running at any time, you can be sure BetAmerica will have some topical special offers. Tennis promos at Wimbledon, medal specials for the Olympics, or touchdown offers for the Super Bowl.

During our BetAmerica review, you could get a $5 free bet for every single passing touchdown scored in any NFL game you were betting on for example.

Kinds of Bets and Odds

BetAmerica’s betting menu is impressive. Just about every sport has multiple types of bets available – rather than just straight money line bets – and the top sports sometimes have upwards of a hundred different markets.

We like how the icons that represent each sport include a number below them, indicating how many markets are currently active. It’s a great way to get an idea of how much action is out there just in a single glance.

Below are some of our main takeaways about BetAmerica’s betting menu:

  • Placing bets is nice and easy, and the Betslip is a smart and effective tool. It means beginners will have absolutely no trouble getting their bets in place.
  • The most popular bets are always the most visible.
  • The odds at BetAmerica are at least as attractive as the other top sites in the US.
  • Matches in major sports – like soccer or NFL – have a little pop-out button that displays prematch form and statistics, which is a nice touch.
  • The live section of the site is well organized.

Below is a closer look at some of the markets:

Popular Bets

No matter which sportsbook you’re using, the same handful of bets always attract the most action – money lines, point spreads, and totals for the most part. These are the first bets you’ll see when you open up a particular sport.

BetAmerica even has a “Popular Bets” tab in the menu, which automatically displays the markets that are currently being bet on the most.

It pays for a sportsbook to make these bets as pain-free as possible: plenty of people will be signing up almost exclusively to bet on the money line, and BetAmerica makes it simple.

Prop Bets

Once you click into a specific game, that’s where things get even more interesting. BetAmerica is fully loaded up with prop bets, with tons of options for the major sports.

Prop bets let you really take advantage of your technical analysis – you can bet on practically any variable you think you can predict. Rushing yards in NFL games, the half time score in NHL, layups in NBA – it’s all there waiting for your bets.

Parlays and Multi-Bets

Parlays are really easy to create at BetAmerica.

All you need to do is select whatever bets you want to use, one at a time. They’ll all be added to the Betslip, which automatically displays the different betting options available with your selections. Teasers, round-robins, systems bets, and more are possible with just a few clicks.


A futures bet is any bet on an outcome a long way in advance – normally the overall winner of a competition or tournament, or maybe an MVP award. BetAmerica has futures stocked for all the major sports: Super Bowl winner, Champions League winner, US Open champion in golf or tennis.

Futures are popular for all kinds of players, from beginners to experts.

Live Betting

Just click on the “Live Sports” button to see all the live-action currently available at BetAmerica.

Our experts liked the simplicity of the layout, which mimics the regular homepage by showing money lines, spreads, and totals. Clicking into a game brings up live props, which BetAmerica has plenty of.

There are also live updates coming directly from the game, in the form of a cool graphic themed around whichever sport you’re betting on. It’s an impressive bit of technology, but it’s also really helpful to keep an eye on how the match is panning out and in helping you decide your bets.

Sports You Can Bet on at BetAmerica

Our experts are happy with the sports available at BetAmerica. Although we have come across sportsbooks with more options, we still reckon the vast majority of bettors will be totally satisfied with BetAmerica.

There are loads of markets on the top sports, like NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, and soccer, but plenty of action for other sports too. Betting on horse races is of course available from BetAmerica’s racebook.

BetAmerica is also likely to add to this list, particularly if a big tournament like the Olympics rolls around. Aussie rules is an example of a sport that was previously available, but there were no markets during our review.

Options for Deposits and Withdrawals

The banking experience at BetAmerica is very good, with a little room for improvement in there as well.

First, and most importantly, there are plenty of different options both for depositing and withdrawing. You can see the full list below:

Deposit Methods

Withdrawal Options

  • PayPal
  • ACH Transfer
  • Online Banking
  • PlayPlus Prepaid Card
  • Skrill
  • Cash at the cage

As you can see, BetAmerica has a lot of bases covered. In our experience, this range of options covers just about everyone, and we’re especially happy to see multiple withdrawal options.

Neteller is just about the only particularly notable absence, which is temporarily unavailable in the US. Debit and credit cards can only be used to deposit, as normal.

The sportsbook charges no fees for any of the options either, which is also very positive.

The only thing our experts would like to see improved here is a little more clarity about the different options, particularly around the withdrawal process.

BetAmerica doesn’t give much specific guidance about any of the banking methods in advance, and most cashout methods can only be used once they have been used to deposit.

For payouts, you need to request a withdrawal – which takes an indeterminate amount of time to be processed – and then wait between 1-5 working days for it to arrive in your account. It’s all a little vague. Plus, BetAmerica indicates that more extensive/faster banking options become available for regular users.

In truth we didn’t really have any negative banking experiences with BetAmerica, it’s just that you don’t really have much of an idea of how each payment method works until you make a transaction. Some more transparency and advance information would be nice.

Overall though, the banking methods available are very impressive – varied, cheap, and (relatively) fast.

Method Deposit Withdrawal Processing Time Minimum Deposit Max Deposit Fees
Visa Yes No Instant $1 Adjustable Not from the sportsbook
Mastercard Yes No Instant $1 Adjustable Not from the sportsbook
PayPal Yes Yes Instant for deposits, 2-7 for withdrawals $10 Adjustable Not from the sportsbook
ACH Transfer Yes Yes Instant for deposits, 2-7 days for withdrawals $10 Adjustable Not from the sportsbook
Bank Transfer Yes Yes Instant for deposits, 2-7 days for withdrawals $10 Adjustable Not from the sportsbook
PayNearMe Yes No Instant $10 $500 every 24 hours Yes
PlayPlus Prepaid Card Yes Yes Instant for deposits, 2-7 days for withdrawals $1 Adjustable Not from the sportsbook
Skrill Yes Yes Instant for deposits, 2-7 days for withdrawals $10 Adjustable Not from the sportsbook
Cash at cage Yes Yes Instant $1 None No

Signup and Registration

Signing up with BetAmerica is quick and easy. During our tests, our experts were able to get their BetAmerica account all set up in just a couple of minutes.

Whether you’re playing from PA, IN or NJ, just hit the Join Now button to sign up. Remember, you can sign up from anywhere but you’ll need to be physically located in one of the legal states to place a bet.

Here is our guide to the process:

  • There are three steps to registration. First, you’ll need to type in some personal information: name, date of birth, email address, and four digits from your SSN. All of this data is protected by SSL encryption.
  • Click “Next” and you’ll be taken to the contact information screen. Type in your cell phone number and full home address.
  • Finally, it’s time for your account information: create a username and a unique password. This is also your chance to type in a bonus code, so have this at hand if you’ve got one. If you’ve signed up via our links, we can help with this step.
  • Before finishing, you’ll need to verify all your information is accurate and you accept BetAmerica’s terms and conditions.

When you’re signed up BetAmerica will prompt you to choose some limits if you choose: time limits, betting limits, and/or deposit limits. This is a good way to manage your spending and stay in control of your online gambling.

Security and Gaming Licence

BetAmerica is currently legally available in at least three states in the US, which is a good indicator of its security credentials.

The sportsbook has received licenses from the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement, the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, and the Indiana Gaming Commission. Each of these bodies regulates all BetAmerica’s transactions in their respective states.

The sportsbook also has partnerships with physical casinos or sportsbooks in each of those states – as is required by law.

Furthermore, BetAmerica has been a major name in gambling in the US for decades. The company has built up a trusted reputation over time and is basically top of the pile in horse racing – something that you don’t achieve without excellent security standards.

Our experts have zero concerns about BetAmerica from a safety POV.

Customer Support

Overall we’re happy with the customer support at BetAmerica, although there is room for improvement. Let’s explain.

In our experience, the sportsbook could do a better job of providing clear information for its members about a variety of things. The help section could be improved, especially the list of FAQs which is not the most extensive. The lack of clarity around banking options – which we already mentioned – is an example of this.

However, as soon as you actually get in direct contact with BetAmerica, things get a lot easier. The live chat is always available, and we found it very useful during our review when we didn’t understand something. There is also a phone support line open from 9 am-2 am, and an address for email inquiries.

Basically, if you get in contact with BetAmerica the support staff are helpful and friendly, and all the information is available. We just think there could be more general guidance provided so that this wouldn’t be necessary.

Things BetAmerica is Doing Right

BetAmerica is an impressive sportsbook. Run by a company with many years of experience with betting in the United States, it’s no surprise that it does a lot of things well.

Here are the highlights, according to our experts:

  • We’re big fans of the bonuses and promotions. Having two welcome bonuses is always great since it gives different types of players options to decide which works best for them. There are plenty of on-running promos too, so existing customers haven’t been neglected.
  • The banking options are very strong. There are lots of different options for both deposits and withdrawals, with no fees from the sportsbook to worry about. Dependable and smooth banking really makes a massive difference in the online betting experience – and BetAmerica has just that.
  • BetAmerica is a safe and trusted name, which means we have no hesitation in recommending it from a security point of view. Look no further than the multiple state licenses it holds.
  • The range of sports and bets is generally very good, and placing bets is simple and intuitive.

Things BetAmerica Could Work On

Our experts come back with a couple of points of improvement for every sportsbook they review. With BetAmerica, these points tend to be structural or cosmetic rather than fundamental issues we have with the sportsbook – which is good! It means they can be easily fixed.

  • There are some organizational tweaks in different areas of the website that we think could make it even more usable. Using collapsable or hidden menus, and the ability to hide the Betslip when not in use, for example, would make the site feel more open and less cluttered. Some of the links and info could be better distributed using a different menu system too.
  • BetAmerica could do a better job of providing in-depth info about its services – in particular the banking options. The options themselves are actually very good, but they could be explained more efficiently, and with more transparency.
  • We never want to see advertisements or links for casino games in a sportsbook. BetAmerica doesn’t go overboard, but it can still do better. No links for blackjack in the BetAmerica sports betting menu, please.

BetAmerica Company History

If you’re a horse racing fan, you can basically skip this section since you’re already very familiar with BetAmerica. Along with the likes of TVG, and TwinSpires, BetAmerica is one of the foremost horse racing betting companies in the world.

The sportsbook is owned by Churchill Downs Incorporated. The company’s namesake track has been hosting racing for well over 100 years and is one of the most iconic tracks in the US. Churchill Downs also owns a range of casinos and racetracks around the country and acquired BetAmerica as its premier online host for gambling in 2017.

Since then, BetAmerica has slowly begun to expand its scope from horse racing to include casino games and online sports betting. Currently available in three US states, it’s likely to only become more widely spread.

The Final Word on BetAmerica

BetAmerica is a very solid addition to the betting landscape in each of its three states. With plenty of sports and bets on the books, interesting bonuses, and excellent deposit options it’s just all-around a very easy sportsbook to use and enjoy.

As you might expect, BetAmerica is absolutely tailor-made for bettors who like to divide their time between horse racing and general sports betting – you won’t really find better horse betting options on any site in the US.

You can also throw casino games into that since you get access to all of BetAmerica’s services with a sportsbook account.

All in all, BetAmerica is a pillar of the gambling industry in the US, and we’re happy to see that its sportsbook lives up to its reputation.

If you live in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, or Indiana we’re happy to recommend checking it out for yourself.

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