Wise Kracks Ep. 14 (w/ MLB Coco Crisp)

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The guys discuss the Dodgers and their run to the World Series. Jon impresses Krack with his UFC betting strategy and weighs in on the next big fight.

Krack shares some wisdom on the advantages of total points betting over taking the money line, and reveals why unders were ten and four in the NFL last week.

Jon asks Bill about the unraveling of the Cowboys season and suggests the Jets are playing for a number one draft pick. Krack wonders if the Pats made a misstep not giving Brady the money he deserved, but tells Jon he was shocked by the Bucs win over the Packers.

Bill talks about the trend of teams going over in the first half, and under in the second. Krack warns the fans (and Jon) about the dangers of parlay betting.

World Series Fever!

Krack and Jon sit down with former MLB great, and the man with the coolest name in baseball, Coco Crisp.

Coco talks about the World Series and shares his battle-tested methods for surviving the pressures of MLB playoff games. His number one tip: “Breath”.

Jon asks Coco if Cody Bellenger was crazy to change his batting stance after an MVP season. Coco shares insights on his specialty, the lost art of base stealing.

The Smart Money

Jon and the Krack Man take a look at the upcoming week of NFL action. Jon tells the fans watching at home to “mortgage the house” on the Buffalo Bills over the NY Jets. Krack reminds Jon that anything can happen in the NFL, and advises him not to risk more than two percent of his bankroll on any one bet.

Jon says he’s taking the money line on Jacksonville over the Chargers “all the way to the bank”, and Bill agrees this might be a good wager.

Jon explains why he’s taking the Bears on Monday night, and Krack backs his play.

Krack declares Philadelphia Eagles fans as the most hardcore in the league and remembers the time they threw snowballs at Santa Claus.

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Twitter Questions

Krack answers a betting question from his pal, MMA star Jake Ellenberger.

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