State of Super Bowl LV Winner 2021 - Predictions & Odds

State of the Super Bowl Winners

  • Super Bowl LV will happen on Sunday, February 7, 2021 at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida.
  • Odds makers have predicted which of the fifty United States will be home to the next Lombardi Trophy Winner.
  • Last season, the NFL champs were from Missouri, and the season before that the champs were from New England, but technically the state of Massachusetts.
  • California teams have eight total Super Bowl Championships, the most in the league, while Philadelphia is next in line with seven.
  • Currently, the odds-on favorite in this bet ends up being “any other state.”

It’s June, the point in the pro football offseason where NFL gamblers are champing at the bit to put some money down on anything football related, and this “state of the Super Bowl winner” wager is the perfect way to get that done.

Of the fifty official states in the U.S., only one of them is home to the Super Bowl winner every year, but certain states have more than one team so that gives them a better chance to come out on top here.

The oddsmakers have turned that into a fun bet and have predicted which state will come out on top in 2021, and here we take a look at their list and make our own pick.

State of Super Bowl LV Winner Odds
California (Rams / Chargers / 49ers) +600


Florida (Jaguars / Dolphins / Buccaneers) +1000


Pennsylvania (Eagles / Steelers) +1050


Texas (Cowboys / Texans) +1200


New York (Giants / Jets / Bills) +1450


Ohio (Bengals / Browns) +2700


Any Other State -278


Odds taken from DraftKings.

If you want to find out more about DraftKings, like bonuses, how to open an account, pros/cons, and more, check out our DraftKings in-depth review.

Keep in mind the odds in these wagers will shift plenty of times before the actual games are played, so be sure to check back here often to get all the latest numbers.

With 3 States Each, California and Florida Are “Safer” Bets

Both the states of California and Florida have three teams each, so you would think that would make them safer bets, but take a look at the teams that live in each and you see that you are really betting on one team from each state.

Of the three teams from Cali, the San Francisco 49ers are the only one that has a legitimate shot of playing football in January, with a shutdown defensive line that includes Nick Bosa and Dee Ford and a quarterback, Jimmy Garoppolo, who is just now starting to find his groove.

Until Tom Brady and Gronk (tight end Rob Gronkowski) showed up in Tampa Bay, Florida would have been a long shot for this bet, but now it almost makes sense to bet the GOAT can earn himself another ring given the veteran talent that now surrounds him and the cooperative head coach, Bruce Arians, who is now his boss.

Texas and New York Are Appealing, But Ohio is a True Longshot

With a bet on Texas, now you have got two decent chances to collect – the talented Dallas Cowboys, now led by Mike McCarthy and the Houston Texans with the always productive Deshaun Watson under center.

New York has three teams living in its borders, but Sean McDermott’s defensively strong Buffalo Bills have the best chance of earning the Lombardi in 2021 since the Jets and Giants are still trying to figure out how to win more football games than they lose.

Speaking of which, Ohio has not fielded a winning team since 2015, so to put money on the chance that either Baker Mayfield’s Browns or Joe Burrow’s Bengals will go the distance in 2021 takes a lot of nerve or a huge betting kitty, but either way, the buckeye state is a true longshot.

The Smart Money Takes “Any Other State”

And by betting “any other state,” your money is on Missouri, the home of last year’s Super Bowl Champions, the Kansas City Chiefs, a team that will be returning in pretty much the same condition, which is with a talented roster, including miracle-working Patrick Mahomes as QB, and Andy Reid orchestrating all that talent again.

With the bet you also get Louisiana, home to the New Orleans Saints, and it’s a safe bet that their veteran quarterback Drew Brees is looking at the 2021 season as a chance to collect another ring before his “advanced” age forces him to hang up his cleats for good.

And as if that’s not enough, the “any other state” bet would include New England, and it would be foolish not to think that Bill Belichick still has a few tricks up his sleeve, maybe enough to prove he doesn’t need a GOAT to bring another championship to the Patriots’ franchise.

Our Pick

Pick: Take “any other state” for this bet since that gives you the most realistic multi-chance to win.

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